“Do Not Forget Tribal People”
Tanzania 2019

Twenty of us went at the Lord’s direction to bless the people of Tanzania, extending our hearts and hands to them and praying blessings upon as many as possible. The Lord prepared their hearts all along the way as we had asked Him. The nicest, most gracious, wonderful people you’ll ever meet treated each of us as honored guests from their hearts. The goodness of God was expressed to each person as we met them, and they knew from the first night that we weren’t like anyone they had ever met before. Hotel staff welcomed us and our prayers all along the journey.

We left a great spiritual impartation among members of the Hadzabe tribe, who connected with us in a tremendous way. We shared songs, dances, much love and kindness, making a lasting deposit. We ministered to Datoga bush people, hunter/gatherers who sleep on animal skins and create extraordinary metalwork. The love we brought needed no translation, and it was wholeheartedly returned. We embraced babies, imparting love and anointing into one whose paralyzed legs began to move. We sang the ordained songs of the Spirit to get the tribes engaged, and they sang back to us with equal fervor. Our guide said no one has ever interacted with them as we did.

Some received the Lord Jesus into their hearts. Drivers asked for prayer, and each was answered. One was healed of long-time pain that MRIs couldn’t diagnose, amazed that it left when I spoke to it in Jesus’ Name. Another with a crippled son found freedom from the oppression of that burden and now truly believes his son is in the hands of the Lord. All saw something about faith that they had never seen before.

Nothing is insignificant in God. We laid hands on many, and this released them to move into the next steps for their lives. Our prayer now is that God will raise up individuals within their ranks to lead them forward, raised up in a mighty way.

I thank the Lord for the blessing of a totally unified group moving in His perfect will, for there’s no substitute for being in the perfect will of God. There’s nothing like being where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do.