Reaching Every Tribe! Peru April 2016

For our third annual pastors' conference, Pastor Doris Silva de Hurtado invited ministers from throughout Peru, welcoming many new attendees and friends from prior years. All are seeing increase in their churches, as our first mission ministering the rod truly opened the heavens over the land. 

Every contributor here has part in this extraordinary work. One young man who attended all 3 years has a true apostolic call to Peru's 80-plus tribes that comprise almost half the total population. He determined to use all he learned and has grown from the instruction with phenomenal results, reporting that there now are true believers in every tribe! Prophetic Ministries has contributed to reaching souls in "every tribe" (Revelation 5 and 7)!




Pastors grew in believing and receiving as they learned to search out the hidden manna in the Word. They were excited to receive more of the Holy Spirit and an understanding of how to explain these things fully to their churches. We prayed for each pastor's greatest need as the Lord ministered to them. All were deeply touched by His personal touch, and many received their healings. One word of knowledge brought a brand new, physical heart to a woman who felt the power of God making this needed change in her body. 

Although everyone was sorry when it ended, we’re invited to return next year. We thank the Lord for glorious ministry, for Pastor Doris, David, and Hector’s many labors of love, and for Ismael and Sharon Otero assisting mightily in translating, in prayer, and in helps again this year. We are blessed to be a team the Lord assembled for His purposes


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