Open Heaven Webinar

February 13 & 14, 2015 Trichy, India


The Lord provided above and beyond anything that we could have expected to bring about supernatural advancements and equipping for hundreds of Indian ministers who traveled from across India to attend the Open Heaven Webinar last weekend - and for the thousand other ministries that registered online.    

Many people expressed that they have not found such profound equipping for their ministries anywhere else and wished that I could have stayed for a month. One brother wrote, “During seminar, I am unable to get the message of Sister Miriam. Now, I heard the two messages twice. I learned about fasting more than before. She is really a woman of GOD. The new translator is very good. We expect the next seminar very soon. April 2016 is too long.”

Many also received physical healings, the total disappearance and dissolving of fibroid tumors, restoration of eyesight, and a number of orthopedic miracles. And as always, people were desiring a better understanding of how to hear the voice of God. 

Webinar DVDs in English and in Tamil are available by contacting 0431-3254541/7667255033.