"I am so grateful to have experienced The School of Mentoring."

"I was able to define the definition of who I am and what I can do."

"It takes a skilled mentor who knows the right questions to ask a person to help them make such a discovery. Miriam with keen discernment helped each person individually with insightful questions, answers and direction."

“Mentoring changed my life, enabling me to soar like an eagle. I just love God inside of Miriam!”

The $500 Tuition covers three full days of in-depth sessions.
A $50 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

Payments toward Mentoring may be made through the Donation button.
Full payment is due at the opening session. 

Do you feel you are living and loving life as you should? Has the thought ever occurred to you that there must be more in life for you? Do you see others succeeding in ways that you seem to be lacking, and yet you know deep inside that these same benefits can be yours, as promised to you in the Bible? Have you ever asked yourself, "What is missing in my life, or in my understanding, that prevents all blessings from flowing in my direction?' "

These thoughts are the common experience of many people. I would like to present to you two very old and wise sayings: "When the pupil is ready, the teacher comes", and "The unexamined life is not worth living." It would be good to explore how the thoughts implied in these sayings can apply to you today.In order to help you to develop your highest potential in life, in Christian ministry or in a secular career, I invite you to participate fully in the tremendous benefits that await you in our Schools of Mentoring and Prophetic Ministries' catalog of books and albums, as well as monthly healing meetings and conferences.Jumpstart yourself into a life of inspiration, success, and amazing discovery. There is no time like the present to begin with a fresh, new and highly promising approach that will lead you on the path to true success in life as described in the words of Jesus,"I have come that you might have life, and life more abundant."

Those attending Mentoring School will benefit from these albums:

•   The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living
•   The Executive Self
•   Raw Materials of Life

Read What Our Mentorees Have To Say!

"Through the last ten years, I have been to several mentoring sessions, and each time I gained many valuable things concerning myself in relationship with the Lord and others. However this last mentoring, "Persona, Personality, and Perception," was possibly the single most important to me as a person and to my future, as the Lord is calling me. The understanding of my personality, how that in and of itself communicates something to others, and the way we hear what others communicate to us. Understanding of one's own self is certainly an always unfolding revelation in the mentoring process. Many questions that I have had through the years became crystal clear. I don' t think any of us who want to be used of the Lord can afford not to avail ourselves of these wonderful times of training. Life Changing!" (R.P.)

"Although I have been to several mentoring sessions, the one about Persona, Personality and Perception has really tested my heart at a very high level. I realize I have been living a fantasized life. Even though I understand my position in the Lord and have come to understand many things, this time I saw, I felt, I searched, and I heard with my heart. It is a wonderful feeling and a place to live. To do the presentation of anything that pertains to me became such a challenge, I only slept a couple hours that night.

My reason for mentoring was to get a higher position at my work place and develop better communications skills. I now know this is what my heart was searching for, something of a higher place. I make a good comfortable living, but it seems like there's something else missing or just out there waiting. How do I get there? This particular mentoring has given me more understanding, more and more of the things in the Lord that I never could have thought to ask for. God knows my heart's cry - I may not, or not understand it. In this mentoring, He has shown me His. And I have found myself all over again.

This mentoring has been very powerful, intense, a mighty overflowing richness of God's thoughts at His highest level. Wow!! I will pick up this teaching, and I will run my race with it. Thank you Miriam, I shall love you always. May God bless you more and more.

When's the next mentoring?" (B.B.)

"I am eternally grateful for all the love, ministry, and mentoring from Miriam Hellman that equips me to fulfill my God-given destiny.

Thank you, and may those believers looking to fulfill their destinies also avail themselves of your specialized mentoring schools." (L. I.)

"What I have greatly benefited from is the anointing that is on Prophetic Ministries for Mentoring. When I attended the School of Mentoring with Miriam, I was in a season of transition in many areas of my life. Although I don’t completely understand the full outworkings of what transpired during these sessions, I do know that during that time, my life purpose became very clear. As I believed God and responded by ordering my life, my life was immediately set on a clear course focused on the purposes of God.

Thank you, Miriam and Prophetic Ministries, for your obedience to the Holy Spirit and your keen understanding and stewardship of what God has called and anointed you for." (L. S.)

Before coming to Prophetic Ministries, I had only heard of mentoring for leaders and opera singers. I had a great desire to preach and minister and to sing, but I had never gone beyond an occasional preaching engagement or a vocal concert. I ministered in a county jail and in nursing homes, and later managed children's church. I also had received many dreams about ministering in a greater way, which I did not pay attention to because I did not know how to proceed.

A major breakthrough came at a mentoring class in 2004. A young lady began to describe a dream she had, propelling her to China. At that point, I remembered a dream the Lord gave me of walking through Central America. Upon telling the details of the dream, Miriam jumped up and said immediately that I was supposed to be in Central America, for the glory of God was going before me! I was dumbfounded, but when I got home I began making contacts in El Salvador, and the door flew open.

I have just returned from my second glorious ministry trip to El Salvador, and I held my first meetings in Guatemala, which were also rich in God. As I went, God took care of my family and my business affairs. He led me through many difficulties along the way by His glorious cloud and returned me home to rejoicing family and friends. It is a wonderful life!" (L. N.)

"My heart is in great gratitude to God for His blessings of revelations and truth which have been poured out through you. Thank you for your faithfulness and your heart after God. It is an encouragement to my heart, and God has stirred my spirit and awakened it again. It has been refreshing to my soul, and I thank God for you." (N. C.)

"The Holy Spirit has revealed so much truth through your spoken and written words! I am so blessed and full of gratitude to God for leading me to be taught by you. You have brought the Lord's glory back into my life. Praise God!" (S. C.)