Ministry During Israel's War with Hezbollah, Aug. 2006

"The pace is way beyond the Midnight Ride!"

We ministered at Rambam Hospital in Haifa on Monday and Tuesday. The magnitude of God working with us is far beyond anything we have experienced, and everywhere we have been, people are tremendously blessed, strengthened, and grateful for our presence.

We prayed for members of the Golani Brigade, and all accepted prayer cloths. We were taken from room to room and floor to floor throughout the hospital, a known trauma center where the military sends many soldiers. We laid hands on the sheets of hospital beds that receive incoming wounded, for the Katyusha rocket barrages come daily.We ministered to children living in the bomb shelter there. We purchased candy and other presents for injured and displaced children and for wounded soldiers - and there are hundreds of both! Our friends in Israel know you stand behind us.

We are flowing in the prophecies given to Prophetic Ministries at our last New Year's Eve conference, for we are answering the call of the Lord through Hadassah Hospital. They have asked us to come specifically for the purpose of ministering a great number of wounded soldiers and to children who have been wounded and displaced in Israel because of the war. We are honored, humbled and blessed that they should call upon us at this hour to come and fulfill this need, which can only be answered through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and the call of God upon our lives and the ministry's.

Review the mighty word of God that was given to us Dec. 30th, Run to the Battle, and see how uniquely we fit into this prophetic word, realizing that it is God who has chosen us and told us to go and enabled us to see the mighty things of God through this long night. The Lord also refers to us as special forces, for He has promised us that His power will come down as never before.

On Dec. 31st, He spoke to us to run to the battle. He admonished us to not hold back the forces of the Lord and to equip His special forces for the final battle, for you are required and needed for the mission! And may the Lord bless you for responding at such short notice, for the word of the Lord was "let His forces not go into battle unsupplied." Our friends in Israel know you stand behind us!

Miriam Hellman’s Testimony

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Prophetic Ministries intercessory prayer groups for your commitment to keeping an awesome vigil of prayer for the Prophetic Ministries’ team sent to Israel during the week of Aug. 5th through 13th. Your prayers, and the corresponding action on the part of the groups, availed much to show that God was with us, and the power of God prevailed for each and every situation and person prayed for.

The angels accompanied us, for sure. Visions that people received concerning the mission took place exactly as had been shown them by the Lord. We could not have moved so easily through the numerous and very dangerous situations - nor driven through the perilous roads to our destinations - without our wonderful, faithful prayer warriors. May the Lord reward you greatly for your particular part in this Holy Ghost battle that was triumphant!

I have personally prayed, in the Hebrew language, for persons in almost every hospital bed in two northern hospitals of Israel. To be able to pray and minister the miraculous miracle-working power of God in Hebrew was the real key that ushered in the great, miraculous flow of the Holy Spirit. I am in awe of God, who endowed me supernaturally for this special ministry of healing, deliverance and miracles through the laying on of hands and the anointed word of God spoken specifically in the Hebrew language as the Holy Spirit directed for each soldier, as well as for all the other wounded and sick people in the hospitals.

I am extremely grateful to have received marvelous and glowing reports from hospital staff telling me they had never seen anything in their lives like what took place through the Prophetic Ministries’ ministry team. The music, because of its particularly strong anointing for Israel, played a major, significant role in opening the hearts of staff as well as patients to receive the necessary power of the Holy Spirit for each specific case.

The Prophetic Ministries team, consisting of myself, Linda Zepp, Gerri Cathcart, Steve Forrester, and Bryon and Alicia Cloer, was uniquely chosen in God. Each person possessed unique gifting and anointing for a mission that reached far beyond encouragement, strengthening, and solidarity with the nation of Israel or our support of Israel’s war against Hezbollah. It was a mission that literally saved lives that were hanging in the balance, bringing forth miraculous healings and deliverances in twenty-four-hour periods!

Soldiers facing the loss of limbs – their legs, their arms, their eyes, other body parts – were secured from destruction and miraculously saved by the power of God. It was an amazing, eye-opening event for hospital workers to see the restoration of soldiers and children who had been severely injured, and improvements of patients throughout entire cancer wards.

Prophetic Ministries is very grateful for the wonderful assistance given them from the staffs of the Rambam Hospital in Haifa and the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya in assigning workers to accompany us and to take us to all the needy. Much of our time was spent confined in enormous underground bomb shelters that are part of each hospital. It was very difficult to reach these hospitals; the roads and highways were almost vacant. No one wanted to drive you to these places because the military had forbidden driving on the roads, as well as the general fear of going into a war zone.

A number of years ago, a person accompanying Prophetic Ministries on a mission to Israel had a vision of me ministering in Israel with bombs going off in the background. I have to say that the vision was fulfilled one hundred percent!

There are many more specific testimonies to be given and much to be learned in the realm of the spirit concerning this kind of ministry. We thank God that Prophetic Ministries has been given an anointing to be victorious in war. We are grateful for all who have given support to date, and we appreciate your continual support. Prophetic Ministries brought thousands of dollars of material aid to victims, and we are seeking to continue this much-needed material aid as well as preparing for our next trip - which we consider to be our primary objective - bringing the message of salvation and the miracle healing power of God to the nation.

We will continue to walk through the open door that has been set before us. It is important for all who support us in prayer and in finance to know that the greater gifts of God have been in full operation throughout this mission, and we will continue to proceed forward as our supporters enable us to go.

israelset5_3 israelset5_2 israelset7_2

Care packages for the wounded soldiers.

israelset8_4 israelset10_2

Lives and limbs were saved!

We prayed for soldiers arriving by ambulance from Lebanon, as well as for all those sheltering underground from Katyusha rockets.

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israelset4_2 israelset4_4 israelset3_2

Ministering to displaced children.

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We saw immediate, instant transformations in patients' conditions.

israelset9_1 israelset9_5

Hospital Staff strengthened and blessed.

israelset9_6 israelset9_7 israelset9_8

All were touched by the hand of God.

israelset8_1 israelset8_2israelset8_3 israelset8_7

Patients were overwhelmed by the love of God.

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Every soul was called back to God. We prayed for everyone.

israelset6_2 israelset6_3 israelset6_5 israelset6_6

Soldiers from the decorated Golani Brigade visiting their commander.


All the hospital wards were underground for safety.


Jennifer Griffin of Fox News interviewed us in Haifa.

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Praying in advance for incoming wounded.

ishospdamage ishospwindow2

Damage at Western Galilee Hospital from one Katyusha rocket. Air raid sirens warning of Katyusha rockets kept us sheltered underground for safety.

ishospward ishospoldman
ishospchild ishospsmiles

I told each patient, in Hebrew, that we were praying for 100% health from God, their Great Physician.

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rambamgerry rambambrian

We brought candy and school supplies for all the children.