To the People of Rome, “Jesus Loves You!”
Apostolic Ministry October 2018

Many seeds were planted as we traveled to Rome, Italy. Twenty-five of us from the United States and Wales shared the Gospel of our salvation for one glorious week. We brought people into the realm of eternal purposes in Jesus Christ as we moved by the Spirit in apostolic ministry throughout that historic city.

Wonderful and divine things happened because the Lord was with us. He sent us, and it was our joy to present the person of Jesus as we went.  We had amazing encounters with clergy, merchants, guides, drivers, waiters and tourists from around the world. People commented on the difference they saw in us, opening the way for the Gospel to be presented and received with grateful hearts.

An Albanian woman received forgiveness of her sins and renounced her involvement with spiritualists. Worship spilled from a restaurant's upper room out into the street, where all could hear the Name of Jesus. Steve’s song brought salvation directly to individuals. An Egyptian received the way of forgiveness. Italians, Middle Easterners and Asians learned what Jesus did for them.

Events just unfolded before us, making it easy to bring His love into many hearts and lives. We thank the Lord for this golden opportunity, for the magnificence of His supply of grace poured out along the way, and for the many souls He won by His Spirit.