Winning Souls in Italy
June 2018

Rejoice with us as our second apostolic mission in Italy reaps an immediate harvest! A man at the hotel recognized us, remembering our group and our music from 2015, when we ministered the Rod of God. He said he never forgot it - or what it did to him when he heard it.  Another gave his heart to the Lord after hearing us sing at a gelato stop. He said his heart was closed, but he received prayer for it to open, and now he is just thrilled.

This was an incredible time. Music opened hearts to the Holy Spirit, and many commented about how it moved them. We had very unique encounters, and it was easy sharing the things of God. A Nigerian man who lost his father in a Boko Haram bomb attack was hurting and afraid, yet very open, and he received the love and peace we ministered in Jesus’ Name.

Everywhere, we found an extreme need for love. Many people were comforted. Hearts just melted – and many wept - hearing that the Lord loves them. They were touched that someone would come so far just for them. We delivered spiritual gifts, rebuked a spirit of divination, taught the ways of God, always learning from our experiences. Locals now call us family, and those who were touched personally will never forget what God did. Neither will we.

Your gifts here are bearing fruit, bringing you inheritance among the nations. And we have only begun! Apostolic ministry is planned for October in Rome.