Privileged To Be Israel's Friend

Israel Tour 2005



MK Michael Kleiner, Chairman of Israel's Herut Party, with Miriam Hellman, president of Prophetic Ministries and her husband, Richard Hellman, president of Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign, after speaking to us about Israel's disengagement. Marcia Feinstein, seated, resides in Sha'arey Tikva, a community threatened by disengagement.

Raanan Gissan, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's spokesman, with Miriam and Richard Hellman. He described disengagement as a necessary amputation.


Mr. Gissan, center, in a group photo.


MK Effie Eitam, leader of the disengagement opposition, addresses our group. Col. Ya'acov Hisdai, seated at left, authored principles for Israel's Defense Forces after the 1973 Yom Kippur War.


Miriam and Richard Hellman with MK Arieh Eldad, Israel's former Surgeon General, in front of the Knesset. Miriam is presenting a vision for Israel, for "without a vision, the people perish."


Christian Bar and Bat Mitzvah Participants at Jerusalem's Western Wall - Taking Steps of Spiritual Responsibility.


At Hadassah Hospital, Miriam ministered to this grandmother of a ten year old boy who almost died in a terrorist incident which left a bullet lodged in his brain. She was so touched by the presence of God upon our music that she forgot all her problems!


Praying outside the intensive care unit for the critically unconscious boy. He regained consciousness the day we came home, having received the needed medical improvement! Barbara Sofer, in green hat, at left, had been praying for him to awake and for us to return, remembering our contribution by the Spirit of God when Natan Sandaka received multiple medical miracles after stopping a suicide bomber and taking the impact of the blast into his body.


Brenda Zedlitz at the keyboard, ministering at Hadassah Hospital.


Rev. Steve Forrester's new song of the Spirit had everyone in the children's ward flying as eagles.