Mexico 2005

The Lord truly opened the door to the nation through the magnificent ministry of the Holy Spirit. Mexico may be the most spiritually starved place we have ever seen, and the most receptive.

We appreciate all who sow financially into our return, for Prophetic Ministries
is producing lasting fruit to the glory of God.

In every place, Miriam Hellman's preaching brought the life and power of God.


Imparting a tremendous prophetic vision to Pastor Moses.


Powerful healings, deliverances and miracles by the power of Jesus Christ took place in every service.


Pastors and their families were blessed and strengthened.


The Holy Spirit brought the specific message that each church needed to hear.


Whole groups of people fell under the power of God. Many shook and quaked at the magnitude of the Lord's anointing.


Many teenagers returned to the Lord saying this was the greatest youth ministry of their lives.


No heart went unanswered by the Lord. How excellent are His works!

We praise the Lord for making the people of Mexico torches of righteousness, holiness and power.
To God be the glory!