Peru March 30 – April 6, 2014



“Last year, you worked for Lima.  This time, you come for Peru.”  These words from Pastor Doris Silva de Hurtado are profound.  In between 2 weekends at Oasis de Amor Church, Pastor Doris had invited over thirty indigenous pastors to her school for an intense week of teaching, training, and spiritual development.  And they came.  Many were from the north, where our team had exercised the rod of God the prior year, taking spiritual authority over the powers in the land to open people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


It was gratifying to see the harvest of hungry, open hearts.  We were sent by God in answer to their prayers for spiritual help, and the week proved enormously valuable.  The Lord provided new thoughts, insights, understanding, equipping, and power to share with their congregations.  We ministered on the Kingdom of God within, the authority of the believer, the development of the spiritual man, healing, and your soul being the key to health.

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Teachings were received with joy.  Testimonies worked changes in the heart.  One pastor who was tentative is now sure he will have faith whenever it is needed, for fear was replaced with strength to speak the truth.  Another now has a fire burning inside that he cannot describe and a zeal to reach the youth of his nation.

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We were blessed with excellent translation that allowed the Holy Ghost to move freely, for we all were one, regardless of language or ethnicity.  The pastors loved that they could ask questions and get answers.  We ministered by impartation of the Holy Spirit to each one and left many anointed prayer cloths with them so that everyone left truly and fully satisfied, including us!  We made many friends and are asked to return with teams to preach in the north and throughout Peru.  Praise the Lord!

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