2020 The Truth and The Elect
The prophetic word for 2020 given by Miriam Hellman. Major prophecies of this nature are on-going and interrelated. This is the twelfth in a series of annual prophecies that edify, instruct and prepare the Body of Christ throughout the world.
2019 A Year to Remember
The prophetic word for 2019 given by Miriam Hellman. Major prophecies of this nature are on-going and interrelated. This is the eleventh in a series of annual prophecies that edify, instruct and prepare the Body of Christ throughout the world.
Sons of GodSons of God and the giborim
This book explains one of the most profound reasons why God created man in His image.

God, who knows all things and events before they happen, knew some of His angels would rebel against Him. For this reason, He provided for Himself a new creation made to be conformed to the image of The Son of God, Jesus Christ.

God’s eternal plan for man is that the new creation man would be God’s replacement for the fallen angels.
2018, A Time of Compromise2018, A Time of Compromise
Prophecy Mini Book - The prophetic word for 2018 given by Miriam Hellman.
The CallThe Call
Through the years so many people have asked me,
– “How do you know if you are called into ministry?
– How do you get your ministry started and functioning?
– Why don’t I see that which God has spoken to me prophetically come to pass?”
This book will answer all the big questions that are most frequently asked concerning the ministry God has called you to.
God and the godsGod and the gods
The Bible is not silent. It is a major source of information concerning alien invasion to this planet called Earth. God and the gods is about the activity of God and fallen angels, called in the Bible “the gods,” and how they have traveled back and forth from the heavens to the earth at various periods of time. This book reveals who the aliens are and why they have come to Earth. Unveils the alien plan, and why they are interested in mankind. Satisfactorily answers the UFO question. If they return, what it will mean to you?
Prosperous SoulThe Prosperous Soul
This is a book designed to enable the believer to distinguish between the forces of the soul and the spirit. Its purpose is to help the believer to master the situations in life by the help of the Holy Spirit, by approaching life in the God-ordained way.
Sealed for the BattleSealed for the Battle
2 Timothy 2:19 “…the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, the Lord knows them that are His.”

The seal of the living God is an emblem of ownership and security combined with destination.

The sealed in God are persons secured from destruction and marked for reward. Everyone who reads and understands this book can, in God, become as Moses was before Pharoah, and as Joshua was before the walls of Jericho. He who understands will have the victory in the battles that lie ahead.
The SeerThe Seer
A Seer or Prophet declares what cannot be known by natural means, one who proclaims divine messages from God inasmuch as the Spirit of the Lord has come to rest upon him for divine purposes of salvation and glory. The Seer speaks forth what is shown him concerning the divine counsels of grace to bring about future purposes and the will of God to all nations. He sees with the eye of an eagle and brings the visions of the heavenlies to the earth.
Signs and WondersSigns and Wonders
Special manifestations of the Holy Spirit that produce signs and wonders require under-standing and full cooperation with the ways of God. This book will help you greatly to understand how to work with God so that many more miracles will be brought forth in the earth for His glory.
Why bloodWhy Blood? Re-Creation and the New Age
“I believe that the origin of sacrifice lies in the heavens, and its practice and the manner of its observance was delivered to man by God and the gods.” The fallen angels, or gods, as they are referred to in the Old Testament, visited all the nations of the earth in ancient times and initiated their perverted systems of sacrifice. For this reason, there exist to this day satanic practices of blood sacrifice in every part of the world. It is the intention of this book to explore the differences between the sacrifices required by God in the Old Testament and the ultimate sacrifice of the Blood of Jesus in the New Testament, as well as the sacrifices that continue to this day through demonic systems of worship, appropriation and appeasement. THE BLOOD OF JESUS HAS PAID IN FULL THE PRICE FOR PEACE.
You ask a hard thingYou Ask A Hard Thing
Do you find yourself facing a hard situation? This book will show you how to ascend into the place of victory!
Receive your HealingReceive Your Healing
This book contains God’s medicine for every illness and disease known on earth. God’s prescription is the best you will ever find, because it never fails. The key to receiving your healing is the faithful and regular administration of God’s prescribed medicine, His Word. This book brings all the healing verses in the Bible together for your meditation.