Prophetic Ministries Baptism April 2007



This appointment began in Jerusalem, and in Jerusalem, the plan was proclaimed. We who are about to die unto Your salvation salute You!

“We await you on the other side of today, for by tomorrow (24 hours), My wisdom shall be your new covering. You will have given Me your old nature, your old covering, and I this day will give you jeweled garments of resurrection, garments of light.”

“I kept the appointment, and for all who understood that I met them and spoke to them, as you understand, so shall it be granted. Many wanted to hear the voice of God in a certain way, in a certain context. But I am Wisdom. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am the Wisdom of the Beginning, the Middle, and the End. And your appointment was to receive wisdom, which is represented in the Bible as jewels.”

This is a baptism into Jesus Christ, Who is the Wisdom of God. And it is a baptism for the battle of the hour in which we live in the earth. This day, as we have come into one accord with Him in His plan, do not look to find where you fit, for then you are looking for that which suits or pleases you. The Lord says, “Look to Me and allow Me to fashion you to fit into My will in the plan of God for your life. Do not look to fit.”

As we enter into this baptism for battle, the jewels of Heaven shall fall upon you. The wisdoms of God will fall upon each of you. Some shall be given more than others. To whatever extent your heart is prepared to carry those jewels, those wisdoms shall carry you in His eternal purposes. “For all the wisdoms,” the Lord said, “are in Me.”

And the Lord wants to speak to you about the stars. The stars do not hold hands, but they hold together in bands. Stars in God who need to hold hands are the Milky Way. But then there are others who are in bands. Some are groups of four. Some are groups of six. Some are groups of three. Some are groups of ten and twenty. And they are the constellations of the heavens. These are they who have been ordained to proclaim their own individual messages in the plan, and they hold together as a band. They band together. They are a part of the whole. They are the fulfillment of a plan, as the stars of the heavens do speak, showing forth the times, declaring their messages.

Deborah of old called forth unto God in the heavens, and the stars in their course fought against Sisera. They called forth those heavenly messengers, those stars, and they blocked any assistance coming to the enemy and opened the way for Israel to win the battle. The stars in their course fought against Sisera, and Sisera was defeated!

We are the stars in our course! It is we who do battle to block the aid of the enemy. This is the plan! The majority of people here today, though corporately we are together, yet we represent those courses and bands. It is an awesome thought: we are the earthly counterpart of the heavenly realm.