Speaking and Doing in Faith
March 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-The Righteousness of Faith; 2-Signs and Wonders; 3-Focus, the Path to the Supernatural; 4-Overcoming Giants; 5-Our Words Help Us or Hurt Us; 6-Speaking Wisdom's Words; 7-Living A Transformed Life; 8-Knowing the Voice of God Makes You Different
Faith in the Declared Will of God
We must have faith in our profession of faith. When we openly and publicly declare our faith in the declared Word of God, we release the power of God to perform the Word for us. The faith moment is the moment when the power of God is released to you. Includes these messages: 1-The Faith Moment; 2-Speak the Word Only; 3-Believe for Full Redemption; 4-Pleasing God
Eternal Truths About Sowing and Reaping
Sowing and reaping is a fundamental truth of all life. The principle is that every action is a sowing that works like a seed to bring forth fruit, the result of the action. That is what is reaped. It is described in detail in Deuteronomy 28, where God sets before us life and death choices. The results of sowing right actions in your life produce life and blessings. Wrong actions result in curses. The choice is ours. Includes these messages: 1-Sowing and Reaping; 2-Grace and the Golden Rule; 3-We Must Walk in Jesus' Shoes; 4-Be Sober, Be Vigilant
scripathReally Knowing the POWER of the Blood of Jesus
See how you can come out of every situation that seems hopeless. The power of the Blood of Jesus is power to save and your only recourse against accusation. Includes these messages: 1-The Blood of Jesus Prepares Your Mind to Think the Thoughts of God; 2-The Victory of the Blood; 3-The Blood of Jesus is an Eternal Supernatural Power; 4-Jesus Is Our Ultimate Sacrifice
How You Can Take Your Spiritual Stand Forever
Includes these messages: 1-Part 1 Exercise with Intention to Have the Mind of Christ; 2-Part 2 Become Accessible to the Spiritual Realm of Glory; 3-Part 3 Living Redemption’s Reality; 4-Don’t Be Spiritually Passive
Born to be Eagle-Like Christians
We all live in an image of ourselves that we have forged in life. As Christians, we have been born again to embrace the overcoming image portrayed in the life of an eagle. This album encourages you to look at various areas in your life that need to become more like the overcoming aspects of an eagle. Includes these messages: 1-The Eagle's Soul is Set on Victory; 2-Eagles Welcome Challenges; 3-Eagles Are Born to Soar; 4-Who Can See the Wind?
Faith and the Thoughts Within
The thoughts your heart entertains engages your faith to produce wanted or unwanted results you are believing for. The album includes these four messages: The Thought Within, The Unnamed Woman Named Faith, Pressing Past Every Barrier, Faith in the Midst of a Crisis
Identification with Eternal Things
Personal identification with Jesus brings profound blessings in the here and now, and it is your key to unlocking all the provisions of redemption.
The album includes these four messages: Identification with Your Eternal Moment, Your Labor is Never in Vain, The New Creation's Identification with Redemption, Your Identification as One Who Reigns with Christ
Deeper Identification with the Deep Truths of God
Certain prayer requires much greater depth of relationship with the Holy Spirit in prayer. Grow in identification with Jesus’ righteousness, Throne authority, peace and the will of God to release Holy Ghost power through intercession. The album includes these four messages: The Authority of the Intercessor, Our Personal Identification with Prayer is Answers, Identification with Your Eternal Moment, When Ordinary Prayer is Not Enough
Our Personal Identification with the Great Truths of God
Your identifications determine your destiny in God. Here are some areas of personal identification we must fully make to rise in glorious triumph and in ministry. The album includes these four messages: Identification with the Great Commission, Personal Identification with Calvary, Identification with Power Through the Blood of Jesus, Identification with the God Kind of Faith
The Will of God for Your Life DEFINED
The album includes these four messages: Manifesting the Will of God in Your Life, Realities Contingent on Godly Focus, Actions Speak Louder than Words, Partners in Jesus' Victory
Words Have Power
Your words have the power to command blessings and enforce the sovereignty of God in the earth, declaring and decreeing the defeat of the forces arrayed against you. The album includes these four messages: The Authority of Your Words, The Power of Decree, The Power of Our Words to Defeat Our Enemies, The Righteousness Position
Victories Over Tests, Trials and Temptations
Tribulation requires looking deeply into the nature of tests, trials and temptations. You'll be the winner when you understand their value and how God helps you in such times. Includes: 1-God Is the Source of the Course; 2-Every Temptation Is a Test; 3-Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him; 4-A Restless Soul Lets Satan Win
bloodThe Blood of Jesus for the Day of Battle
The precious blood of Jesus is an ultimate weapon that must be rightly appropriated to “overcome by the blood of the Lamb.” (Rev. 12:11) Includes: 1-The Day of Battle Part 1; 2-The Day of Battle Part 2; 3-Joshua,The Law of Battle Part 1; 4-Joshua, The Law of Battle Part 2; 5-A Greater Taste of the Heavenly Cause; 6-The Blood Makes you His; 7-The Blood Is for the Mind; 8-The Betrayal of Glorious Connections
hsgiftsThe Holy Spirit and His Gifts
"Be filled with the Spirit" (Eph. 5:18). Miriam Hellman introduces you to the Holy Spirit, the person, the great power of God at work in the earth today who is present here to help you.
trainingTraining The Human Spirit
Includes these messages: 1 – Hidden Man of the Heart I & II; 2 – Let This Mind Be In You; 3 – Tongues Training I & II; 4 – One Man; 5 – Training Meditation Principles I & II; 6 – The Language of the Spirit I & II.
prospslThe Prosperous Soul
God desires for you to have a prosperous soul. This series will help you recognize when your soul is prosperous and when it is not so that you can turn things around! Includes these messages: 1-Baptized in the Name of Jesus; 2-The Engrafted Word; 3-Bringing Signs of Change; 4-Shut the Door.
davidDavid from Shepherd to King
David’s progression from shepherd to king supplies valuable lessons for each of us. Miriam Hellman presents them here so that you, too, arise into your God-ordained position. Includes: 1-David as Shepherd; 2-David at Court; 3-David the King; 4-An Ordained Lamp; 5-Traininng in the Cave; 6-David and the One-Man Plan
Four liberating messages to take you into new dimensions of freedom in Christ Jesus!
The Executive Self
Your inner man is an executive. With the help of the Holy Spirit in this series, your executive self will be empowered to make great and glorious executive decisions. Includes these messages: 1-Believers Love To Win; 2-Love Is The Secret Place; 3-Answers That Exceed The Asking; 4-Turn Your Back On The Devil; 5-Truths To Invest In; 6-The Executive Self.
yourpowerYour Power to Decide
Decisions determine your future. They open and close doors. Strengthen your decision-making ability in God with the light and power in this album.
keys_domKeys of Royal Dominion
Receive the grace and righteousness to reign in life by Christ Jesus (Romans 5:17). Includes these messages: 1-Keys of Royal Dominion; The Key is I Am; 3-Object Lessons for Life; 4-Believers Love Life.
The Seed – The Divine Link
Miriam Hellman ministers the parable of the sower and the seed, the master parable for unlocking all the storehouse of blessing and showing to its continual provision through a good and honest heart. Includes these messages: The Field-Soil of Possibilities (Part 1 & 2); The Seed-The Divine Link (Parts 1 & 2); 3-The Sower Stands in the Gap (Parts 1 & 2).
Stepping into Greatness
These messages minister the greatness of God to your heart and mind and guide you to choose to take the steps into the greatness He has planned for your life. Includes: 1-The Rewards Program of God; 2-When the Heart is Free, Troubles Flee; 3-Greatness is a Process; 4-Taking Giant Steps; 5-Seeing the Greatness in You; 6-The Steps of the New Man
issacIsaac Meditated
Meditation facilitates manifestation, and these enlightening messages show the nature of how Isaac meditated: "Then Isaac sowed in that land, and
received in the same year an hundredfold ..." (Gen. 26:12)
The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
Necessary preparation for Israel, the church, and the world, for the time of Jacob’s trouble is upon us. Includes: 1-Preparing the Battlefield; 2-The Time of Jacob’s Trouble; 3-Days of Warnings
Pillars of Christianity
Fundamental truths are the bedrock of our faith. These messages will equip you to give answers to everyone who asks the reason of the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15). Includes these messages: 1-1st Pillar – The Word: The Word Becomes Flesh; 2-2nd Pillar – Out With The False, In With The Truth; 3-3rd Pillar – The Surrendered Self.
Choosing to Believe
The anointing upon these messages has the capacity to bring you to an extraordinary new level of faith and power.
fiveFive Smooth Stones
Mastering these five keys will help you slay every giant. Includes messages: 1-Five Smooth Stones; 2-1st Stone-Authority; 3-2nd Stone-Faith; 4-3rd Stone-The Name of the Lord; 5-4th Stone-Profession; 6-5th Stone-The Power of the Blood of Jesus.
Let No Man Trouble You
“Let no man trouble you” is the Word of the Lord to His people. Let Miriam Hellman describe all that this means and how to do it! Includes: 1-Let No Man Trouble You; 2-Let No Man Take Your Crown; 3-Let No Man Deceive You; 4-Let No Man’s Heart Fail Because of Fear; 5-Let No Man Affect Your Anointing; 6-Bring Every Occasion to Glory
take_heedTake Heed
Four words of instruction that will serve you well in a day when taking heed can save lives.
God is Power
Mastering these five keys will help you slay every giant.
Think Big
Four liberating messages to take you into new dimensions of freedom in Christ Jesus!
helment.jpgWill You Wear the Conqueror's Helmet?
This helmet of salvation protects our true beliefs and keeps our minds free to choose the Lord’s wisdom in all situations. Includes these messages: 1-I Believe God!; 2-Let Good News Replace Bad News; 3-Wisdom Wears a Helmet of War; 4-Choosing The Change; 5-Our Great Decision; 6-When We Put God First
spwarriorThe Spiritual Warrior
The spiritual warrior utilizes certain necessary qualities of spirit and soul which establish him as a victorious conqueror. Includes these messages: 1-The Spiritual Warrior; 2-The Soul of the Warrior; 3-The Heart of the Warrior; 4-The Call of the Warrior.
beautyBeauty for Ashes
The promise of Isaiah 61 is yours in Christ Jesus.
youraceYour Race is Your Future
Perfecting how you run makes your future glorious.
bridgeA Bridge To Liberty
Four liberating messages to take you into new dimensions of freedom in Christ Jesus! Includes 1 – A Bridge to Liberty; 2 -When God Guides, God Provides; 3 – Free To Be in Him; 4 – Know Jesus is Your High Priest. 42 MB
A-212 $36.00 $18.50 Half Price Spring CD Sale
defenseDefense Against Stress
Keep stress from driving you in the wrong direction by growing in grace and the discipline exemplified in the life of Jesus, who was able to calm every storm. Includes: 1 – The Importance of Being Earnest; 2 – Make An Identity Shift; 3 -Faith Perceives the Heavenly Reality; 4 – The Rules of the Miraculous; 5 – The Asker Is At the Heart of the Asking; 6 – The Stress Defense.
Set Yourself in the Field of Renewal
Keys to ordering our hearts in the purity and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and being renewed after the divine image. Includes these messages: 1-Creating Your Own Enrishmewnt Space; 2-Set Yourself in the Field of Renewal; 3-Knowing How to Drink of the Spirit.
stay_win_circleStay in the Winning Circle
Successfully running the race set before you requires your cooperation with the Holy Spirit. You will run better and avoid pitfalls with the knowledge gained from this series.
profile_sp.Profile of the Overcomer
You can overcome any stressful situation with the help in this series. Miriam Hellman describes the qualities of an overcomer and explains what brings angelic assistance and supernatural provision when there is no natural supply. Includes: 1-The Overcomers’ Checklist; 2-All Things For His Glory; 3-All the Hidden Riches of God Are Ours; 4-Gratitude Makes You Rich; 5-Bless Your Life With Goodness; 6-Block the Doubt Devil.
words_kt_spWords – How They Affect Your Environment
Ministry about words to make you a perfect man (James 3:2). Includes these messages: 1-The Effect of Words On Things and People; 2-Your Words Have Power; 3-Your Word Propels Your Vision; 4-Our Words Can Manifest God’s Glory; 5-Dominant Words Expose Our Beliefs; 6-The Perfect Thought is: I Am Healed.
powerTo_spPower to Take Hold of the Glory
Examining what it means to live each day in the Lord and prosper in His way enhances your ability to live the greater life of the Redeemer and enjoy the wealth of His provision.
overcomWalkThe Overcomer’s Walk
The need for faith is written into every fiber of your being. Miriam Hellman presents the pattern for life inside you to resolve dysfunction and uncertainty and make faith a permanent attitude. Includes these messages: 1-New Wineskins for New Graces; 2- The Overcomer’s Walk; 3-Created for Faith, Not for Fear; 4-Creating Faith In Others.
overcomVisionThe Overcomer’s Vision
Recognize what to overcome with its temptations that assault your vision and separate yourself from the opinions of the world. Victory through faith brings great reward. Includes these messages: 1-Live the Overcomer’s Vision; 2- The Overcomer’s Profession; 3-Decide in Faith – No Exceptions; 4-The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Overcoming.
Authority of the Heavenly Eagles
God’s delegated authority, granted to the Church from the Heavens, is a most important aspect of Jesus’ ministry in the earth today. Includes these messages: 1-Authority of the Heavenly Eagles; 2-Throne Authority in Jesus; 3-The Secret of Victory Through Authority; 4-Recognizing the Deceptions of the Enemy.
roaminglionThe Roaming Lion
The roaming lion represents the enemy who is waiting to attack you in an area that you have not guarded with your heart or mind. He takes advantage of the fact that you are unaware of his intentions and not prepared for what he is about to do. This album will enhance your alertness to the wiles of the devil.
raptureBecoming Qualified for Rapture
Being qualified for the Rapture involves personal growth that produces an issue-free life suitable for the exercise of spiritual authority, full recognition of one's election by grace, and continual abiding in God's ultimate purpose for you that positions you in Jesus' throne.
Soaring AboveSoaring Above All Your Fears
Take charge of every form of fear as the Kingdom of God's progressive people with drive, direction, and determination despite life's unknowns. Learn to disconnect yourself from thoughts that connect and literally bind you to adverse situations that you desire to be free from. The album includes these four messages: Fear Is the Spirit That Rules the World, The Quality of Your Faith Is What Quickens the Spirit, Faith Thinks the Way God Thinks, and Sovereignty - The Highest Supreme Power.