The Gift of Faith
Covet earnestly this best and most important gift that does everything, allowing us to receive and to work miracles by the supernatural power of God!
The Laying On of Hands
Miraculous results come from believing in this means of transmitting God’s healing power to another. The anointing that is released, into bodies or cloths, establishes God’s dominion over sickness and disease.
Healing Is Received In Many Ways
Receiving is always the issue. You’ll understand many “Why” and “Why not” questions concerning healing that are answered in this message.
The Gifts of Healing Are Divine
Healing is part of your salvation, not a matter of prayer. Learn about God’s supernatural ways that bring healing to you and others by opening the heart to receive.
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Discerning of Spirits
Seeing into the spirit realm is revelation from the Holy Spirit that allows us to deal with spirits directly.
Divine Knowledge
Become refined in identifying the operations of the Holy Spirit and how His words of knowledge come to you. You’ll receive greater confidence in yourself as a recipient of His gifts.
The Supernatural Word of Wisdom
You might be given supernatural wisdom and not even be aware of it. Learn about the words of wisdom and knowledge to become comfortable with God's supernatural means of guidance.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - April 2023
April 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-By Faith, Enoch Was Translated; 2-Praying With the Holy Spirit; 3-Guidance By the Inner Witness; 4-The Authority of the Believer; 5-Recognizing Your Authority; 6-The Cross Is the Power of God; 7-Entering Into Eternal Things; 8-You Have Been Spiritually Gifted; 9-Ignorance Is a Thief
Ignorance Is a Thief
When we are ignorant of what Jesus did for us on the cross, or how God can help us now, we are without access to our spiritual benefits and open for deception.
You Have Been Spiritually Gifted
If you’ve been baptized in the Holy Spirit, you’ve received enhanced spiritual giftings for fulfilling God’s purpose in your life. Grow in knowledge and awareness of the gifts He placed in you and how to bring them forth in the earth.
Entering Into Eternal Things
What deters you from entering into the field of all possibilities? Unload whatever hinders you from entering the eternal realm of the Kingdom of God. This enables you to go through whatever you may have to go through for the love of God.
The Cross Is the Power of God
Become one with the authority of Jesus’ cross as the established means of reconciliation and by which we overcome suffering and atrocities. We cannot minister divine hope without understanding the cross of Jesus.
Recognizing Your Authority
Discover what makes your authority in Jesus completely effective so that spirits obey you.
The Authority of the Believer
A foundation of authority is at the core of your spiritual inheritance, crucial to a victorious, overcoming life in Christ, the key to seeing loved ones saved and part of a guidance system in God.
Guidance By the Inner Witness
The Resurrection lives in you! New Testament Christians are not to look for supernatural signs, prophetic words or confirmations. Learn to seek the supernatural God inside of you, who is communicating with us in our inner man at all times.
Praying With the Holy Spirit
Develop your sensitivity and awareness of the Lord in your spirit. Understanding the inner witness as you pray is God’s main means of divine guidance for you.
By Faith, Enoch Was Translated
Enoch is an extraordinary example of the walk God requires for Rapture. Those who will be alive at the coming of the Lord must be sure they are walking fully with Him.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - March 2023
March 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-The Righteousness of Faith; 2-Signs and Wonders; 3-Focus, the Path to the Supernatural; 4-Overcoming Giants; 5-Our Words Help Us or Hurt Us; 6-Speaking Wisdom's Words; 7-Living A Transformed Life; 8-Knowing the Voice of God Makes You Different
Knowing the Voice of God Makes You Different
The key to the truly Spirit-led life is hearing God speak to you personally. Learn to go to Him directly with greater consciousness of Him directing your heart.
Living A Transformed Life
Christians are to believe and receive the best, for the transformed life is born of God's Words and His ways.
Speaking Wisdom’s Words
Let us rid our lives of speaking wrong words about ourselves or others. No matter the situation, tell yourself you won’t say what is wrong but will only speak the word of faith about it.
Our Words Help Us or Hurt Us
Make a concerted effort to speak words of life, health, prosperity and happiness, words of Godly creativity, for we are justified as we believe and speak the mind of Christ into our lives and the lives of others.
Overcoming Giants
Find encouragement and instruction from Joshua, Caleb, and Gideon to enter into all that you’ve been promised. The extent of the obstacles is nothing when you know the Lord is with you.
Focus, The Path to the Supernatural
What makes a miracle happen? Learn the essential elements, for the supernatural involves obedience in the natural realm that will vary in every case.
Signs and Wonders
The Lord is calling us into the working knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s gifts so that as we follow Him today, signs and wonders will follow us who believe. Obedience in the natural as He directs us allows Him to perform supernaturally through us.
The Righteousness of Faith
Let Romans 4 be your model for receiving God’s promises and the faith that causes those things that are not to be. As God imputed righteousness to Abraham for his right believing, so He will to us, also, as we believe Him.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - February 2023
February 2023 Weekly Downloads – 1-The Faith of Jesus; 2-Faith for Salvation; 3-How You Hear; 4-Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables; 5-The Word of Faith; 6-Faith in the Authority of Jesus Name; 7-Jesus Is Exalted; 8-Faith in the Tithe
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Faith in the Tithe
The word of faith in the tithe for you is to grow your faith in your tithes and offerings. New thoughts on God's promise concerning your finances open the way for new blessings to come your way, even affecting unborn generations.
Jesus Is Exalted
Learn to live in the authority of this exalted Name as a permanent place of abiding in heaven-granted authority that brings Jesus' presence and authority into your situation.
Faith in the Authority of Jesus’ Name
An empowering message about delegated power from our Lord Jesus Christ, whose authority is recognized in three worlds. All must bow to that Name when it is used in faith!
The Word of Faith
True faith in God’s word will always produce the evidence it represents, as Jesus’ faith established facts when He performed miracles by the spoken word of faith that was in His heart.
Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?
Rejection of truth is the issue, for parables are for those who can hear and for those who can’t. Jesus’ disciples know and understand mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the “whys” of things that happen, because of their intentions.
How You Hear
Hearing is receiving. Understand how the kind of listener you are and how you hear will determine your spiritual condition.
Faith for Salvation
Understanding that we’re saved by God’s faith, not our own, sharpens our focus for sharing with others. If anyone desires to be saved, God will supply the grace they need to receive it, for everyone has been given the gift of faith for this free gift from Him.
The Faith of Jesus
Sharpen your focus to increase the God kind of faith that came into your heart when you asked Jesus to come and live in you, the faith by which He created the worlds!
Weekly Downloads of the Month - January 2023
January 2023 Weekly Downloads – 1-2023 Prophecy, War Is At the Gates; 2-2023 Prophecy Explanation; 3-Hope Is Our Abiding Position; 4-Knowing the Victory is Within You; 5-Thoughts Are Causes and Conditions Are Effects; 6-We Are the Ones Who Must Change; 7-Thought and Life Are One; 8-Living A Principled Life; 9-The Way of the Water; 10-Jesus is the Way of the Spirit
Physical Product (CD) available for $36.00 | FREE SHIPPING
Jesus Is the Way of the Spirit
Jesus still is imparting new life into His disciples today. Learn to live by the breath of life, the breath of God, the impartation of His Spirit breathed into you.
The Way of the Water
Water adapts. A philosophical message about what water does shows the need to drink living water from Jesus, the Source. Then we can adapt to anything we need to and remain true to Him at all times.
Living A Principled Life
Only by living by God’s principles do we enter into oneness with the Lord. Learn the interrelationship between trials and love, for the development of our character is what He’s after.
Thought and Life Are One
What you think and how you think make you who and what you are in Jesus. Learn to participate with the process He designed for your life’s purposes, for the character and quality of your life speak about the character and quality of your thoughts.
We Are the Ones Who Must Change
Endeavor this year to unmake last year’s you! Miriam shares Kingdom keys about thoughts and words to build your life anew, afresh and greater this year in Jesus.
Thoughts Are Causes and Conditions Are Effects
Things outside don’t change until you change, for in many situations, you hold within your heart the cause that will create the change you want. Remember that with every thought, you send an energy frequency into the airwaves that reaches a destination.
Knowing the Victory is Within You
Victories require our working with the Lord from the inside. Learn to draw upon His help in you any time and in any situation, for it’s all at your disposal.
Hope Is Our Abiding Position
Anchor your heart in divine hope, the place of no uncertainties that holds you steady in faith until what you're believing for is manifested.
2023 Prophecy Explanation
Build your “ark” with insights into the prophetic word, for Jesus said the last days would be as the days of Noah.
2023 Prophecy, War Is At the Gates
The complete prophetic word given to Miriam Hellman for 2023.