Developing the Fruits of the Spirit
Moses’ meekness enabled Him to grasp a supernatural walk with God. Once the Holy Spirit enlightens you about supernatural values, there’s no telling where these fruits will lead you and into what situations they will have profound significance!
22-0522SU-NY $8.00
Leading the Overcoming
We overcome when we know that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. The only way that we conquer our enemies is by being crucified with Christ and allowing Christ to live in us His overcoming life.
Our Old Man Crucified
Find freedom knowing the old man dies the same way Jesus died on the cross: by voluntarily surrendering one's will to the Father.
Freed from the Power of the Law
Trust in the efficacy of Jesus’ death and our death in Him will deaden us to sin. “Crucified with Christ” is the experience of being dead to sin - and the glorious experience of being very much alive to God.
The Cross of Jesus Christ
Have God’s hidden wisdom of the cross inside, understanding the meaning and revelation of the ground of cosmic reconciliation, for a life dedicated to and united with Jesus, worthily presented to others.
Live By Faith for the Gift of Faith
We need faith to trust God more and draw the gift of supernatural faith into our life situations, raised to the level of the God kind of faith that moves mountains.
Live By the Word of Wisdom for You
Seek and expect to receive God’s supernatural directives, for the most important thing in your life is to hear from the Lord in the gifts of the Spirit.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - April 2022
April 2022 Weekly Downloads – 1-The Holy Spirit, Our Spiritual Instructor; 2-The Word Divides Soul from Spirit; 3-Live to Receive the Higher Thoughts; 4-The Wounded Spirit; 5-Expectation, A Power Principle; 6-Receive Your Unique Anointing; 7-Living by Faith for the Word of Knowledge
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Living by Faith for the Word of Knowledge
Hearing from the Lord is what our relationship should be, with ever-increasing faith. Learn to ask largely for things you never asked before for a year of Spirit-granted knowledge in every sphere of life.
Monthly Seminar – April 2022
April 2022 Monthly Seminar - How to be Led by the Holy Spirit – 1-The Necessity of Having Spiritual Consciousness; 2-Understanding the Separation Between Soul and Spirit; 3-He Leads, He Doesn't Push; 4-When Your Spirit Hears and Responds
Physical Product (CD) available for $36.00 | FREE SHIPPING
When Your Spirit Hears and Responds
April 2022 online seminar - How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
Part 3 – He Leads, He Doesn’t Push
April 2022 online seminar - How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
Part 2 – Understanding the Separation Between Soul and Spirit
April 2022 online seminar - How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
Part 1 - The Necessity of Having Spiritual Consciousness
April 2022 online seminar - How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
Receive Your Unique Anointing
The anointing of the Holy Spirit is not just for ministry; it’s our way to live efficiently and effectively. Learn how it comes and how to work with it to bring it to its fullest potential in your life.
Expectation, A Power Principle
Develop your expectation in God because of the death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, and expect this of yourself; that as Jesus is, so are you in this world!
The Wounded Spirit
Receive an infusion of God's grace for life! A wounded spirit keeps you from receiving from the Lord. Learn to defeat it and receive God's supernatural strength to be sustained through troubles in the world today.
Live to Receive the Higher Thoughts
Develop your conscious awareness of the difference between man’s thoughts, your soul’s thoughts, and God’s thoughts. When your soul is united in the eternal truth of God, His Word prevails to your benefit.
The Word Divides Soul from Spirit
Know where your leadings are coming from and how to receive God's guidance. We can never fulfill the will of God if we are unable to recognize and fulfill the leadings and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit, Our Spiritual Instructor
It is what we believe that moves us in certain directions. Relying completely upon the Holy Spirit honors Him and makes you spiritually educated.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - March 2022
March 2022 Weekly Downloads – 1-When You Become the Teachings of Jesus; 2-If Your Eye Be Single; 3-We Build the Church but Receive the Kingdom; 4-Lawlessness; 5-The Blood of Jesus; 6-The Curse of Spiritual Death; 7-Resurrection Glory; 8-The Repairer of the Breach
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The Repairer of the Breach
There is no substitute for developing the conscious awareness that God is in us. Miriam’s testimony of seeking Truth reveals how your situation can turn God’s way.
Resurrection Glory
Revelation of your personal resurrection is one of the secrets of your ability to organize victory into your life. Learn how consistent, continual thoughts of Jesus’ and your own resurrection will produce manifestations of His victory for you in this world and at this time.
The Curse of Spiritual Death
Understand the different kinds of death and the seriousness of broken relationship with God, for it encompasses the nature of Satan.
Monthly Seminar – March 2022
March 2022 Monthly Seminar - Faith in the Declared Will of God – 1-The Faith Moment; 2-Speak the Word Only; 3-Believe for Full Redemption; 4-Pleasing God
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Pleasing God
March 2022 online seminar - Faith in the Declared Will of God
Part 3 - Believe for Full Redemption
March 2022 online seminar - Faith in the Declared Will of God
Part 2 - Speak the Word Only
March 2022 online seminar - Faith in the Declared Will of God
Part 1 - The Faith Moment
March 2022 online seminar - Faith in the Declared Will of God
The Blood of Jesus
For great protection and the victory of the Blood of Jesus, understand what it means to drink the Blood of Jesus. We must receive His soul into us by drinking in His personality, holiness, and life continually. Then it is no longer we who live, but Christ lives in us.
A widely spreading demonic operation today is the powers of the air leading Christians into disobedience. Understand choices that keep you in the love of God, His Word and His way. Rejecting truth, disregard for the Law of God, furthers rebellion unto destruction.
We Build the Church But Receive the Kingdom
See yourself solidly integrated into the unshakeable Kingdom you have received. As you receive His Kingdom within, serving God acceptably, all that is His flows through you because of your surrendered self.
If Your Eye Be Single
The more we look at ourselves, the more we become like what our self is! To be filled with light as He intends, change your focus to the Lord’s presence with you. Centered in Him and not in yourself, you grow in grace and see the possibilities instead of the problems.
When You Become the Teachings of Jesus
Rise to the level of loving everyone by finding your Source of love, conforming to the image of Jesus in His new commandment.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - February 2022
February 2022 Weekly Downloads – 1-Living the Golden Rule; 2-You Are the Lights in This World; 3-Resist Not Evil; 4-Just Let God Provide; 5-Be A Wise Builder; 6-Living Resurrection Revelation; 7-Jesus and Prayer
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Jesus and Prayer
Learn to pray person to Person with your Heavenly Father for His Kingdom manifested in your life and in this world, as it would be in Heaven.
Living Resurrection Revelation
Take the spiritual path of shared consciousness with the Father. When you’re conscious of being on resurrection ground, you’re aware that nothing can touch you.
Monthly Seminar - February 2022
February 2022 Monthly Seminar - Becoming Strong in the Lord – 1-Seeking His Righteousness; 2-Your Mind Directs Your Feet; 3-Applying the Shield of Faith; 4-Believe You Have Received
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Believe You Have Received
February 2022 online seminar - Becoming Strong in the Lord
Part 3 – Applying the Shield of Faith
February 2022 online seminar - Becoming Strong in the Lord
Part 2 – Your Mind Directs Your Feet
February 2022 online seminar - Becoming Strong in the Lord
Part 1 - Seeking His Righteousness
February 2022 online seminar - Becoming Strong in the Lord
Be A Wise Builder
For the wise, wisdom is a revelation from above. Here’s how asking, seeking and knocking work to build your life as a follower of Jesus.
Just Let God Provide
Take the lily position for freedom, provision, and abundant life from the Kingdom of God within, the inner state of being in your heart.
Resist Not Evil
Rise from level to level of the consciousness of God in you for righteous responses to evil and less susceptibility to hate, self-righteousness, and fighting in the flesh.
You Are the Lights in This World
See yourself a partaker of Jesus' destiny with your soul freed from limitations of the natural world.
Living the Golden Rule
Being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to live as Jesus did. As His followers, this is our life standard.
Weekly Downloads of the Month - January 2022
January 2022 Weekly Downloads – 1-The Last Hour Anointing; 2-The Issue of Self Assertion; 3-My Remnant of Grace; 4-God's Investment in You; 5-Pay Attention to Necessary Things; 6-Faithful to God's Purposes; 7-Recovery Precedes Restoration; 8-Baptism Unto All Righteousness
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Baptism Unto All Righteousness
It’s time to live like Jesus, fulfilling all righteousness. Hear the call to lay aside the carnal mind, and approach His sayings with the mind of the Holy Spirit.
Recovery Precedes Restoration
The conclusion of the 2022 prophecy series emphasizes God’s ways, His timings, the establishment of His Kingdom, and a reckoning for all who caused the great division with a personal blessing for you at the end.
Faithful to God's Purposes
Know who you are, vital to God’s plans today, so His love comes through you to pray for the recovery of those taken captive.
Pay Attention to Necessary Things
A word from the Lord for your finances, your life, your livelihood and your children. Learn how His ways tend toward prosperity to resist other calls in a volatile day.
God's Investment in You
God is extending grace today, seeking many who have lost their way. Learn how God invests in you with grace and favor to affirm you in His purposes that satisfy and reward, even in the financial realm.
My Remnant of Grace
This is the message to live this year for graces, abilities, greater significance and anointing, so that you become wondered at!
The Issue of Self Assertion
Truth is very dangerous to an idol. As Satan offers people ultimate control of their lives to assert their freedom of purpose over God’s, consider the issue of “liberty” from God behind today’s divisions.
The Last Hour Anointing
God gives the winning strategy against spirits of antichrist that want to stamp out His anointing in the earth. This is the first in a series of weekly messages explaining the 2022 prophecy.
Monthly Seminar - January 2022
January 2022 Monthly Seminar - The Word of the Lord for 2022 – 1-2022 Prophecy; 2-The Sealing of the Saints; 3-Eyes to See and Ears to Hear; 4-Gird Up Your Loins with Truth
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Gird Up Your Loins with Truth
January 2022 online seminar - The Word of the Lord for 2022
Part 3 - Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
January 2022 online seminar - The Word of the Lord for 2022
Part 2 - The Sealing of the Saints
January 2022 online seminar - The Word of the Lord for 2022
Part 1 - 2022 Prophecy
January 2022 online seminar - The Word of the Lord for 2022