Desiring A Supernatural Life
May 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-The Supernatural Word of Wisdom; 2-Divine Knowledge; 3-Discerning of Spirits; 4-The Gifts of Healing Are Divine; 5-Healing Is Received In Many Ways; 6-The Laying On of Hands; 7-The Gift of Faith; 8-The Meaning of Heart Belief; 9-Desiring A Supernatural Life
scripathStirring Up the Gift of God in You
God passes by the believer and rewards those who stir their faith to believe. Includes these messages: 1-Stir Up the Gift; 2-It Takes Faith to Exercise the Gift; 3-Stirring Faith for the Greater Works; 4-Receiving the Spirit of Mastery
The People of God Rising in Power
July 2017 Summer Campmeeting - The album includes these four messages: Learn to Know the Power of God, Commit Yourself to Understand God's Power in You, Seeking the Exceeding Greatness of God's Power, and Becoming People of Power
signsSigns and Wonders
To be used by the Holy Spirit in a manner that produces signs and wonders requires understanding and full cooperation with the ways of God. The insights in these profound messages will help you grow in these ways.
anointgThe Anointing
In the Kingdom of Heaven, all things are possible. God works by anointing, the power of the Holy Spirit which He pours out upon those in His service. Receive more of this precious substance from these teachings! Includes: 1-Receiving the Heavenly Vision; 2-Anointing – Apostolic; 3- Anointing – Prophet, Priest, King; 4-Anointing – Prophetic; 5-Baptism for Service; 6-The Anointing for the Soul.
eaglesBecoming As Eagles
This study illustrates the similarities between natural and spiritual eagles by examining principles documented by natural science and Indian folklore. The spiritual value of these analogies will help you arise and soar to new heights in God. Includes these messages: 1-Eagles; 2-Flying Lessons; 3-Subject to the Higher Powers; 4-No Substitutes.
justdoJust Do It!
A series to increase your understanding of the Word of the Kingdom and quicken you to act upon it! Includes these 6 presentations: 1 – Your Will is Nil; 2- Seeking the Kingdom; 3 – Awake to Take; 4 – Intention is Prevention; 5 – The Strong Man’s Way; 6 – The Law of the Cross. 107MB
Three Rings of Gold
Become fashioned for glory with the light in these messages!
anointprocsThe Anointing Process
The development of God’s anointing is a process. This anointed teaching series will enlighten you to the way to receive an increase of God’s anointing upon your life. Includes: 1-The Anointing Process; 2-Catching Spiritual Things; 3-The Way of Your Exodus; 4-Permeated By His Presence; 5-The Price of Glory; 6-Meat That Ye Know Not Of.
Isaac Meditated
Meditation facilitates manifestation, and these enlightening messages show the nature of how Isaac meditated: “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold .. .” (Gen. 26:12) Includes: 1-Meditation: Bridge of Success; 2-Meditation Secures Your Birthright; 3-Exercising Your Spiritual Senses; 4-Disciplined Mind, Creative Spirit
People of the Prize
Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? (1 Cor. 9:24). Perfect your running so that “you may obtain.” Includes these messages: 1-The Soul of Man, the Final Frontier-Part 1 & 2; 2-The People of the Prize; 3-Reconciling Your Image; 4-When the Cheese Moves; 5-The Lord Has Founded Zion; 6-Vessels of Honor.
Catching the Light
A series to enlighten you to many things so that you move in the miraculous.
Pulling Bread Out of Heaven
Miracles of provision abound and increase with the knowledge ministered in this series.
The Anointing Connection
Maintaining glorious connections with God’s true anointed ones will increase the anointing of God upon your life. Likewise, leaving connections that do not further the anointing connection will also benefit the increase of anointing on your life, always remembering that your greatest anointing connection is the Holy Spirit. Includes: 1-The Anointing Connection; 2-The Offering of Our Life; 3-The Great Walk of the Unknown in the Spirit; 4-Praise: The Divine Anointing Connection for Victory.
Daring Faith
Many adventures in God await those whose hearts soar to the heights ministered in this dramatic series! Includes these messages: 1-Viper Out of the Heat; 2-Daring Faith in Dangerous Times; 3-Don’t Be Framed By the Devil; 4-Emergency Preparedness; 5-Guidance From the One Who Knows; 6-New Risings in Glory; 7-The Prophet in Uniform; 8-Faith and Favor Work with God’s Directives.
doingexplDoing Exploits
The knowledge of God in this series prepares the heart of the believer for great things. Includes messages: 1-He Will Guide Us Unto Death; 2-At What Price Glory?; 3-Repentance, the Way of Wholeness; 4-Discipled Unto Great Ends.
Stamped With Power
Jesus gives power so that nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)
You Can Do Exploits
A series to empower you with a greater knowledge of God, for the people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. (Daniel 11:32)
asHeis_spAs He Is, So Are We in the World
Ministry from 1 John 4 that raises the saint to the standard of Jesus Christ. Includes these messages: 1-As Jesus Is, So Are We in This World; 2-Becoming Blameless;3-Paying the Price for the Supernatural; 4-Locate the Moment of Belief; 5-When They Were In Jeopardy; 6-Your Life is a Prophecy; 7-Boldness in the Day of Judgment
onlyOnly Miracle Thoughts
This series will help you to make the same choices in life that God would have you make.
powerPower Connection
An album to help you perfect many aspects of God's power in you!
alive_poss_lg2Alive To All Possibilities
In the Kingdom of Heaven, all things are possible. Miriam Hellman brings understanding to light so that you are quickened unto all possibilities, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Includes: 1-Alive to All Possibilities; 2-Get the Center Right!; 3-Disciplined Unto Great Ends; 4-Crisis, Choice, and Conversion; 5-The Kingdom of God Demands the Correct Approach; 6-Devoted To God’s Way
pentecostPentecost, The Called-Out Body
A call to higher ground – the glory that came at Pentecost and never left! Divine insight and instruction concerning miracles, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the future physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Includes these 6 messages: 1-A Sceptre of Righteousness; 2-Imparting Faith To Others; 3-Pentecost, The Called-Out Body; 4-Always Let Your Peace Return To You; 5-Jesus Saw the Water Wine; 6-Speech, the Gift to Desire.
wiredWired for Anointing
This album contains everything you need to know about anointing, to recognize it, and to avail yourself of its benefits. Includes these messages: 1-Anointing, The Gift To Live By; 2-What the Anointing Feels Like; 3-Anointed to Minister to the Sick; 4-Holy and Unholy Anointing; 5-Where the Anointing Is, There Lies the Glory.