The Wonderful Gift of Jesus' Name
Miriam's 2016 Christmas series reveals the Names of Jesus in these wondrous dimensions prophesied in Isaiah 9. The album includes these four messages: The Wonderful Gift of Jesus' Name, And His Name Shall Be Called Counselor, Jesus Reveals the Everlasting Father, and His Name Shall Be Called The Prince of Peace
secretChristThe Secret of the Christ
Hidden gems concerning the birth of Jesus Christ to adorn your eternal life. Includes messages: 1-Angels-The Birth of Christ; 2-Secret of the Christ; 3-This Eternal Life; 4-The Gift of Joy; 5-The Purpose of Glory; 6-The Confirmation of Your Call.
Your Eternal Wish List
Christmas messages about love, Jesus’ incarnation, and gifts: the gift that He is to you, the gifts you give, and the gifts you receive. Includes these messages: 1-Your Eternal Wish List Sent to Heaven; 2-Realizing Your Destiny; 3-The Pre-Existence of Jesus Christ; 4-Your Gift of Love in the Spirit.
merryGod’s Rest for the Merry Man
The wonders of Christmas to kindle the Christmas spirit all year long! Includes these messages: 1-The Word Became Flesh; 2-God’s Rest for the Merry Man; 3-Righteousness Rejoices the Glory
Let Your Actions Be a Revelation
Jesus answered everything, even temptation, with a revelation of the good will of God toward all. Miriam Hellman ministers from the angel’s proclamation at Jesus’ birth about love, revelation, and how God seeks to restore all things.