Era of Power - Lima, Peru March 2015



Pastor Doris Silva de Hurtado invited Miriam Hellman to teach local pastors about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. By studying the ministry of Jesus, they learned how to understand and develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to put them into operation. Everyone at Le Escuela was happy to see God move, especially Pastor Doris, thrilled that they received needed equipping for their work in the Lord. It was a full course of instruction with much interaction and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

Ismael Otero translated for everyone so that people were very engaged, thinking about and understanding all that was shared. Everyone received personal attention, almost like mini mentoring sessions. Requests for prayer brought opportunities for pastors to use what they were taught. As brothers and sisters prayed for each other, the love of God and the healing power of Jesus Christ flowed so that all received ministry to their souls, spirits, and bodies.


We were blessed as many shared how they were impacted by what they had received, including a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. A woman was healed of an issue of blood that had mystified the doctors, just like in the Bible. Miriam prayed for her and sent her home with an anointed prayer cloth, and the bleeding stopped. Praise the Lord!


Our last meeting at Oasis de Amor Church was the icing on the cake with many healing miracles, not so much from prayer as from dealing with spirits. An elderly woman injured in a fall years ago walked out of her wheelchair, much like the miracle Peter performed at the gate called Beautiful. A child was healed of a painful urinary tract infection. When Miriam sought the Lord about the prevalence of spirits, He said they operate in certain areas like gangs of hoodlums, not specifically targeting individuals but wandering and doing terrible things wherever they can. Dealing with them requires spiritual discernment.


We thank the Lord for His marvelous gifts demonstrated abundantly throughout this mission, and we thank everyone who helped us financially. Truly, the Lord sustained us. Special thanks go to Ismael and Sharon for their many ministries of helps. Both are true blessings. Sharon documented the week with her photography, “beyond blessed” to be there in the service of the King. We praise God for all the great things He accomplished and look forward to returning again next year.