Weekly Downloads of the Month - February 2024
February 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Baptized With Fire; 2-Becoming As the Master; 3-Achieving Unity Within Yourself; 4-Understanding Redemption Blessings; 5-Desires in God Fulfilled; 6-Hearing Jesus; 7-The Extraordinary Promises of God; 8-Understanding the Laws of Prosperity
Understanding the Laws of Prosperity
The Lord asks us to trust Him as our provider, but our faith in His financial provision never calls on us to ignore the natural laws of the universe.
The Extraordinary Promises of God
Lessons and promises in Psalm 91 show the issue is the love of God above everything else.
Hearing Jesus
Because your thoughts become your reality, take charge within yourself to live by Jesus’ words.
Desires in God Fulfilled
When the world within you is filled with the mind of God and an awareness of His presence in you, you are on your way to glorious fulfillments.
Understanding Redemption Blessings
Redemption, the highest type of mastery, is not a one-time thing. It's an on-going blessing that can turn your situation into something totally new to the degree you surrender it to the Lord.
Achieving Unity Within Yourself
Your uniqueness is brought to its fullness by being united with God and His Spirit. Learn how the unified self, a mastery worth achieving, brings God’s glory in His people, for the response of someone who is one with God is very different from that of someone who isn’t.
Becoming As the Master
It’s our greatest need today. The key is receiving from God and from life, for the more receptibility you have, the more abundantly you can live.
Baptized With Fire
This work of the Holy Spirit is not a cleansing from sin but a cleansing from things that hinder our spiritual growth into the nature of the man we are to be in Christ Jesus.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - January 2024
January 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Prayer for the Nation; 2-Faith to Stand Against the Enemies of Our Soul; 3-Our Inheritance Is By Promise; 4-Desiring A Successful Prayer Life; 5-The Intercessor's Day; 6-Conscious You Have Risen with Christ; 7-Living Faith; 8-Life Is Built On Foundational Principles; 9-Seeking the New Spring In Us
Seeking the New Spring In Us
Moves of the Spirit flow from glorifying God out of our innermost being. As every season in the natural calls for its own kind of preparation, we are called to a new season in God that shows the world we have been with Jesus.
Life Is Built On Foundational Principles
Life, not loss, is the heart of the matter. Understand your partnership with God and the inward operation of divine power that transforms a natural situation to a supernatural outcome.
Living Faith
Let the God kind of faith penetrate the depths of the nature of God in you, for our faith is in Him and in His nature, which is in our spirit. Only then can you fulfil your position on the earth.
Conscious You Have Risen With Christ
We can only change things with the consciousness of being in Jesus as He was in His Father. Then, we can do something about evil.
The Intercessor’s Day
Spiritual knowledge necessary for today’s prayer work includes understanding the use of your authority in Christ.
Desiring A Successful Prayer Life
We have an open door, therefore all we need is an open heart and an open ear. Get to know God with this lesson about answered prayer based upon your relationship with Him.
Our Inheritance Is By Promise
Access your inheritance by faith in the right place as Abraham, who saw an heir as a finished product of divine hope when it seemed like it could never happen.
Faith to Stand Against the Enemies of Our Soul
Learn to seek the guidance of the Lord. The human tendency to rely on oneself, outside of the Holy Spirit's involvement, is where our soul aspects are used against us.
Prayer for the Nation
Take this message to heart: prayer specifics that will benefit America and the world, informed by our New Year's prophecy, "2024, A Nation Fractured."