2024 Prophecy - A Nation Fractured
The prophetic word for 2024 given by Miriam Hellman.
The Word of the Lord for 2022
We must recognize how very precious and important this prophetic Word is to our life in Him, to our wellbeing this year, and to the eternal work we are called to. This prophecy has a personal message for each of us and for all in the Body of Christ. Its understanding is necessary for all who seek His will. Includes these messages: 1-2022 Prophecy; 2-The Sealing of the Saints; 3-Eyes to See and Ears to Hear; 4-Gird Up Your Loins with Truth
How Great is our God!
You know God is great, but how great is His power that works in you? All life’s experiences involve issues of God’s power and how His power enables you to fulfill your God-given call. Power matters! Includes these messages: 1-Trusting in the Greatness of His Power; 2-Power Matters; 3-Laying Hold of the Power; 4-Power to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose
scripathA Day to be Eternally Minded - 2021 Prophecy Explanation
The Lord is speaking specifically to the true followers of Jesus about our life’s focus and what it means on a daily basis to be eternally minded, especially concerning our daily alignments. Includes these messages: 1-2021 Prophecy Explanation - Part 1; 2021 Prophecy Explanation - Part 2; 3-2021 Prophecy Explanation - Part 3; 4-God’s Wake-Up Call
scripathAll Things New, Living in a New Normal
How amazing that the Holy Spirit told us what He would minister in this conference before any of us knew that there would be a new normal! These anointed messages give you the outline of the new normal He is bringing you into. Includes these messages: 1-Your Life Depends on How You See Yourself; 2-You Must Interact with Your Vision; 3-Your Inspiration Becomes Your Vision; 4-Thinking Defines the Man
Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered!
It is important to understand that God rises up in our defense when we accurately obey the conditions of His covenant plan of protection. Includes these messages: 1-When God Rises Up on Your Behalf; 2-Your Enemies Are Your Destiny-Builders in God; 3-God's Promise of Your Defense; 4-God Must Become Lord of Your Mind
Your Relationship to the Role of Angels
Understand the role of angels as ministering spirits sent by God to minister for you in this life. Includes these messages: 1-Angels, God's Special Servants; 2-Great is the Army that Carries Out His Word; 3-God's Ministry of Helps; 4-Angels, Instruments of Saving Grace
Your Prophetic Destiny - Receiving God’s Vision for Your Life
A vision from God is like a door that opens to another place to show you your purpose and ordained destiny. However, the walking out of our visions and dreams requires much understanding to bring them to fulfillment. This series will guide you through this process and help you to secure your success.The album includes these four messages: Receiving God's Vision for Your Life, Dreams and Visions are the Language of Destiny, Bringing Your Vision into Reality, Vision, Faith, Prophecy and Destiny
The Fountain of the Miraculous
The album includes these four messages: We are Made to Function Miraculously, God - the Fountain of Living Water, Understanding is a Well Spring of Life, Function in the Flow of Living Water
February 2018 Prophecy Review
Insights into “2018, A Time of Compromise,” include messages about spiritual authority, stealing spirits, and your position in Christ.
The album includes these four messages: Kingdoms in Conflict, Our Struggle Against Enemy Powers, Dominion Awareness, Accepting Authority
Come to the Throne of Mercy and Grace
With God’s grace, no trial is too much and no enemy too strong. Take this approach that brings His throne to you, revealing your need and His extraordinary supply. The album includes these four messages:
Come to the Throne, A Royal Invitation, The Spiritual Operation of Grace, Boldness
brideThe Bride
Miriam Hellman ministers the exquisite features of the Bride of Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures in this illuminating study. Includes: 1-End Times Kingdom – Introduction; 2-The Bride of Christ; 3-The Bride Revealed; 4-The Bride – The Chosen One; 5-The Bride and Her Jewels; 6-The Bride – A Garden of Spices
fastingFasting, God’s Prayer For Power
God’s chosen fast, prescribed in Isaiah 58, outlines the means to supernaturally destroying the works of Satan. Includes these 4 presentations: 1 – Humility and Fasting Are Secrets of Prayer; 2 – The Fasting Man; 3 – The Hand of God is on the Fasted Life; 4 – A Journey of Humility.
Decade of Destiny
Prophetic instruction for every believer to reach divine destiny: the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Includes messages: 1-Decade of Destiny; 2-Prepare His Ways; 3-You Are A Finisher; 4-The Enoch Generation; 5-Silly Women Led Astray; 6-Skeleton in the Closet.
angelsAngels and Armageddon
Study to show yourself approved unto God, for the day of lying signs and wonders is here. These teachings from the Book of Revelation minister necessary preparation for us all.
fossuchFor Such A Time As This
This album is for those who know they have an end-time call upon their lives that is related to God’s timing and His purpose of fulfillment. Includes these messages: 1-The Uniqueness of the Call (Part 1 & 2); 2-Appointed Times (Part 1 & 2); 3-Day of Compromise; 4-The Theology of Fishing; 5-The Last Hour of Anointing.
End Times - Age of the Antichrist
A classic presentation of ages and antichrists past, present, and future, for Jesus would not have you ignorant concerning these things.
horsesHorses and Chariots
Includes these three programs: 1-The Holocaust of Sodom and Gomorrah; 2-Abraham, A Priestly Family; 3-Eternal Offices; 4-The End of All Flesh; 5-Summer Fruit; 6-Horses and Chariots
Genesis Unveiled
This fascinating study of the ancient world described in the Book of Genesis offers a fuller understanding of where we are today, at the End of the Age, and where we are heading.
apocalypseApocalypse Means Revealed
Miriam Hellman's commentary on the Bible code expounds upon the Scriptures and on these important subjects.
setsoulThe Set of the Soul for the End of the Age
Includes: 1-Buying Oil; 2-The Set of the Soul for the End of the Age; 3-The Secret Scrutiny of the Most High God
spiritualjunySpiritual Journeys
Many times we are unaware of the path we have chosen or how we have veered from our intention. These messages enlighten concerning the path you are on and minister the way to God.
Time of Jacob's Troubles
Necessary preparation for Israel, the church, and the
world, for the time of Jacob's trouble is upon us.
daysDays of Awe
We are living in days of awe. These messages of the Holy Spirit strengthen every believer to overcome all shaking that is occurring on the earth until Jesus comes. Includes: 1-Confront Your Jerusalem; 2-Receive the Kingdom Which Cannot Be Moved; 3-The Days of Awe
eternity911Eternity and 9-Eleven
In the day of terrorism, we must realize our safety is of the Lord. (Proverbs 21:31) Includes: 1-The Day of Terrorism Briefing; 2-Being Led in the Day of Battle; 3-The Continual Battle: Kingdom Against Kingdom; 4-The Things That Pertain to Your Peace; 5-This is the Patience of the Saints. God Decides the Issue of War Booklet available
#135 Insert - Trouble-shooters ...Trouble Shooters and Frustration Busters
A way of escape in the day of temptation, that you may be able to bear it. (1 Cor. 10:13). Includes these messages: 1-The Two Witnesses; 2-Firefighters of This Hour; 3-Trouble Not Yourselves; 4-Hope is the Anchorman.
shemShem’s Territory
To which people does the Land of Israel belong? Discover how Abraham, Shem’s descendant, was used of God to recover the Promised Land, Shem’s territory that had been usurped and wrongfully occupied by descendants of Cain. Includes these messages: 1-Shem’s Territory, the Core Issue; 2-God Directs the Seed; 3-From Status to Stature; 4-Israel, God’s Allotted Territory.
peace_faithPeace of Faith
Peace for today and every day from the throne of God.
Give Someone the World
The Holy Spirit’s invaluable insights to help you to reach the world.
antichristAntichrist Temple
Miriam Hellman addresses the issue of biblical prophecy concerning rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem.
Victory Over Times and Seasons
Miriam Hellman ministers prophetic preparation from the Lord Jesus Christ, who desires your victory at all times.
The Merchandising of the Soul
Miriam Hellman presents the subtle deceptions at the end of this Church Age in such a way that the elect of God can deliver themselves from the seductions of counterfeit voices and their accompanying spirits. Includes these messages: 1-The Merchandising of the Soul; 2-Marked and Sealed for the Day of Torment; 3-Look Up and See Jesus; 4-The Lord Saves His Anointed; 5-Kairos; 6-Your Faith Manifests the Glory Moment.
propheticProphetic Warnings
This series offers an accurate understanding of things accompanying the Day of the Lord, a time of global distress and natural disasters, a day to hear and obey the voice of God. Includes these messages: 1-Settled in the Day of Shaking; 2-Trusting God in the Day of the Lord; 3-Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth; 4-Blood, Fire, and Pillars of Smoke; 5-The Day of the Lord Is A Purifying Fire; 6-The Day To Watch You.
A series on the gods who came to earth in pre-Adamic
times who developed civilizations around the world, their role in the past history of humanity and how their present operations are affecting the world scene today.
Preparing An Ark
Miriam Hellman presents four prophetic messages,
ministering what it means to be found righteous, just,
and saved - for the days of the return of the Lord will
be as the days of Noah!
lastwk_spThe Last Week of Jesus
The Lord told Miriam Hellman that the Body of Christ
today would go through the same things Jesus went
through the last week He walked the earth. This series
supplies the understanding and preparation to handle it all triumphantly.
2006 New Year's Conference: Come Up Higher
Prophetic preparation for the Body of Christ's ultimate destiny. Come Up Higher
2007 New Year's Conference: The Purified Bride
The greatest love story of all will be the union of the Bride with the Lord Jesus Christ. Miriam Hellman ministers the perfecting of the heart and ways in this series about communion, the highest fellowship, and searching the heart of the King, for the Bride of Christ must please.
prophQues2008_spProphetic Questions - 2008 Camp meeting
Miriam Hellman preaches the necessity of knowing our individual times in this series about ancient events and prophecies. Includes details about our future, how God reckons time, global warming and planetary influences, the return of the nephilim, and the return of Jesus, the Bridegroom.
2009 Prophecy Explained: A Titanic Year
Miriam Hellman expounds upon the prophetic word from January 2009's New Year's Conference.
A Titanic Year
faith_vol11Your Faith Gift Certificate Vol. 11
How will you use it? Things to establish to maximize its value.
intro_2danielIntroduction to Daniel
A detailed explanation of the major visions from the
Book of Daniel and their significant relevance in
today's world events.
danielPos_kt_sp2010 New Year's Conference: The End of Days - The Daniel Position
The Ultimate promise of this day is given to those who seek, in God, to be as the Prophet Daniel and are found worthy to escape all those things that are coming upon the earth. An Apocalyptic Era Begins
2010 Prophecy Explained: A Checklist for Battle
Miriam Hellman reads and expounds upon the prophecy for 2010. An Apocalyptic Era Begins
2011_kt_sp2011 Prophecy Explained: The War Cry of the Heavens
Miriam Hellman's detailed explanation of the prophetic word for 2011, The War Cry of the Heavens.
babylonJugm-5The Babylon Judgment
Babylon is a system that brings God's judgment. As the uprising in Egypt initiates a New World Order, Miriam Hellman presents the roles of the Lord, our nation, and the believer so that we side with God.
titanic_spTitanic Thinking
Miriam Hellman addresses Japan's radiation leaks and the Day of the Lord for the protection of the Body of Christ.
favor_spFavor in Unfavorable Times
There is no such thing as an unfavorable time to one who is favored by God. Obedience favors, even in an unfavorable environment. Ministry from 1st Thessalonians brings comfort and preparation for changing times and seasons and the return of the Lord.
powerof_spThe Power of God, Greater Than Silver and Gold
If I think my need is defined by the condition I am in and do not realize that my need is for God, I have missed the point. This series helps you connect the dots to find your answer in Him.
inaday_spIn A Day of Many Warnings
Miriam Hellman addresses how to evaluate warnings - and the eternal and temporal destinies at stake - to help you live as one who will always be answered.
A Life of Continuous Miracles
Let your journey of faith become a trail of miracles. Miriam Hellman’s prophetic instruction for the journey.
New Year's Conference 2011: Run the Race Set Before You
Prophecy and Message from Miriam Hellman;s New Year's Conference January 2011 The War Cry of the Heavens.
onTheCuspOn the Cusp of History
Moses' words in Deuteronomy explain what makes a nation great and show parallels between the United States and Israel. Wisdom for the good of our nation this election year.
youCanYou CAN Decide Along Supernatural Lines
Understanding how to make simple, spiritual decisions that will give you a miraculous power walk with God.
2013PropExpl2013 Prophecy Explanation: The Year for the Heavenly Eagles
Receive your wings! Miriam Hellman's explanation of
the 2013 prophecy. The Year for the Heavenly Eagles
born_sparkBorn A Spark, Destined To Be A Flame
Receive the baptism of fire, for the Lord desires an
army of fire in this hour. Miriam Hellman brings
the vision and the fire of God to create a visible,
emerging remnant that will stand in righteousness,
faith, and power like Noah, Daniel, and Job.
WeRGlryBndWe Are Glory Bound!
Our day is upon us in a glorious way. Here is the good
news for those truly in the Lord Jesus Christ who
choose to rise up in Him and shine as one He has
brought to glory.
ourChngWldOur Changing World
A study of the essential elements connected with God’s timings and the return of Jesus.
2015NYC2015 New Year's Conference, Like The Days of Esther
January 2015 New Year's Conference messages include the 2015 prophecy, Like the Days of Esther
knowPersTimKnowing Your Personal Timings
One of the most important things in life is knowing the right time for something. This series will help you to know what you should do and when to do it.
WeAwaitWe Await the Rapture of the Church
Symbolic messages in Israel’s Fall Feasts show why the Rapture of the Church will occur at a future Feast of Trumpets. Miriam Hellman explains how Jesus ultimately will fulfill Rosh Ha Shana, Yom Kippur, and the Feast of Tabernacles, and what it means for Israel, the Church, His Body, and the world.
2016 New Year's Conference InsertThe Wellbeing and Prosperity of the Saints
The roles and relationship of the Good Shepherd and His sheep from Miriam Hellman's January 2016 New Year's Conference.
Looking To Your Prophetic Future
Discover your most important vehicle of change already present with you. It is the belief you have in the words you speak and your ability to use the sword of the Spirit as a weapon of destiny to influence your prophetic future. The album includes these four messages: The Spiritual Power of the Spoken Word, Speaking - the Most Important Vehicle of Change, Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy, and The Sword of the Spirit, the Weapon of Destiny.
World Views in Conflict - 2017 Prophecy Explanation
In-depth analysis of the 2017 New Year's prophecy concentrating on definitions of world views, elements that fuel global conflicts, and the need for Christians to be wise and able to discern truth from error, strong in the Lord and trusting in His sovereignty. The album includes these four messages: Change and the Conflicts of World Views, The God of History is on the Move, The Spiritual Assessment of Your Spiritual Life, and What God Has Proposed Concerning the Middle East
Repairers of the Breach
September 2017 Tulsa Conference - The album includes these four messages: The Trumpet Call Before the Trumpet's Sound, The Need for Qualified Restorers, The Tabernacle of David is Our Shelter for Today, and Every Recovery in God Yields Testimonies
godsPeaceGod's Peace Agreement
Miriam Hellman's prophetic declaration of what God is doing among the nations to cause the whole body of Israel to emerge.