scripathThe Holy Ghost Experience
We need the same Pentecost experience that cleansed and empowered the early Church. These messages bring you into a glorious relationship with the Holy Spirit. Includes these messages: 1-When the Holy Spirit Brought Heaven and Earth Together; 2-Two Signs of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; 3-The Holy Spirit Creates the Inner Image of Christ; 4-Learning to Pray with the Holy Spirit
lifes callLife's Call And How To Fulfill It
Life's call comes from the depths of our being. It is that deepest call of our nature. When God touches us, His touch changes our nature. From the depths of the touch comes the depth of the cry. From the depth of the cry comes the depth and magnitude of the call.
using2Using the Spiritual Gifts
The definition and understanding of each spiritual gift is necessary for the fulfillment of the call of God upon your life.
Strong Faith
The Spirit of God ministers mightily through Miriam Hellman in this series designed to develop the most important strength there is. Includes: 1-Spirit of Might; 2-Preparing an Ark; 3-Truth is Good; 4-Ever Increasing Faith; 5-Jesus the Author; 6-The Hearing of Faith.
I Will Raise Thee Up
God wants to raise you up, and He is able to accomplish it through the knowledge and anointing in this series! Includes: 1-The Required Anointing; 2-God’s Will for You; 3-Open for Equipping; 4-Living to be Raptured; 5-The Faith That Brings Results; 6-Operations of Anointing
missionThe Mission of the Twelve
Insights into Jesus’ ministry and your call as His disciple. Includes messages: 1-In the Volume of the Book; 2-Fishers of Men; 3-The Planting of the Invisible Seed; 4-Expanding Your Vision;5-Because of You; 6-Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding.
People in Ministry
6 messages include: 1-Ministry to Ministers; 2-The Hundredfold Call; 3-The High Places of the Field; 4-In Search of the Cup; 5-Standing in the Power of the Death Sentence-1; 6-Standing in the Power of the Death Sentence-2. 100mb
reachingReaching Your Divine Destination
Internal workings of heart and soul will affect our destinations. This profound series ministers understanding and divine order to help you reach the ultimate destination God intends for your life. Includes: 1-Death in the Pot; 2-Meditation: The Prosperous Way; 3-Our Place in His Purpose; 4-Dealing With the Unseen Realm; 5-Know Thyself; 6-Wild Grapes; 7-Shift for a Lift; 8-God Gives and Answer of Peace; 9-Receiving God’s Imprint; 10-The Means of Ascension; 11-The Fruit of Prayer; 12-The Heavenly Pattern
reachingThe Sent One
A classic presentation of apostolic ministry and its inner workings.
minisethicsMinisterial Ethics
Let all things be done decently and in order (1 Cor. 14:40). A series about church ethics for ministers who uphold God’s standard. Includes these messages: 1-The Korah Thing; 2-Corporate Anointing; 3-Social Accountability in the Kingdom.
Your Biography in Him
Includes: 1-Your Biography in Him; 2-The Patience of Jesus; 3-Jesus Burns in My Heart; 4-Preparing Enoch; 5-You Are The Clue; 6-Centurions of Faith
destinyyurDestiny - Your Fingerprints Left on Life
Holy Spirit ministry concerning your God-ordained destiny.
Be Loosed and Be Launched
Let the Holy Spirit prepare you for His spotlight on the world stage.
seekingSeeking Direction
The Holy Spirit’s guidance is the blessing given to those who cherish His presence and His will in their lives. This anointed series will take you into a place of greater relationship so that you can receive His direction for every circumstance. Includes: 1-No Other Foundation; 2-The Hundredfold Club; 3-Presenting the Image of God; 4-Appointed Unto Exploits; 5-The Blood of Jesus Makes the Man and the Ministry; 6-Being the Spiritual Temple of God
Harvesting the Hidden Riches
Includes: 1-The Gift of Evangelism; 2-Harvesting the Promises; 3-Empowered for Harvest; 4-Elected to Heal the Nation; 5-Pressing for Promises; 6-The Father of Destiny
greatexpGreat Expectations in Him
The understanding of these things facilitates great expectations. Includes these messages: 1-Eternal Timings; 2-Great Expectations in Him; 3-The Resources From Above.
Bend the Church Save the World
The requirement upon the saints of God that brings salvation to the world.
calledCalled to Initiate Change
A series that ministers the power to change unto the glory of God.
loveLove in Action
Perfect the love of God in you. Includes: 1-Servants: Love in Action; 2-The Love of God Shed Towards Me; 3-The Triumph of True Love; 4-The Rarest Gift of All.
releaseRelease the River Within
What stops a river from flowing? This inspired series releases your spirit to enjoy a greater flow of the Holy Ghost.
The Highest Reality
Miriam Hellman reveals the key to reaching beyond the reality you see now. Includes these messages: 1-The Highest Reality; 2-Your Focus Becomes Your Reality; 3-The Longest Road.
destinysealedDestiny - Sealed in the Sovereignty of God
You must satisfy divine requirements to fulfill a destiny in God. This series is ordained to bring you to that place.
Hearts Set on the Great Design
In a world of distractions, here is where to set your heart. Necessary focus for the church of Jesus Christ.
Power of God in the Go
Miriam Hellman ministers concerning apostleship, ordained missions, and heavenly commissions
Spirit Prepared and Primed for God
1. A Spirit Prepared and Primed for Glory; 2. Special Forces Company of God; 3. Participating in the Destiny of Jesus; 4. Candidates for Skill and Understanding; 5. Fulfill the Burden of Responsibility; 6. The Method the the Kingdom Growth
Be that Butterfly for Jesus
Miriam Hellman explores the similarities between the butterfly effect and a believer's conformity to Jesus.
actsOf_spThe Acts of the Apostles Continue On
Our spiritual inheritance is the same flow of the Holy Ghost enjoyed by the early Apostles and enhanced by appreciating the relationship between surrender, cleansing, the human will, and power. Includes these messages: 1-Cleansed from Killjoys; 2-The Only Path of Greatness and Glory; 3-Putting Away the Foreign Gods; 4-The Holy Spirit, the Seal of Our Spiritual Life
only_spOnly the New Creation Counts Eternally
The disciplines of surrendering one’s self to Jesus Christ and what it means to be filled with the presence of God bring the fullness of salvation into every area. Includes: 1-Creating the Reality of Salvation; 2-Wisdom, the Ruling Principle of the Call; 3-Only the New Creation Counts Eternally; 4-The Man of Prayer Is A Man of Power; 5-The Sign That We Give To the World; 6-The Inner Dynamic of the Abundant Life.
yourSpirit_spYour Spirit – A Spark or A Torch?
Miriam Hellman takes you from self-sufficiency to “God in me” to make your spirit a torch that lights the dark. Includes these messages: 1-The Gospel Plow, A State of Upward Gain; 2-Finding God as a Working Way to Live; 3-Your Spirit-A Spark or A Torch?; 4-Courage To Obey the Unction.
sp-EterDecisionsThe Call – Eternal Decisions Release Eternal Calls
In answering the call of God upon your life, all things work together for your good. Includes these messages: 1-The Kingdom in Light of Your Call; 2-We are Called As Instruments of Predestined Blessings; 3-Your Exceeding Great Reward; 4-Your Call Without Compromise; 5-Recognizing God Works Through You; 6-Called To Divine Appointments.
The Authority of the Rod
You can be as Moses when you wield the Lord’s authority over spiritual powers that work against the Lord Jesus Christ and His flock. Includes these messages: 1-The Authority of the Rod; 2-Authority of the Sword; 3-Let the Captives Go; 4-The Wisdom to Use Authority.