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"What your ministry has done for me is unlock the mystery. Listening to you has answered many of the questions I had, but more than that, God, through your words, speaks life into the listener. There is far more to your words than what you actually say!"

Subscribers Reap the Benefits

“I may not talk to Miriam for months at a time, but when I download the monthly messages, we’re on the same page with the Holy Spirit.”

Praying In the Spirit Brings Amazing Results

A brother with an insurmountable problem at work could see no end to the trouble. After listening to “Tongues, Our Supernatural Ally,” he committed his problem to the Lord, praying in the Holy Ghost. “It was amazing,” he said, “It finally just solved itself! Now when I don’t see an answer, praying in the Spirit ALWAYS provides an answer.” Friends overseas took this series, The War Prayer of the Spirit, and Miriam’s Fasting series to heart recently as they prayed for Israel and are completely overwhelmed with blessings: three grandchildren have come to the Lord, estrangements in the family have ended, and a financial dilemma just reconciled in their favor. “It is all about letting Him have control,” they said, “We are no longer praying from emotion. We have never seen changes take place so much within our own families in answer to praying in the Spirit. We want to express our gratitude and love to Miriam and to all at Prophetic Ministries.”

“Why Blood? Re-Creation and the New Age” Ministers the Power of Jesus’ Blood

"My husband found the body of a woman who committed suicide in a park when he was walking our dog one morning. He had lost his father to suicide decades ago, and this new event, horrible enough on its own, unleashed all the prior trauma, as well. He turned to me one night and said he just couldn’t get the awful images out of his mind, so I picked up “Why Blood?” and began to read it to him out loud. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep quietly. By the end of page 22, he woke up and said, “This is wonderful. It is all gone!” And he hasn’t been tormented since. We praise the Lord for so great a gift." (B. T.)
"I wanted to let you know that your book, "The Art of Receiving: Understanding the Wish to be Satisfied" is Awesome! Your book has shed a lot of light on a particular situation of mine. I have come to realize in the past several months (by listening to your CDs) that I'm the one hindering myself from moving forward. And now, reading your book really confirms that my desire and wish not coming through is because there is doubt (fear) and confusion in my heart. Thank God that is about to change! I have read your book twice so far and can't get enough of it because of the truth that is written in it! I love you and appreciate your ministry so much, and I look forward to reaching my full potential in Christ by taking heed of your teachings and all you have to offer." (S. F.)
"Last year was difficult, naturally speaking, because of a series of events affecting my business, including the economy. Now I see God's footsteps all the way through it. As I faced circumstances, I thought I knew what was best, but God knew differently. At a crisis point, I listened to "The Answer To Your Dilemma," and something changed within my spirit. I suddenly realized I wasn't asking God to come on His terms, I wanted Him to come on MY terms and answer MY prayers. I had to realign myself correctly before Him and get right. God was causing me to get my house in order, to examine motives and ensure that pleasing Him was first on my heart. My crisis was averted once I changed. While fear is a universal theme among my business colleagues, I now know we need not fear if our hearts are in the right place. We are in for a wonderful year. God will make a way, but it is His way, not ours."
"Thank God for Summer Camp Meeting and the New Year's conferences! I come from Georgia, my daughter from North Carolina, and our two best friends come from Arizona and California every six months to receive new life and new love from the Holy Spirit of God through Miriam and all our Prophetic Ministries family. The anointing is strong and the wisdom is fresh, and the fellowship of the Saints is precious. We are so blessed by and grateful to be part of Prophetic Ministries. Thank you, Miriam, for all you do and give for the Lord and His kingdom." (L. K.)

"A note of thanks to all who make the meetings happen in Tulsa. I have spent a great deal of time working with ministries locally, nationally, and internationally, and you guys are simply the greatest representation of love in the body of Christ. From the very first time I attended your meetings, I left feeling as though I gained an entire family instantly. I am forever drawn and attracted to this ministry because of the manner in which Christ is demonstrated. See y'all very soon."
"I went for prayer in Tulsa because both of my elbows were hurting. I am getting cancer treatments and have returned to work, but my elbows would feel loose, and it scared me. My joints hurt, and I worried that I was developing arthritis.

I also found myself making errors at work, which really alarmed me. My nurse called it chemo brain, a normal response to chemotherapy, so I asked Miriam to pray for that, also. Something happened as she prayed. She grabbed both elbows and my whole body shook as anointing, like a light oil, hit the top of my head and ran down all the way to my feet. Three weeks later, tests show I scored high, and the fog is gone.

I now feel so good. I really wanted all pain out of my body. I am pain free and back to jogging. I also have a better understanding of spirituality and of Jesus. I am empowered and so glad for higher thoughts.

I realize we should never hold back. All things are possible with God, so we should always be open to Jesus. God uses Miriam Hellman to bless me, and I praise God for the help I receive every time she ministers to me.

Recently in Tulsa, I went forward for prayer for my back. It had bothered me for about 2 weeks to the point where it hurt to turn over in bed. Miriam began praying for happy cells to come all over me, and something started happening inside: I wanted to laugh! The Holy Spirit just tickled me, and I burst out laughing and could not control it.

Every time I stopped, I would start laughing again, and I haven't stopped laughing yet. I have been sick since 2009 with arthritis, lupus, and cancer, unable to move anything heavy or use strong muscles for a long time. But when I was laughing, every part of my muscles was used to laugh so hard. All the back cramps went away as I felt the strength of the Lord every time I began to laugh.

I felt so clean afterwords, like whatever was wrong had gone and absolutely nothing is wrong with me. I drank something from the Lord, so open to God that He just poured and poured and poured until He knew I had received. Something wonderful, mighty, and great happened that evening. I haven't laughed like that in three or four years, and I continue to laugh over every little thing.

I now feel so, so strong. I am strengthened to do anything now that everything negative has left. All my thoughts about myself and my life, God turned completely around. Being in the Tulsa meetings really changed my attitude so I have become a different person. When I was diagnosed with cancer and needing chemotherapy, I was angry at God and ambivalent about everything. Now, I am happy to live for God. When I read the Bible - and I don't like to read - I notice that I love to read! People at home don't recognize me because of the transformation. I even see the chemo differently and recognize it's doing good things for me. It has improved my skin and decreased lupus and arthritis symptoms throughout my body. I have no more pain!" (B. G.)

"Medical doctors and nurses diagnosed my newborn granddaughter with Down's Syndrome when she was born by emergency C-section. She weighed in at 7lbs, 15 ozs. but had swallowed a major amount of fluid. Immediately, she was taken to the preemie ward and placed under many different life supports to get her body temperature up, sugar level up, and oxygen into her lungs. She had this dome-like instrument over her head, like something from an alien movie. Nurses were constantly taking blood from the foot of this little miracle with barely a cry in her.

I took her little hand reaching out and let her know she is a perfect baby, wonderfully and fearfully made of God, and "by the stripes of Jesus, you are healed." My eyes and ears beholding these instruments with all their beeps and noises, I wanted to break down and weep (because of the natural sights and sounds). This is where I had to believe the Word of God spoken, and stand upon it no matter what. All the hours spent listening to Miriam's teachings had to take preeminence over the sights and sounds.

Today, all tubes are removed, all tests show her a normal baby because of the power of prayers and God's Mercy poured out. Mom and Dad are refreshed and standing together as one, waiting for the final release of their daughter this week." (C. R.)
"Through the years, I have heard Miriam say that cancer is a spirit. I had a chance to prove it when my mother was suddenly stricken. By the time she was diagnosed, cancer had spread so widely we were told she wouldn’t last two weeks. By the grace of God, we went from reeling to handling it, grateful that she had no pain, and we made the most of the remaining week and half she was with us. We refused all medical tests that would have made her miserable and kept her comfortable, thankful that she was not only prepared but eager to meet the Lord.

Several days before she passed into glory, hospice began giving her morphine. Mom was restless, likely indicating pain; she would draw her knees up as though she couldn’t get comfortable. The night before she died, I was told to give her a dose every hour. But I had heard Miriam’s voice in my ear on the way there, saying, “Cancer is a spirit.” When the first dose failed to bring relief, I gave a second – but why I expected a different response is beyond me. I was across the room from her, hearing her stir, when I heard again, “Cancer is a spirit.”

“That does it,” I said out loud with a presence of authority I had never known before, “in the Name of Jesus Christ, spirit of cancer, stop tormenting my mother.” Immediately, she relaxed, and she never moved again. Her knees straightened out, the restlessness ceased, her breathing deepened dramatically, and she sank into a sleep so deep I thought she was going to pass away right then. I told her we would miss her but not to worry, that my brothers and I would take care of everything and each other so she could go home in peace. And she did, praise the Lord.

As I look back, I treasure how great a gift the Lord supplied as she was about to leave this life. She had never been given to alcohol, intoxicants, anything that would have dulled her, and she would not have wanted to meet the Lord in such a state. She was able to depart in peace, with her family all around her, after a beautiful full moon shone on new-fallen snow across the farmland where she played as a young girl. She left right on time and with every concern met. Thank you, Lord, for the Holy Ghost who helped so greatly even in our extremity, and to God be the glory!" (B.T.)
"Last Spring, when Miriam was ministering in Pennsylvania, I went forward for prayer for the pain in my lower back from osteopenia/osteoporosis. Miriam told me to go have a seat and said, “I’ll talk to you later.” When she finished ministering by the laying on of hands, she came over to me, sat down, and heard my situation. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “You don’t have it.”

Meditating on words and their power, I began to speak to my bones as I took my daily calcium and vitamin D, demanding them to absorb it. I spoke that my bones were moist, that they make marrow, and I added Miriam’s words, “I don’t have this.”

Over the Christmas holiday, I flew across the country to visit my grandchildren. I realize I had no pain on the flights or as we played together. I have no pain, and it’s a miracle! I thank the Lord for Miriam’s word of knowledge that facilitated healing in my life.

My friend/coworker recently shared with me that she and her husband received a miracle from the Lord that was facilitated by Miriam’s book, “Receive Your Healing,” which she had recently purchased. Her husband called her at work one day to tell her that “his heart hurt” and that he didn’t feel good. She encouraged him to call 911 and told him she would come home immediately. He was taken to the hospital for tests which revealed that he had had a mild heart attack. The emergency doctor on call stated the enzymes were at very high levels, and the extent of damage to the heart would be determined after a cardiac catheterization test was completed the following morning.

The immediate family all gathered at the hospital that evening for support and prayer, and my friend began reading aloud from the book, “Receive Your Healing.” As she read the scriptures on healing and the family prayed, her husband felt the power of God in his body (he said it was like a “whoosh”) and immediately he declared he was healed. His family assumed he meant that he was standing in faith and believing that the Lord would heal him, and he said, “No, it’s done. I’ve been healed. There’s nothing wrong.”

The following morning the cardiac catheterization test was administered, and when the results came back the doctor said his heart looked absolutely fine, no damage, no obstruction. In fact, she said that for a man his age, she was amazed at how healthy his heart is. He was released from the hospital the next day. The family is rejoicing and praising the Lord for His goodness!" (A. C.)

"After a routine mammogram, I was notified that more diagnostic tests were required; the test had shown "shadows" on the left breast. Two days later, my father was told that his lung scan showed irregularities in the form of "shadows," and a biopsy would be required due to his history of cancer.

I was at peace in my spirit with the news concerning myself, but when I received the news about my father, I knew this was a bigger situation than I could carry alone, so I immediately telephoned Miriam and asked for prayer. Her advice was, "Be not afraid" and an assurance that Prophetic Ministries would be praying for my family. Days later, Miriam telephoned to say that she would be returning to Tulsa and that she would like to visit me at my home. She had stated at the prior Tulsa meetings that she felt she would be coming to my home at some point in the near future.

God had the visit planned, for we were given the honor of hosting Miriam. During a time of prayer, Miriam began to pray prophetically and said that the word for me was, "Get thee to the mountain of myrrh until the shadows pass away." She explained that myrrh was a spice used to prepare bodies for burial and that I was to die to emotional feelings in the situation and remain dead to anything except the Lord until the shadows passed away.

In obedience to the Word of the Lord, I willfully buried myself in baptism: death to self. Emotional pulls during medical situations are very strong, and it was a discipline to refrain from indulging in emotions. However, the Word of the Lord and the visit from His Prophet who brought me His Word were sufficient to strengthen me and my family, in spite of my father's physician ordering an urgent biopsy due to the seriousness of the matter.

My father's biopsy results came back as "non-diagnostic." The oncologist stated, "It was not what I thought it was. I am only practicing medicine; I do not know what I saw on the scans because the tissue does not reflect what should be there." PRAISE GOD! At the April Prophetic Ministries meetings in Tulsa, we celebrated my father's wonderful news and the goodness and faithfulness of God and the power of prayer and basked in the glory of God. I also received prayer again from Miriam.

The following Tuesday, I arrived for tests at the clinic only to be informed that the nurse had given me incorrect information: there were actually "shadows" on both breasts. After profuse apologies, she proceeded to show me the scans from the screening mammogram. Clearly, there were two round shadows about the size of a pencil eraser on the right breast and one round shadow the same size or a little larger on the left. The technician said, "Today, I will locate these shadows with the computer and then use a higher resolution for diagnostic purposes." She took a series of scans and sent me to the waiting room while she consulted with the physican, adding, "The doctor will want to visit with you about the next step." Those waiting rooms are not conducive to joy and peace, so I was given the opportunity to practice the Word of the Lord again and keep myself in the mountain of myrrh.

I sat and waited, and the technician came back in. She needed another series of scans with higher compression and higher resolution, so she scanned both breasts again. Then she seated me in the waiting area and consulted with the doctor. Again, more practice embracing the Word of the Lord, "... until the shadows pass away." She came back and stated, "I need another set of scans for the doctor to view. Then he will want to visit with you about the next step." We repeated the procedure with higher compression and more angles, more time in the waiting room, and more time in the mountain of myrrh, "... until the shadows pass away!"

After the third set of scans, the technician returned to the waiting room to say, "You saw the original scans, so you know that there were three "shadows" of concern. However, we cannot find them. They simply are not there, and we have looked and looked. We cannot compress the tissue any flatter than we already have; they simply aren't there. Come back in twelve months for your annual exam." Praise God! The shadows passed away!" (B. Z.)

Miracles and Healing

"My big toe had turned in toward the others and was locked in that position, causing great pain. When Miriam prayed for me, she thanked the Lord for creating new bone structure, and the light of His anointing flooded my entire foot and leg. Immediately, the toe was released and straightened. Praise the Lord! I can move it normally and without pain, which makes me very happy. Thank you, Jesus!" (B. T.)

"At the healing service one Sunday night, I had hands laid on me for healing of a hiatal hernia that I had been suffering with for some time. Miriam had said that there is something we have to do in the manifestation of our healing. I did what I was supposed to do, and I am healed. I ate some spaghetti with tomato sauce for the first time in months, and I had no heartburn or indigestion from it. Praise God! He is faithful. I feel great with no pain." (R. C.)

"When I attended your miracle meeting, I asked for prayer for circulation problems in my legs. The next day, I began to experience lessening in the numbness in my legs and waning of the dizziness I had been experiencing. In a few days, the symptoms were completely gone! I plan to attend your meetings more often." (B. C.)

"My husband and daughter attended last year's New Year's Eve Conference with me. On Friday night, Miriam Hellman began praying for my husband and took his very swollen wrist, which had become immobile and very painful after suffering ten years with psoriatic arthritis, in her hands. She was able to move it freely with full range of motion, and to his amazement, he felt no pain. She then prayed and laid hands on his knees, and he felt the healing power of God, like an electrical impulse, going through his legs.

Miriam told him that he needed to return for additional prayer, and after being prayed for again, he was surprised on Sunday morning to see the swelling in his wrist almost completely gone. The pain in the knees is gone, and while he still has a little stiffness, he is able to more easily walk and stand, and he now can lift heavy items with his wrist, which he was unable to do in the past. He will be lifting weights to regain the muscle tone that had been lost, and he plans to be back on the waves surfing again this summer and singing praises to God!" (D. B.)

The Bright Hope and Enduring Truth
of a Soldier’s Testimony
by Miriam Hellman

I would like to encourage everyone by relating the story of a true, miraculous event. A few days before September 11th, 2001, I was in Jerusalem with a group of close associates, Christians who love Israel and, especially, who cherish the very special friendships that we have in the Jewish community at large. Early in the morning of September 4th, as we were preparing for the day, we heard the horrific sound of a bomb explosion. So great was the sound that we all heard it in our hotel rooms. A Palestinian suicide bomber had blown himself up when stopped by a young Israeli soldier, a twenty-one-year-old border policeman, who bravely used his own body to shield those nearby.

By thwarting what could have been a much larger disaster in downtown Jerusalem, this young man bore the brunt of the explosion and thereby saved the lives of many other people. Natan Sandaka’s body was badly damaged and severely burned. His family and friends had gathered in Hadassah Hospital’s intensive care unit. All they could do was to hope and pray for this young soldier, now lying in a coma between life and death after having saved the lives of many others.

We soon learned that Natan’s family had been interviewed on television and had asked people to pray that God would spare his life. After hearing the family’s request, I approached Hadassah Hospital and asked if we, as a group, could come and personally pray for him. We received an immediate reply that both the hospital and the family welcomed our visit and our prayers. I knew immediately that God had sent us to Israel to pray for the miracle of life and restoration for this young man. I had an assurance of faith that God was about to do the superlative and perform multiple creative miracles in Natan’s body. With proper knowledge and understanding, one can always know in advance when a miracle is about to take place.

When we came together at Hadassah Hospital, we joined hands to pray:

“We are united in agreement, for we are united links here. We are strong where every link is strong, and weak where every link is weak. We come before you, O God, and we say that thou, O Lord, art a shield about us, the glory and the lifter of our heads. And Lord, as You lent King David Your shield, the Magen David (the Star of David), the shield of God so he could shield the nation, You have used this young man as Your shield in the day of trouble. And Lord, as he has shielded many lives by his own life, and he has done Your work in saving many lives, we ask in turn that You give Your power into his body, into his spirit, and into his soul, and that You allow him to heal, to recover, and to be totally restored to continue his work. O God, we know that You are touched by the feelings of his wounds. We are all touched by the feelings of this young man’s wounds. We are all one in the Spirit and one in God, and we thank You, Lord, for healing his wounds and healing the wounds in the hearts of the family members so that Your Word may be fulfilled, that everyone in Israel, even the weakest, be as David. We thank You that Your power raise him up as an example of Your ability to heal and touch. We thank You, Lord, that You have heard this prayer and we thank You for the restoration of his life.”

Is Natan Sandaka alive today? Yes! He is both alive and well, having received multiple medical miracles in his body! He also received the Medal of Honor from Uzi Landau, Israel’s Minister of Internal Security, for his heroism. Though his life had hung by a thread, his body was miraculously put back together by the power of the everlasting God.

This miracle of total restoration honors the God of the Bible who is still working His wondrous power by the faith of those who love Him and believe in Him. I have had the privilege of seeing many miracles in my life through prayer. I thank God that He is allowing us, in these trying times, to call upon Him to see His hand of mercy at work in greater things than we have seen in a long while. The Word of the Lord to each of us through the prophet Jeremiah is, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3).

Many today are looking for miracles. People are crying into an unknown void, looking for miracles from God to fill the unknown fears in their lives. People wonder, “Do miracles still happen?” The answer is yes!

In the days of the Book of Judges, Gideon asked, “Where be all the miracles of God?” In those days, Israel was constantly oppressed and harassed by her enemies, much like what is happening in the United States and in Israel today. It seems that almost every day, we learn of fanatical groups actively planning to attack us. Every week, we are on alert for probable attacks. Most disturbing of all is the thought of biological warfare, the use of deadly and disfiguring diseases to annihilate us.

Many of us growing up in the West have had a Judeo-Christian heritage passed down to us. This heritage encompasses the biblical belief in the sovereign miracles of a compassionate God. The Jews commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah, when the oil to light the Temple lamp was discovered after the victory of Judah Maccabee and his sons over Antiochus Epiphanes. The oil found in the Temple only measured enough for one day. However, it stretched miraculously to provide light for eight days. This miracle continues to give eternal hope to the Jews that they are destined to survive all attacks. They will, in the end, have ultimate, divine, and sovereign victory through their God over all their enemies.

Today is the day when they that know their God shall do exploits. Popular television talk shows often host religious experts who are asked the hard questions about God:

Where is He in the time of trouble?
Where does evil come from and how can it be averted?

None of the religious experts I have seen on these programs to date has ever had the answers, yet it is their job to answer such probing questions. Believe me, there are true and needed answers for everyone who truly seeks to know. When Gideon asked God where His miracles were in his day, God did not answer in the expected way. Instead, He told Gideon, “Go in this thy might, and you shall save Israel from the hand of the enemy. Surely I will be with you, and you shall smite your enemies as one man.”

Christians and Jews will unite more and more in the days ahead. They are of the same biblical roots, united in true faith in the God of the Bible. The world is full of confusion, offering unenlightened statements such as the popular, but erroneous, notion that everyone believes in the same God. Ask any Moslem mullah if the Moslem world prays to and believes in the God of Israel, and see how he answers. Then you will get the real answer, and not the politically correct one.

The God of Israel is not the God of the Philistines. In a united friendship, Christians and Jews will stand in this hour as one man, never losing our faith in God, who is able to hear and answer prayer and who will ultimately, in the end, bring the final victory for Himself.
"About a week ago, I had a dull pain in my lower jaw and cheek that I didn't address the first day because I barely felt it enough to notice. By the end of the second day, I was in a lot of pain, and I felt my cheek/jaw only to discover there was a lump of an abscess.

I immediately acknowledged it in my spirit and prayed, thanking God for His healing, and I asked Him what the way is for this specific moment. Instantly, I was reminded of the cloths Miriam sent out by the Holy Spirit when the pandemic started. I laid one of them on my pillow that night. The next morning, the abscess was half its size and much more comfortable. I thanked God for His healing working in me and slept on the cloth a second night. The next morning, I woke up completely pain free, with no detectable abnormality anywhere.

Thank you for following His lead and delivering us powerful tools of His anointing, and praise God for His complete perfect restoration and healing!" (S. P.)

"I ordered 2 prayer cloths in July, one for me and one for my sister, who was going to have a biopsy for a spot on her lung. The condition I had was cleared up and turned out not to be serious. My sister had an amazing result! They were expecting the spot to grow so they could biopsy it, but instead, it shrank! No biopsy needed! Thank you so much and God bless you for praying!" (M. J.)

"I had requested a prayer cloth from Miriam for my son’s drug addiction some time ago. He was a vibrant and athletic young man. But after he started on the drugs, he had lost so much weight that his cheeks were sunken in. It was the hardest thing to watch as the enemy tried to destroy him with drugs. He couldn’t eat or sleep and also was taking medication for anxiety and depression.

I put the prayer cloth in his pillowcase. I must tell you there were a few times I thought of removing it. He kept saying he was having terrible dreams of fighting with a “strong man” - his own words! He said he felt powerless and that he had no strength in his legs. This went on for quite a while. I kept my trust in God and knew there was power in that cloth!

He has been delivered from that drug as well as the prescription drugs!! He has put on 40 pounds, eats very well and is back to his handsome, athletic self!! Praise be to God and much heartfelt thanks to Miriam Hellman and Prophetic Ministries!!!

I asked Miriam to pray for an employee who hadn't been well enough to work in 30 days. He was plagued with lightheadedness and felt as though his head were spinning whenever he leaned over in his chair. Miriam laid hands on a prayer cloth for him, and I took it to him last weekend. He returned to work to next afternoon and showed up bright and early today! His wife said the only difference for him to start feeling better was that he received the anointed prayer cloth. Until then, nothing changed. We thank Miriam for praying for him and praise the Lord for this miracle. anon.

I'm getting ready to hang out a shingle for distributing Miriam's prayer cloths. She prayed for a military buddy of mine with serious heart problems/multiple stents last month in Tulsa. He was home under hospice care, so I arranged to give the cloth to his wife. When I arrived, she was at the funeral home. She wasn't too sure what she thought about the prayer cloth, but I instructed her to apply it near the area that needed a miracle. My friend was unresponsive, but she pinned it to his clothing. A few days later, she called to say he was up, walking, eating, and disgusted that he couldn't go outside and mow the lawn. Doctors cannot believe it and will reassess his condition.

My sister was raised off a deathbed after I took her a prayer cloth. She was in very fragile health to begin with when she broke her leg, but she has received a miraculous recovery. Now, whenever she has a problem, she remembers the prayer cloth, talks to the Lord, and things are resolved.

I took another friend a prayer cloth when he was scheduled for open heart surgery. The life support system he was on failed during the procedure, yet he still made a full recovery. The doctors had never seen anything like this. The power of God is doing great things.

Last time I was at your meeting, you gave me a prayer cloth. I put it under my foot each time I was at my computer, and the planter is gone from my heel. Then I had a problem with the left side of my face. It swelled up twice as large. I slept on the prayer cloth with it on my face, and it went back to normal. When my father had a stroke, my brother called and said, "Get down here. He's not going to make it." I said, "Well, if it works for me ... " So I rushed and as soon as I got there, I put it on his heart. He snapped right out of it and is recovering and doing his rehab as a champ. Praise the Lord!" (B.R.)

"Facing periodontal surgery, I asked Miriam to pray for me. The procedure would secure a tooth I didn't want to lose, yet I was upset inside. I have received many healing miracles and would have preferred another, for I dreaded both the expense and the discomfort. I would be conscious throughout the procedure, so the dentist prescribed valium for me to take in advance.

After praying for me, Miriam laid hands on a prayer cloth and handed it to me with the words, "This will help you receive." I slept with the cloth on my pillow that night, and the next morning awoke to an extraordinary dream: I was in a dental office, and the man who services our office copier had just examined my teeth and announced, "Great news! There is no secondary infection!"

I hurriedly jotted down the details of the dream, laughing and wondering what it all meant. The man who services the office copier has kept an old machine humming along happily for years; we marvel at the benefits we have enjoyed because of him. His visits yield perfect results. They are never painful. They are always inexpensive. Could the Lord even save me money? Wouldn't that be extraordinary on top of bringing me through!

The week of the procedure, I re-read my notes and thanked the Lord that all would go well. I thanked Him specifically that the tooth would be retained and for everything to look even better than the periodontist expected. I became aware that I no longer dreaded the procedure. My anxiety over it had vanished. I now was more anxious about taking valium! Realizing the grace of the Lord was with me in this, I didn't take any. I now looked forward to the appointment and its success.

Surgery went perfectly and finished early. I had no pain and was happy throughout. The periodontist didn't perform the anticipated procedure but fixed the problem a less expensive way. She not only saved the tooth, I saved $1100.00! Thank you, Jesus, for all the ways You save me!" (B.T.)

Healed of Cancer

"When I applied your prayer cloth, the feeling was warm, which transmitted through the flesh into the affected tissues. When removed, the cloth returned to its normal "handkerchief" self. The application of the cloth was miraculous. Recent tests for prostate cancer are normal and a miracle from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers." (B. W.)

"I have a wonderful report as a result of the prayer cloth you sent when I had done something to my lower back. I immediately pinned it to my clothing. The next morning at 5am, my normal waking hour, there was a distinct HEAT on the lower two inches of my spine accompanied by vibration. I just lay there quietly thanking God. It lasted exactly one hour. From that moment on, I have had NO PAIN originating from the spine. Praise God!" (V. J.)

"Miriam prayed over a prayer cloth in January in Oregon City, and I gave it to my son for a heart condition similar to the one God healed me of. He slept with it on his chest, and he was healed. He will never forget that. Also, in October 2006 Miriam prayed over a cloth for a nervous tick with his eye. I put it under his pillow case, and it is gone. Praise God, and thank you for your prayers and power that abides in you." (M.S.)

"I received your prayer cloth and applied it before going for surgery. The operation did occur, but the doctors did not find the problems they expected. They did not have to remove my organs, as planned. The final pathology report was negative for cancer. Other potential problems were non-existent. I am now recuperating, and the doctors expect me to lead a normal, healthy life for the Lord." (Z. J.)

"When you spoke in Rochester, I came up for prayer for my back. You prayed and told me the Lord would gradually heal my back. You gave me a prayer cloth, also. I am writing to report that the Lord has gradually healed my back, and it is wonderful!!!! Thank You, Lord!" (M. S.)
"I am a testimony that your mentoring sessions really do provide needful support for one’s personal/business development journey. You made the wisdom of Socrates feasible to me, "The unexamined life is not worth living.” My sincere thanks and appreciation." (P.M.)

"Through the last ten years, I have been to several mentoring sessions, and each time I gained many valuable things concerning myself in relationship with the Lord and others. However this last mentoring, "Persona, Personality, and Perception," was possibly the single most important to me as a person and to my future, as the Lord is calling me. The understanding of my personality, how that in and of itself communicates something to others, and the way we hear what others communicate to us. Understanding of one's own self is certainly an always unfolding revelation in the mentoring process. Many questions that I have had through the years became crystal clear. I don't think any of us who want to be used of the Lord can afford not to avail ourselves of these wonderful times of training. Life Changing!" (R.P.)

"Although I have been to several mentoring sessions, the one about Persona, Personality and Perception has really tested my heart at a very high level. I realize I have been living a fantasized life. Even though I understand my position in the Lord and have come to understand many things, this time I saw, I felt, I searched, and I heard with my heart. It is a wonderful feeling and a place to live. To do the presentation of anything that pertains to me became such a challenge, I only slept a couple hours that night.

One of the movies we watched has really captured and set my heart on fire. Thinking on this particular movie most of the night made me realize God has placed many gifts inside of me so that I cannot go wrong. Everything in my life is positive when I find myself, like the girl in the movie. At the end of the movie, she found herself, and there was no way she could go wrong with her decisions. And I saw that all things are beginning to open up to me in God at His highest level.

My reason for mentoring was to get a higher position at my work place and develop better communications skills. I now know this is what my heart was searching for, something of a higher place. I make a good comfortable living, but it seems like there's something else missing or just out there waiting. How do I get there? This particular mentoring has given me more understanding, more and more of the things in the Lord that I never could have thought to ask for. God knows my heart's cry - I may not, or not understand it. In this mentoring, He has shown me His. And I have found myself all over again.

This mentoring has been very powerful, intense, a mighty overflowing richness of God's thoughts at His highest level. Wow!! I will pick up this teaching, and I will run my race with it. Thank you Miriam, I shall love you always. May God bless you more and more.

When's the next mentoring?" (B.B.)

"I am eternally grateful for all the love, ministry, and mentoring from Miriam Hellman that equips me to fulfill my God-given destiny.

Through the mentoring schools (I have attended 6 in the last 10 years), I receive great insight into myself and into the call of God upon my life. I learned in business that "school is never out for the pro," but I learned even more so that "mentoring school is never out for the true Overcomer in Christ." This truth is even more relevant. My ministry has sprung up worldwide as a result of your guidance and my obedience, and every year expands into more specific and specialized work for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you, and may those believers looking to fulfill their destinies also avail themselves of your specialized mentoring schools." (L. I.)

From Mentoring to Ministering

"Before coming to Prophetic Ministries, I had only heard of mentoring for leaders and opera singers. I had a great desire to preach and minister and to sing, but I had never gone beyond an occasional preaching engagement or a vocal concert. I ministered in a county jail and in nursing homes, and later managed children's church. I also had received many dreams about ministering in a greater way, which I did not pay attention to because I did not know how to proceed.

I participated in four of Miriam Hellman’s mentoring sessions and began early to identify my strengths and abilities. Miriam's encouragement of my ministry gifts sent me into new avenues. I lost my fear of speaking and singing before people completely. I also found myself unperturbed by the word, "No."

A major breakthrough came at a mentoring class in 2004. A young lady began to describe a dream she had, propelling her to China. At that point, I remembered a dream the Lord gave me of walking through Central America. Upon telling the details of the dream, Miriam jumped up and said immediately that I was supposed to be in Central America, for the glory of God was going before me! I was dumbfounded, but when I got home I began making contacts in El Salvador, and the door flew open.

I have just returned from my second glorious ministry trip to El Salvador, and I held my first meetings in Guatemala, which were also rich in God. As I went, God took care of my family and my business affairs. He led me through many difficulties along the way by His glorious cloud and returned me home to rejoicing family and friends. It is a wonderful life!" (L. N.)

Mentoring - Glory Restored

"There are so many ways that I have benefited from the anointing and Wisdom that Prophetic Ministries carries, but two very specific things occurred in my life which I know are direct results of my relationship with Prophetic Ministries.

The first has to do with Miriam Hellman’s book, “The Art of Creating Wealth.” I have read that book several times because it has been very instrumental in my life. It really challenged me to be very intentional and focused in believing God and walk by faith in obedience to what God is saying - not to be double minded. For me, “The Art of Creating Wealth” was a very practical book about attaining “wealth,” every provision necessary for every venture in God.

The practical wisdom offered in this book challenged me to move forward in purchasing my first house. In the process of buying this home, I knew God was encouraging me, yet there were often situations that arose to make it seem like an impossibility. Miriam’s teachings provided me with the wisdom and understanding to move forward, step by step. I won’t go into the full testimony here, but because of Miriam’s teachings, I chose to move forward in a way that I have not done in past seasons (mostly because of mixture or bad mindsets). In the process of purchasing this home, I gained a greater and more valuable commodity than the house itself. I gained a very practical hands-on understanding of how to walk by faith in the midst of very intimidating and impossible obstacles. I know the wisdom that I gleaned through this is invaluable. It has enabled me to become strengthened in understanding how to live and acquire in the spirit realm.

The second thing that I have greatly benefited from is the anointing that is on Prophetic Ministries for Mentoring. When I attended the School of Mentoring with Miriam, I was in a season of transition in many areas of my life. Although I don’t completely understand the full out-workings of what transpired during these sessions, I do know that during that time, my life purpose because very clear. As I believed God and responded by ordering my life, my life was immediately set on a clear course focused on the purposes of God.

The day that I returned from mentoring, I intentionally determined to respond to the revelation that I received during those days - and instantaneously things began to happen in my life. People around me began to recognize the things that God has created me for, and opportunities began to open immediately. My job even transitioned to allow me to fully focus on this path. It is clear that the mentoring sessions changed my life and caused a determination within me to “believe God” even in impossible situations and as a result, doors began to open to allow me to move forward in the call of God upon my life.

Thank you, Miriam and Prophetic Ministries, for your obedience to the Holy Spirit and your keen understanding and stewardship of what God has called and anointed you for." (L. S.)

"My heart is in great gratitude to God for His blessings of revelations and truth which have been poured out through you. Thank you for your faithfulness and your heart after God. It is an encouragement to my heart, and God has stirred my spirit and awakened it again. It has been refreshing to my soul, and I thank God for you." (N. C.)

"The Holy Spirit has revealed so much truth through your spoken and written words! I am so blessed and full of gratitude to God for leading me to be taught by you. You have brought the Lord's glory back into my life. Praise God!" (S. C.)
"Next to Jesus and my family, Miriam Hellman is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Miriam, your teaching has done more for me than all my years of Bible study." ( J. R.)

"I just have to tell you what a blessing you are. I attended your meetings in Tulsa this month, not quite knowing what I was looking to obtain from them, but God as usual knew exactly what I needed. Your teaching spoke to the very depths of my spirit; it was like coming home again. To me, it was like being back home with an expansive home-cooked meal, one that totally fills and satisfies you down to your toes, consuming as much as you want and being able to go back as often as you want. It was totally filling, yet I want more. I will definitely be at your future meetings in Tulsa. God bless you and your work for the Lord." (C.S.)

Preaching that Supplies Answers

"My life has been totally shifted into more order after listening and studying the messages regarding the Parables. Thank you for sending them. When you understand, the mixture dissolves! I also listened to the Angels and Armageddon series, which made every puzzle piece begin to fit into place. Everyone needs this album!! Especially right now!" (V. N.)

"Your monthly messages are a lifeline!" (B. Z.)

"What your ministry has done for me is unlock the mystery. Listening to you has answered many of the questions I had, but more than that, God, through your words, speaks life into the listener. There is far more to your words than what you actually say!" (S. A.)

"Your teaching is the answer to my heart's cry." (V. L.)
"We have just been speaking to one of the ladies in our church who came to your New Year's Conference. Her words are that she has taken on a totally new relationship with the Lord since then and that is directed her back to God in a new way. She feels like a new person!This is very good." (P. S.)

"My wife and I attended the meetings in Tulsa this past weekend and were truly surprised, challenged and blessed. We did not know that such teaching still existed. To say that it was refreshing to sit under such open and transparent ministry is an understatement." (D. W.)

"Thank you so much for showing the way to a greater and wonderful life in God. With your help, I am truly stepping into a new life, a new world, and a new way! New hopes are born in my heart! I'm so grateful." (R. D.)
"I am just so excited to share with you the gained position of financial miracles and release I received after Miriam ministered about “Defining Moments in Faith” Sunday evening at our church. Thank you for ensuring I was a part of this miracle!!

For over eight months, the Department of Revenue has been refusing to release my tax refund to me. They were awaiting some paperwork from my employer, which was supplied, but they denied my request - not once, but several times. They indicated it must be appealed to a higher court, a magistrate would be involved, court fees would need to be paid by me as well as a filing fee. Further, I would need to hire an attorney. The refund is around $2800, so of course, this was all very unreasonable. I called many times, and finally my accountant wrote a letter.

I did not hear anything all these months, and further, they asked me to send them $33. Long story short, after the offering I gave in that “Defining Moment”, a Revenue Officer called me!! He was so very kind and told me he wanted to help me to get this resolved. And they will waive all fees, praise God!

Isn’t that just fantastic?I expect the check shortly!" (D.S.)

"Today I received a letter in the mail from my previous employer, informing me that they owe me $4,524.16 for the period of time in which I was employed there. Needless to say, I rejoiced at the blessing, but the wonderful thing is that it doesn't stop there.

I made a decision to live my life like the vine that goes over the wall. I decided to see life as a constant flowing river of opportunities. I have to thank Miriam for taking my call when I was devastated at a loss that I had suffered. It's funny now to think I was so upset over a laptop computer that I won but was never awarded from my employer. I am so glad I called Miriam's office that day for her Holy Spirit inspired good counsel. This was when she told me about Joseph and how his life was truly like a vine that went over the wall.

I said to myself, "I want to live the life of the vine over the wall. I want to live the life that sees life itself as a river constantly flowing with opportunities. I will no longer set my soul on loss. I will no longer hit the wall. I will climb over it!" I made a decision that day that whenever something happened in my life that was not positive, I would CHOOSE to be positive about it. I had just borrowed the CD on "the Happies" and listened to it twenty or thirty times to get it into me. So when I lost my job right before going to Israel, I said to myself, "Today is the most wonderful day of my life. I thank you, Lord, that tomorrow will be an even better day."

I see now that by doing this, I allowed God to work on my behalf.  He put everything I needed into place financially. I sovereignly was able to work for a previous employer who happens to be Jewish and was more than thrilled to let me work for him so I could go to Israel. And what's even better is that an employee resigned two days after I called requesting employment. I smoothly transitioned from one job to the next, and what is even more supernatural about the job is that the owner of the company was going on vacation to Europe and needed me to cover shifts until he returned on June 4th! Everybody knows we were leaving for Israel on the 5th. Ahh, the timing of God.

Also, right before I left, I got a settlement from an auto accident that allowed me not only to finish paying off the Israel trip but to have enough for the mentoring session in Italy. In all of the events that have occurred since the laptop incident, the auto accident, the loss of my job, etc., the Lord has been faithful to me and to His Word and has done exceedingly abundantly over anything I could ever ask or even imagine. Even the auto accident could have been seen by some as being detrimental, but I had the Happies that September day also and came out on top with a brand NEW CAR and a lower payment than I was paying for the other car! This is truly evidence of what God can do when we decide to operate the way he requires us to, the way of Faith.

Hallelujah. Thank you, Miriam, for having the courage to teach the correct way." (P. V.)

"I do not know if you received the report of what happened after the meetings we attended with you in Jan. We kept giving, even though I was unemployed, and the loss of my husband's overtime put us into bankruptcy. We gave $100 into the offering, and three weeks later, we have $35,000 coming to us! To say thank you would be an understatement." (E. T.)

"I want to thank you for your ministry. I notice that every time I have given to Prophetic Ministries, I have gotten a quick financial return!"
"I was at your meeting in Dallas, TX, and all I can say is that as a result, I am totally delivered from a lifelong struggle with mental problems. I am so grateful I cannot tell you. Praise God forever for sanity!" (L.K.)

"One message was crucial to set my thoughts free. I listened to it over and over. Prayer and the practice of these things were a real battle, but it worked. It was wonderful to see the impact it made to close the fortress, in my case, sending negatives thoughts away. Thank you for sending Miriam's teachings!" (F. S.)
"Where is the power to heal and to save?  This was my question to God more than a decade ago.  At that time, I did not know how important the answer would be to my family.  I am from Covington, Louisiana, a small area outside of New Orleans which was part of the devastated southern coast of the United States.  Hurricane Katrina left nothing untouched, especially in the area where my family lived.  They lost a total of six homes.  One was picked up and moved across the street.  Three completely flooded to where the ceilings collapsed.  One was an apartment, which stood with less damage because my brother chose to stay and "hunker down," as the saying goes.

Because my house was farthest from the coast, this is where my family met to evacuate.  I had been impressed to purchase this house the previous year.  It was really too big for my needs, so I just thought God was blessing me with a good investment.   What I did not know was that it was the "ark" God had prepared for my family?s salvation.  So many families now are scattered across the country.  A lot of them will never be located close to one another again.  Many lost loved ones and all that was familiar.  But God left no stone unturned for us, and every need was met.

When everyone started to arrive that day, the big conversation was where to go, which highway to take, and where we would be able to stay.  I knew in my heart the safest place was right where we were, in this ark.   It was wonderful how God had everything in place that we needed.   Through the storm, from my front door we stood watching the trees across the street.  Never was anyone scared; never did we feel threatened.

It was amazing, watching those trees.  Afterward, I thought how they were like the people who went through this storm.  Some twisted and turned and fell in agony.  Some whipped back and forth and lost most of their character.  One I watched directly across the street for many hours.  Believe it or not, it seemed to barely shake, but slowly and gently, it just laid itself down to die.   And then there were those, after the storm had passed, that were able to stand up as though never touched.  And I have no doubt, thank God, those trees will be better off because now they have more room to grow - just like my family.

I have so many things to be thankful for.  The year before had brought many changes.  I did not understand a lot of them at the time, but God left not one need unattended.  After I bought my house, my drapery business seemed not to work, so I took a job selling furniture, just weeks before the storm.  The third leading industry in the south right now is furniture sales.  I sold over a million dollars in just seven months!  This kept me financially stable, as the drapery market was almost non-existent.

For four days, we did not know what had happened to my brother who had stayed in his home.  In a dream, the Lord showed us that he was all right, that he had a purpose in being there.  He saved the lives of many with his boat.  He brought water to those trapped on rooftops in the heat, and he rescued several animals.  He was also able to reduce the damage to his property by being there.   Like me, he was saved financially.

Of the twelve people, seven dogs, and three cats inside, and five rather large dogs outside, all now have new homes that are bigger, better, and in much nicer neighborhoods.  Everyone in my family has been given the opportunity to have a better life than before the storm.  Oh, did I mention they lived with me for four and a half months?  Well, God even thought about those dogs.  Three weeks before the storm, I awoke in the middle of the night, clicked on the television, stopped on the Home Shopping Network, and bought a steam cleaner for carpets.  It was the most valuable appliance I owned during this time.  Every need met, every tear dried, and every heart was filled.

I cannot close this testimony without giving my thanks not only to God, but to the vessel He sent me when I hungered for answers.  Miriam Hellman and Prophetic Ministries have been a lifeline to me.  Miriam has been my friend, teacher, and mentor through a lot of years.  It is said your life flashes before your eyes when you are put in a grave situation.  For me, it was not so much a flash as, over the days and weeks, a meditation.  I rejoiced that I had pursued God, and through this vessel of honor, I obtained great knowledge.  How awesome it is to know God's ways and His power to save.  To be able to be led by His Spirit, to be separated from the circumstances, knowing nothing is impossible to he who believes and that He is able to save to the utmost.  "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee" (Psalm 91:7)." (P. S.)

by Barbara Tyler

The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, we heard the grim news about planes hitting the Twin Towers as we drove into work.  The moment I got into the office, Linda Zepp grabbed my hands and demanded I agree with her in prayer.  A third plane had crashed into the Pentagon, and she knew a fourth plane was heading towards Washington, DC.

Better still, Linda had inside knowledge, the inspired strategy to pray to avert further catastrophe, so together, we prayed for those on board Flight 93 to rise up against the hijackers.  In a heroic display of courage and selflessness, passengers and crew members attempted to retake the plane and successfully diverted it, crashing near Shanksville, PA.  We are grateful for the inspiration they and we received in the heat of the moment.
"For me, Campmeeting began two weeks early at the regular Tuesday night Prophetic Ministries meeting in Washington, D.C.   Miriam mentioned that what had come forth during a particular musical interlude could be defined as a place setting for the King’s table.  As I would discover at Campmeeting, this place setting for the King expanded into a banquet table that served the highest spiritual food to the guests of God.  The menu served up a recipe for success which, when eaten, will allow us to continually dine at the Master’s table and prepare us for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

We have all known someone who has never lived up to his real potential; someone with great ability but no incentive to pursue a worthy goal.  It’s disappointing.  I think it is equally disappointing to God if I, as a Christian, fail to advance from level to level to fulfill the purpose He has for my life.  We know that each of us is a gift: some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors, some teachers, and as in the case of Miriam Hellman, all of these in one.  Yet, these gifts are not the end-all.

The Apostle Paul says by the Word of God, that everything is given “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ TIL WE ALL COME IN THE UNITY OF THE FAITH, AND OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD, UNTO A PERFECT MAN, UNTO THE MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF THE FULNESS OF CHRIST.”  I recognize that I no longer have EGO needs.  I do have one-thousand percent willingness to serve God in any capacity, but no need to do any personal thing to please my ego. The only need I have is to become a fulfillment of this Scripture.  At Campmeeting, all the foods at the banquet table were prepared by the Hand of God and served to us toward that end.

Consider first the Guest List: Prophetic Ministries - Special Forces in God, equipped, prepared, developed in the Kingdom.  I named our head waiter, GOD-LIKE FAITH.  The waiter brings the menu, from which I am to select an appetizer.  I learned that to get the enzymes of my creative process flowing, I have to ask for something.  If I don’t ask, I sit at the dinner table with a DEAD Palate.  But, how do I decide what I want the waiter to bring me?  I learned that I must let my Eternal Quest define what I Ask God for. Asking, believing, knocking, and seeking are all a part of this process.

I learned to ask for what I want using the GROWN-UP MENU, not the kid’s menu.  I have to let God know exactly what I want, and I want the Adult Portion.  For example, if I own a business and need customers, I don’t ask for customers in general. That’s the kiddie portion.  No, I ask for the Adult Portion: CUSTOMERS WITH LOTS OF MONEY.  And instead of asking for customers to serve my needs, I ask God to send me customers whose needs I can serve. Everything is in the details of my asking, so I specify.  Specify!!  I learned to make it clear, specific, full of faith and confidence.  I must know if I want a circumstance, a situation, an experience, or a thing.  Personally, experience is always my best teacher.

Now it is time for the entrée:  The choices are meat, veggie, and a salad.  What do I really want?  I don’t like the veggie of the night.  I’ve never developed a taste for brussels sprouts.  I love spinach, but tonight, spinach is not on the menu.  I learned that IN DESIGNING A HOUSE OR IN CHOOSING WHATEVER IT IS I WANT, THE REAL WORK IS IN THE CHOOSING!   I can’t be afraid to ask for spinach because I’m afraid the restaurant won’t have spinach.  And I can’t be afraid that if I ask to substitute spinach for sprouts, that I’ll be charged a higher price because I only have $1.25 in my wallet.  I learned NOT TO PUT MONEY BEFORE THE LORD AND WHAT HE CAN DO.

One day a member of our ministry in Washington, D.C. had a strong desire for a particularly delicious dessert usually served at a local restaurant.  She went to lunch, asked for the dessert, and discovered it was no longer on the menu.  But she asked for it anyway. The waitress was full of apology as she reiterated that this dessert was no longer available. But she asked for it anyway.  Amazingly, the waitress came back with the dessert. The restaurant did not have it UNTIL THE CUSTOMER ASKED FOR IT. Then, miraculously, it appeared from the kitchen.

I learned that I must have INSIDE INFORMATION.  THIS CUSTOMER INFORMED HERSELF THAT THE RESTAURANT DID INDEED HAVE THE DESSERT.  To her, IT WAS SO. I must inform myself that IT IS SO!   So if I want my spinach and not those putrid sprouts, I must say IT IS SO.  I get myself to believe it by IMAGINING I have it and I’m eating it, and it’s absolutely scrumptious. I go to the Land where dreams begin, the land of beginning again.

The waiter brings a menu describing 7 full, mouth-watering courses, a complete and perfect meal. However, I must follow the design and flow of the menu in order to get the full overall value of all the courses.   Here is some of the course work from the Campmeeting weekend menu:

“I must follow the way of Jesus to make the mold for the purpose of using His creative force that is within me.”
“My INVISIBLE thoughts tread down, track down, and search out the VISIBLE Me.”
“I must allow myself to want what I REALLY want instead of what I think I can have.”
“I must see it happen.”
“I cannot concern myself with how any desire will be met. When "HOW?" is present, ZERO faith exists. "HOW?" is a blocking frequency to faith. "How?" is NOT a part of God’s creative process. Let creation work the way it’s designed to work. Just allow God to do it.”
“I must turn to God, my source – not man, my source.”
“My doubts come from frustration and disappointment. Frustration and disappointment have feelings. I must replace these feelings with feelings of faith.  Faith feelings are joy-filled and WONDERFUL. I must FEEL WONDERFUL ABOUT WHAT I’M BELIEVING GOD FOR.”

I learned that I can be an Unsinkable Molly Brown, like the Unsinkable Joseph, who lived his life from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Joseph went into the pit, but he went into the pit with “HIS LIFE, HIS WIT, AND HIS GIFTS INTACT.”   What an example!  His actions were inspired by his inspirations, and even in the pit, he was joyful and happy because all his actions were prophetic, effortless, and ultimately, divinely freeing. In the end, JOSEPH GOT OUT OF PRISON THE SAME WAY HE GOT IN.

I learned that I can be an Unsinkable Jacob.  If I don’t like what I see in the natural, I can do as Jacob was instructed by God to do: “LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND SEE.”  See what you want the way you want it.  In Jacob’s case, it was cattle:  RINGSTRAKED, SPECKLED AND GRISLED. And God will tell me like he told Jacob, that He knows about every terrible, unjust thing that’s been done to me in my life, everything that’s been stolen or withheld. Now you just look up and see what it is you want, and you’ll get it because “HERE AM I.”

Finally, in remembering the words of the psalmist: “Purify me, oh Lord, that I might offer sacrifices…,” I am reminded that “my internal self must be right for these truths to work.”



Upon leaving the banquet hall, I received a little candy kiss from Jesus.  When I pulled out the little white paper, my spiritual fortune read, “I can begin with nothing and end with nothing or, I can begin with nothing and end with everything.”

“My heart has no desire to stay where doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where these abound, my prayer, my aim, is higher ground.
I want to live above the world, though the enemies’ darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful sound, the song of saints on higher ground.
I want to scale the utmost heights and catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I’ll pray til heaven I’ve found, Lord, lead me on to higher ground.
Lord, lift me up and let me stand - by faith – on heaven’s table – land,
A higher plane than I have found. Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.” (G. C.)