Miriam Hellman's Peru Testimony

The Mission of the Open Doors 


This mission marks a beginning of learning to work in new realms of the spirit.  Prophetic Ministries entered new kinds of realms that released people in Peru to the Gospel as never before.  This is a work we all will grow into as we become good students of the Holy Ghost, well versed in demonology and using our faith to grasp things in the spiritual realm.

"The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.   The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies." (Ps. 110: 1-2)

We went at the Lord's direction to exercise spiritual authority over the powers of the land, to stop their influence and control over men's minds and hearts to free them to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The seriousness of this mission required a group in total unity of purpose and spirit.  We commend each team member for maintaining an unbroken circle in God.  I was blessed and honored by each person on this mission.  None had ought, offense, or objection against another so that we were one under the protection of the Blood of Jesus and His divine authority, surrounded by ministering spirits as we traveled through a land steeped in mysteries, legends, spiritual crafts, and superstition.

Apostolic ministry frees heathen lands. Several people said that when I spoke, they saw my heart like a diamond, and the light from its facets brought them revelation. They were in awe. People greatly received our cross cards. They felt God as we sang and were taught how to use the cards to receive His benefits. We exercised the Rod of God to break the influence of false gods over men. Each team member fulfilled their individual mission to accomplish openings to the Gospel for individuals, groups, and peoples. Songs on the bus overwhelmed the guide. The Holy Ghost poured His anointing in the church, depositing His truth and empowering them to speak the Word. Doors are wide open in the Bible School, with receptive students all wanting more. They didn't want us to leave, saying they never had experienced such love from a ministry. All on our team are aware that they have been trained and anointed for this.

My testimony CD/mp.3 describes Peru's culture and gods with further instruction in demonology. Faith for things in the realm of the spirit continues as a theme in our services. Life-Changing Messages has the latest additions.

Thank you for sending us with your love and friendship, your finances, your support. Your prayers availed, and this is no small thing. Fulfilling your part in the mission brings you inheritance in the nations, and your reward is great.