Creating A Greater Life for Yourself
What is a great life? It is one filled with satisfaction, a great sense of accomplishment, marked by a feeling of fulfillment because you grew in life, in God’s graces, and you have worked successfully in your life’s purpose in God. Includes these messages: 1-Ask the Lord Largely; 2-Expanding Your World; 3-Seeking A Higher Life; 4-Faith Has Purchasing Power
Mastering the Triumphant Life
The importance of these messages is to always cause you to be inspired to win and master every difficulty you face, knowing you have the mastery over it. Includes these messages: 1-The Joy of Triumph; 2-The Way Back; 3-A Life of Spiritual Dominion; 4-The Power of the Holy Spirit is Invisible
scripathDeeper Thoughts Concerning Financial Blessings
Marvelous new revelation most people have never known on how to receive amazing material financial blessings from the realm of the spirit. The Holy Spirit will bring you into new riches as you learn to access the glory realm in ways you never were aware of before. Prepare to receive in abundance! Includes these messages: 1-Soul Settings and Prosperity; 2-Prosperity Is Spiritual; 3-God Is the Ultimate Authority on Prosperity; 4-Transcending All Boundaries
Kindle an Eternal Flame of Thanksgiving
Giving continual thanksgiving to God brings you into a continual flow of divine provision in your life and health. Includes these messages: 1-Don't Forsake the Lord of Your Harvest; 2-Celebrate the Lord of Blessings; 3-Always Thanking the Lord for the Best; 4-Psalm 34 - A Psalm of Thanksgiving
Unveiling the Promises of God
Sometimes our situations are so dire that we feel forsaken. But our focus is on Jesus, who never changes. He is always our Savior. Includes these messages: 1-Promise of Becoming Witnesses Unto Jesus; 2-Faith Is Truly A Magnetic Force; 3-All Promise is According to Your Belief; 4-Fickle Feeling or Enduring Faith?
Miraculous Revelations and Finances
This album contains the crucial elements of the revelation that is required to produce miraculous financial results in your life situations.
deeperThDeeper Thoughts on the Deeper Things
The profound depths of the Spirit of God in these teachings consistently produce the highest spiritual results. Includes these messages: 1-Garments; 2-Bread in the Wilderness; 3-Provoke Him Not; 4-Contact With the Presence of God; 5-Rhema; 6-Anointing Compound.
Opening the Secret Treasures
Miriam Hellman presents ordained treasures from the Word of God to enhance all your walk in Jesus Christ. Includes these messages: 1-The Ministry of the Blood of Jesus; 2-Bridegroom of Blood; 3-The Hidden Things of Esau; 4-Faith Connected With the Test; 5-The Peaceable Fruit of Righteousness; 6-Let Go and Let God.
artofThe Art of Creating Wealth
The art of creating wealth is part of the art of working out your own salvation with the help and inspiration of God. These messages expound upon the spiritual truths I present in my book. The Art of Creating Wealth. See Books Category. Includes these 4 presentations: 1 – Thoughts, and the Thoughts of God; 2 – Prosperity, A Spiritual State; 3 – When My Heart Believes I shall Not Want; 4 – The Knowledge of All Possibilities. 65MB
Financial Vision for the Future
A series to bring the true Christian into total dependence upon God by opening their understanding of spiritual gifts and Holy Spirit visions that can save failing financial situations and give success in the days ahead. Includes: 1-Faith Versus Tradition; 2-Visions and Answers From Glory; 3-Miraculous Provision; 4-Ministry of Giving Grace
Thoughts Attuned to God
Thoughts attuned to God lift your soul into His realm, where all things become possible.
solidgSolid Gold Thinking
Glorious ministry for the Body of Christ to think as God thinks.
gettingGetting a Handle on the Gold
Release prosperity into every realm of life from a pure and perfect heart.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Includes: 1-Going Through and Not Being Touched; 2-The Way of Favor; 3-True Sheep, True Voice; 4-Paul’s Titanic; 5-Reach Into the Treasure Chest; 6-Saved to the Uttermost
seedingSeeding for Gold
Golden seeds of wisdom and glory to bring forth a golden harvest. Includes these messages: 1-Giving Into the higher Call; 2-The Quickening Stream; 3-The Field Test; 4-Planting the Purposes of God; 5-Receiving Strength to Conceive Seed; 6-What Seed Are You?
Mind-Spirit Connection
"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 2:5), for what is in your mind represents what has filled your heart.
pearlsPearls of Great Price
Includes these messages: 1-Losing Colts; 2-Eyes On the Room; 3-Things Are Not What They Seem; 4-The Heartbreak of Embarrassment
titherThe Tither – The Ultimate Friend of God
Miriam Hellman presents a spiritual understanding of giving and the tithe under the Old and New Testaments and the flow of blessings that come from giving at the direction of the Holy Spirit. Includes these messages: 1-The Tither – The Ultimate Friend of God; 2-Five Farmers and A Covenant; 3-Giving To The Needs of Jesus.
Success is Worth Reaching For
The principles of achieving good success in all that you do were given to Joshua. If we understand and walk in them as he did, they will make our way prosperous, and we will have good success. (Joshua 1:8) Includes: 1-The Heart of Success; 2-Reach for Something New; 3-Heading for the Storm; 4-Humility, Entanglements, Judging; 5-Seeing The Break in the Wall; 6-Exiting Pain and Accessing Peace; 7-Embrace the Way of Perseverance Relaxed in the Spirit
The Raw Materials of Life
With wisdom, development, and the knowledge provided in this series, the raw materials of life can become stepping stones to your great success. Includes: 1-The Raw Materials of Life; 2-From Spirit-Filled to Power-Filled; 3-He Shall Serve You; 4-Upheld By the Free Spirit of God
courseA Course Planned by Heaven
With the light in this series, you can refine your course and find the joy that lies along the way!
increawIncrease All Your Blessings
Every aspect of your life will receive God's blessing as you walk in the light of these truths!
art_recgThe Art of Receiving
The soul of man always desires to be satisfied. The world often speaks of soul food, the food that feeds the soul in a certain way. However, God’s Word offers the finest kind of soul food, a food that nourishes the soul and brings forth the God-approved desire of one’s heart, the desire He will satisfy. These messages expound upon the spiritual truths I present in my book. The Art of Receiving. Includes: 1-Bow to the Ordained Way of Receiving; 2-Fulfilling Your Dreams and Desires; 3-Eat of the Tree of Life Until Satisfied; 4-The True and Eternal Foundation; 5-Desires Must Be Free of Hindrances.
rich-poorSoulRich Soul, Poor Soul
Let the Spirit of Truth change your mind and your thinking unto all prosperity. Includes these messages: 1-Beyond Poor There Is Prosperity; 2-Lead the Overcoming Life through Prosperity Soul; 3-The Principle of Resurrection Is In You; 4-Life Expansion Is Glorious.
sqal_BdiligentProspBe Diligent and Prosper
Truths that bring the blessing of prosperity, especially for new endeavors. Includes these messages: 1-Follow the Way of Favor; 2-Major in the Major Talent of Your Life; 3-Be Diligent and Prosper; 4-Remember To Do First Things First.