Peru Pastors’ Conference April 2017
"Many pastors make use of this wisdom. Gracias!"

Pastor Doris said this 4th conference was the greatest yet. Terrible flooding had destroyed roads and bridges, preventing some from attending. Nevertheless, new pastors and many who had come before eagerly soaked up everything we ministered about understanding the healing anointing.

The brother who ministers among northern tribes testified that since our first conference, he has applied every single thing he learned and found the applications work perfectly. He has attended all our conferences and this time, he was begged not to come out of concern for his safety. But he had assurance from the Lord that he would get through. He said the benefit is so tremendous that nothing was going to keep him back, and he felt this time was above and beyond extraordinary.

As a minister, this is the ultimate: to have such unbelievable reception, remarkable and immediate understanding, and to hear that people put what they’ve learned into immediate operation.

We addressed the number one question: How do I increase the anointing in my life? Associations, environment, and influences are major factors. Music also affects anointing.  At the next service when the sound equipment wouldn’t work, I began singing acapella. Suddenly, you could just feel the Holy Spirit move in, enveloping everybody, and you could see that something was happening. A powerful move of God began all over that place, and Linda saw the glory cloud fall.

I saw a vision of Jesus rising up from His throne, taking His arms to embrace and actually receive our worship. It was awesome to see individuals so moved by God – the magnitude of worship coming out of them was tremendous - and it went on and on and on. It just wouldn’t stop. I can’t tell you how thrilled they were. They said they’ll never be the same. A pastor from Ecuador had never been in meetings like this, where ministry was discussed and experienced. It was awesome for him. He said all of Ecuador needs this, and he had a word from the Lord for me. 

He put a globe of the world in my hand and prophesied that in the days ahead, Prophetic Ministries would do things far greater than anything it had ever done in the past and that I would know what this meant. I recalled a prophecy I received in Russia years ago about leading the Body of Christ all over the world in praise and worship, and the glory would fall. A second prophecy said the ministry would go to the four corners of the earth. I believe this gift brings these two words together.

People testified of creative healing miracles from our ministry last year. One girl born with very weak muscles is now riding her bicycle. A woman’s knees were healed after feeling cartilage move as I prayed. Videos record their testimonies, and we thank the Lord for answered prayers.

A mother and daughter received salvation after hearing that accepting Jesus into their hearts meant they would receive everything involved in the cross. The mother just lit up when I spoke, by the Spirit, words she could relate to about every blessing of the cross becoming hers. Flying home, I sat by a Peruvian man who is considering becoming a pastor. He commented that people in Peru are very open to the Gospel now after “something happened a few years ago.” Read what we did a few years ago that made this difference!

Thank the Lord for these blessings and more, for truly the number of wonders cannot be told. We are so grateful for Ismael, who is much more than an interpreter. With his wife, Sharon, we are friends in the Lord, enjoying rich fellowship. Their contribution is invaluable and lasting, and we thank them for giving generously of their talents, love, and assistance. We thank Pastor Doris and bless her family for all they did in arranging the conference and sending the wisdom of God into nations. We’ll be back next Spring to train, bless and equip pastors in Peru and around the world.

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