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Advanced Training of the Human Spirit
Jesus' level of mastery in the realm of the spirit requires a trained human spirit. This series will equip you with advanced understanding and training for health, authority, victorious living, power, and miracles.

Christmas Messages
Realities about Jesus' incarnation and birth, angels, eternal life, and gifts of love unfold to bring knowledge, wonder, and transformation to every heart.

Freedom and power from the Lord Jesus Christ over sin, curses, and every enemy.

End-Time Treasure Chest
Prophetic teachings about future events, the End of the Church Age, the Rapture of the Church, and the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith Quantum Series
In-depth teaching about faith's creative process: what the substance of faith is, how it works, and what it can accomplish. Save $130 when you order the complete set - $300 for all 12 volumes.

Medicine Chest
Spiritual healing, diseases and conditions, the soul and its emotional states, and divine health.

Holy Ghost equipping for the Body of Christ to fulfill its highest call and destiny and produce able ministers of the Gospel.

Moving In The Miraculous
Spiritual truths about cooperating with the Spirit of God and His ways and the working of miracles.

Personal Growth and Development
Knowledge from the Word of God that develops individuals and ministries.

Prayer and Prophecy
A strong foundation in prayer, prophecy, God’s plan for Israel, and Bible prophecies.

Insights into satisfying relationships with God and others, love and marriage, race relations, the role of women, sexuality.

Tool Chest for Spiritual Conquerors
Training, equipping, meditation and spiritual warfare so you overcome in every area of life.

Your Prosperity Chest
Revelation and understanding for prosperity of spirit, soul, body, and finances.


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