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Weekly Downloads of the Month - January 2023
January 2023 Weekly Downloads – 1-2023 Prophecy, War Is At the Gates; 2-2023 Prophecy Explanation; 3-Hope Is Our Abiding Position; 4-Knowing the Victory is Within You; 5-Thoughts Are Causes and Conditions Are Effects; 6-We Are the Ones Who Must Change; 7-Thought and Life Are One; 8-Living A Principled Life; 9-The Way of the Water; 10-Jesus is the Way of the Spirit
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Jesus Is the Way of the Spirit
Jesus still is imparting new life into His disciples today. Learn to live by the breath of life, the breath of God, the impartation of His Spirit breathed into you.
The Way of the Water
Water adapts. A philosophical message about what water does shows the need to drink living water from Jesus, the Source. Then we can adapt to anything we need to and remain true to Him at all times.
Living A Principled Life
Only by living by God’s principles do we enter into oneness with the Lord. Learn the interrelationship between trials and love, for the development of our character is what He’s after.
Thought and Life Are One
What you think and how you think make you who and what you are in Jesus. Learn to participate with the process He designed for your life’s purposes, for the character and quality of your life speak about the character and quality of your thoughts.
We Are the Ones Who Must Change
Endeavor this year to unmake last year’s you! Miriam shares Kingdom keys about thoughts and words to build your life anew, afresh and greater this year in Jesus.
Thoughts Are Causes and Conditions Are Effects
Things outside don’t change until you change, for in many situations, you hold within your heart the cause that will create the change you want. Remember that with every thought, you send an energy frequency into the airwaves that reaches a destination.
Knowing the Victory is Within You
Victories require our working with the Lord from the inside. Learn to draw upon His help in you any time and in any situation, for it’s all at your disposal.
Hope Is Our Abiding Position
Anchor your heart in divine hope, the place of no uncertainties that holds you steady in faith until what you're believing for is manifested.
2023 Prophecy Explanation
Build your “ark” with insights into the prophetic word, for Jesus said the last days would be as the days of Noah.
2023 Prophecy, War Is At the Gates
The complete prophetic word given to Miriam Hellman for 2023.