November 2008 - Xalapa, Mexico

Prophetic Ministries was blessed and privileged to return to Mexico in November. God truly opened a wide and effectual door of ministry, and it was a joy to see Him move on behalf of so many people. A fire was re-lit in the church of Jesus Christ, and great longings of pastors' hearts were fulfilled. They were especially happy to see every member of the team, in addition to Miriam Hellman, able to preach and to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory!

The prophetic anointing made an eternal difference, saving lives and melting hearts with truth, power, and demonstration. The Word of God won many victories. Our hearts were moved as many received healings and deliverances, including young children, and many more received Jesus as Savior and Lord. At least fifty adults asked to be saved. The church was commissioned in the Name of Jesus for future works, and our joy was made full in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them.

We are eager to return and bring glorious gifts to the people of Mexico from their Heavenly Father. We love and thank all who sow into this mission with their gifts and prayers!