Peru Pastors’ Conference April 2018

Our 6th mission to Peru was most extraordinary and glorious! We went to increase pastors’ and church leaders’ abilities to receive from the Lord all the grace, health, help and prosperity they need individually and in their ministries.

Pastor Doris Silva de Hurtado thought it was the best conference we have ever had. She was amazed at the teachings as the Holy Spirit ministered revelation about many things, especially about being witnesses of the Resurrection with signs, wonders and miracles.

Miriam ministered about inclining our hearts unto wisdom from Proverbs 2 and gave each person a “wisdom stone” as a prophetic reminder to ask for hidden revelation in Scripture verses and in personal situations pertaining to their lives. Attendees were on the edges of their seats, so enthralled with all they heard that they sent the conference throughout South America on Facebook Live. Gifts of the Spirit flowed with prophetic words to each person, and everyone received mightily.

Your contributions are bringing a harvest of blessings which will increase once the conference goes on YouTube. Experience some of the teaching with the videos below, and join us in thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done.