The Extraordinary You!
April 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-The Righteousness of Faith; 2-Passion for Righteousness; 3-The New Man Has Power Over the Old Man; 4-Your Relationship to the Word Defines Your Life; 5-Why Has This Happened to Me?; 6-Deliverance for the Captives; 7-The Name of Jesus Gives Us Dominion; 8-Seeing What the Father Does; 9-The Testing of Your Faith
The Resources of the Cross
March 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Let God Make You Extraordinary in Him; 2-Knowing God Is To Know No Defeat; 3-In Righteousness, There Is No Unbelief; 4-Sinking Sand Or A Solid Foundation?; 5-Your Anointing Is For Your Life; 6-Being Taught of God; 7-Don’t Look Back; 8-Knowing What Has Been Redeemed for You; 9-The Resurrection of Jesus
Becoming As the Master
February 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Baptized With Fire; 2-Becoming As the Master; 3-Achieving Unity Within Yourself; 4-Understanding Redemption Blessings; 5-Desires in God Fulfilled; 6-Hearing Jesus; 7-The Extraordinary Promises of God; 8-Understanding the Laws of Prosperity
Entering the Kingdom of God
July 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Seeking the Lord; 2-Seeking the Kingdom Salvation; 3-Kingdom of God Priorities; 4-Covenant Promises of Supply; 5-Meaning of Entering the Kingdom of God; 6-Living Life from the Kingdom; 7-Revelation of the Keys of the Kingdom; 8-The Key of Knowledge; 9-Keys of Life
jesusisThe Master-Disciple Relationship
The attitudes and relationship a disciple must establish in himself concerning his ability to fulfill his purpose through his relationship with the Lord, his Master. 1-The Cost of Discipleship; 2-Are You Able to Finish?; 3-The Application of Wisdom; 4-An Anxious Spirit Steals; 5-Plantings: Weeds or Trees; 6-The Latent Power of the Soul; 7-Affinity: The Hook; 8-Your Personal Armageddon
Becoming Strong in the Lord
Strength in God comes to those who are faithful to rely on the Lord’s strength, not our own. Those who are strong in Him know how to abide in Him and in His righteousness. They are those who know the power of His joy in their lives, for the joy of the Lord is our strength. Includes these messages: 1-Seeking His Righteousness; 2-Your Mind Directs Your Feet; 3-Applying the Shield of Faith; 4-Believe You Have Received
Doors to the Spiritual Realm
A spiritual door is a passageway between the natural, temporal world and the spiritual world. The door can represent our personal, natural comfort zone and a step into the greater things of God for us. Decide to cross the threshold into a new place of provision. Includes these messages: 1-The Entrance into Different Realms; 2-What Is an Open Door?; 3-The Open Door of Opportunity; 4-The Door of Life
scripathYou Ask a Hard Thing
Listen and learn all that you can do to receive what you consider to be a hard thing, as Elisha did. Includes these messages: 1-Understanding the Higher Way; 2-The Wisdom of the Just; 3-Participating in the Ways of God; 4-Seeing Divine Solutions
The Importance of Moving in Your Personal Timings
Understanding God’s perfect timings for your life allows you to live in your ordained plans and live the life you were meant to live. Includes these messages: 1-Time and Your Personal Timings; 2-Timing is Everything; 3-Knowing Your Life's Seasons; 4-Timing is the Art of Allowing
Levels of Resurrection Glory
There are various ways of being raised to higher levels of resurrection glory. Learn to practice these ways, and you will grow from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory, as we sow into our future now. Includes these messages: 1-We Are to Be the Power Connection Between Heaven and Earth; 2-Fasting the Humble Man's Way; 3-Courage to be Different; 4-Spiritual Hunger
angel_spAngels, Ministers to the Heirs of Salvation
“Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared” (Ex. 23:20). Includes these messages: 1-What Is In the Angel Category?; 2-I Will Answer Him With Angels; 3-When God Chooses You
Open Doors, Closed Doors
The heart that sees perceives the unlimited open doors the Holy Spirit gives.
The album includes these four messages: The Heart that Sees, Hears, Listens and Learns, The Holy Spirit Gives Unlimited Open Doors, Open Doors, Closed Doors, Open Minds and Open Doors Go Together
The Anointing and You
August 2016 Tulsa Conference. The album includes these four messages: 1-What is the Anointing and Its Purpose?; 2-Understanding Your Need for Anointing; 3-Increasing the Anointing; 4-Locating Your Anointing
New Positions In Grace
The Holy Spirit presents the perfect help in this magnificent series to lift you up into a new place in God.
spthgspmanSpiritual Things for the Spiritual Man
Classic ministry to strengthen your heart and develop your spirit in righteousness.
sonsSons of Oil
Ministering the oil of the Spirit for your personal growth and your ultimate position in the Lord. Includes these messages: 1-The Rending of the Mantle; 2-Burning Incense to Vanity; 3-The Living Creatures; 4-Let Your Candle Speak; 5-The Position of the Candle of the Lord; 6- Your Faith Runs on Oil.
mylight_spMy Light Is My Life
Grow in grace and the revelation knowledge of Jesus with these messages: 1 - My Light is My Life; 2 - The New and Living Way to Save the World; 3 - Jesus Gives the Soul Its Setting; 4 - Jesus, the Everlasting Light; 5 - Learn to See What God is Doing; 6 - The Secret of Life is to Have Eyes to See.
The New Agreeth Not With the Old
Everything that comes into the new life in Christ no longer finds any correspondence with the attitudes, actions, and activities that hold the interest of the man who is not truly born again.
kingsThe King’s Table
Spiritual food for these last days to nourish and empower you. Includes these messages: 1-Go Ye and Buy End-Time Food, Part 1 & 2; 2-Hidden Manna; 3-The Miracle Drink; 4-The Wine of Excess; 5-And When They Wanted Wine; 6-New Wine in New Bottles; 7-Discerning The Lord’s Body; 8-The Bread of the Mighty.
jesusisJesus is All in All
Miriam Hellman brings Jesus to you with this magnificent series from the Book of Revelation. Includes these messages: 1-Jesus is the Morning Star; 2-Jesus is My First Love; 3-Jesus is the Living Water; 4-Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; 5-Jesus is the Word; 6-Jesus’ Name is an Ointment Poured Forth; 7-Jesus is the Star of Unending Dominion; 8-Perceiving Eyes.
Revelation: The Child of Rest
A pearl of great wisdom about the spirit that receives revelation.
Insert #70 - Lordship Concealed or RevealedLordship-Concealed or Revealed
Know the lordship of Jesus in you.
resurrectionThe Resurrection of Dreams, Visions and Promises
Let the Holy Spirit minister the way of resurrection to your past dreams, visions and promises that have fallen by the wayside. Includes these messages: 1-The Ministry of the Grounded Staff; 2-Evidences of His Resurrection; 3-A Few More Cubits to Go.
heavenHeaven is Sending the Rain
The Holy Spirit refreshes thirsty souls with comfort, strength, reassurance and restoration and keeps us in times of refreshing. Includes these messages: 1-Compassion Takes From the Free Zone; 2-A Mother’s Love; 3-When You Miss It; 4-Heaven Is Sending the Rain..
The needed change in consciousness that lifts you into the heavenlies and makes you more like Jesus. Includes these messages: 1-Be of Good Cheer; 2-Carefree and Christlike in the Gap; 3-The Consciousness of Jesus (Part 1 & 2); 4-Joy, the Foundation of Favor; 5-The Heart Made Glad; 6-Impacting Challenge with Cheer.
The Gift Makes A Way
The gift God has given you paves the way and pays the way. Take this journey of discovery with the Holy Spirit and let your gift make your way! Includes: 1-The Gift Makes the Way; 2-Be Fruitful!; 3-Supreme Courage; 4-Holding the Prophetic Position
fromfailureFrom Failure to the Frontline
Life-changing messages to transform your thought processes and bring you from failure to the frontline. Includes these messages: 1-The Messenger of the Cup; 2-From Failure to Frontline; 3-My Adventure is God; 4-Patterns Model Your Life; 5-His Word – His Thoughts; 6- Living Under an Open Heaven.
freedomFreedom – Time is Running Out
Freedom is the most important choice we can make. It is time to understand how Jesus makes us free. Includes these messages: 1-Willing Freedom; 2-Divided Loyalties, Single Master; 3-Heart in the Leaping Position; 4-The Joy of Knowing.
raptureThe Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living
An examined life comes to understand the whys of the successes and failures it has experienced. This series helps you to understand, through the light of God’s Word, the path to greater joy, fruitfulness, and abounding success for God’s glory. Includes these messages: 1-The Examined Life: A Body Prepared; 2-An Eye to the Blind; 3-Triumphs Over Self Doubt; 4-An Undivided Ear: Hearing, Doubting Nothing.
Wisdom – Its Inner Workings
Wisdom is the principle thing, a keen understanding of the complicated network of things and events. Includes these messages: 1-Truth Seekers; 2-Grace in the Dungeon; 3-Deeper Roots Bring Deeper Reality; 4-The Wisdom Behind the Man; 5-Prophetic Charade; 6-Runaway Prophet.
Children's Hour
For growth in the Lord from faith to faith, from glory to glory, unto full stature as sons of God.
The Organized Life
Six strategic ways to order your spiritual life so that everything is organized to proceed efficiently and eternally!
supremeThe Supreme Mood
Miriam Hellman ministers the desired lift to your spirit.
yourpartYour Part in the Body of Christ
Four enlightening messages that help you to understand your part in the Body of Christ, as well as how to function in this position in greater measure. Includes these messages: 1-Your Footsteps To The Altar; 2-The Hand: Instrument of Will; 3-The Eye and the Heart; 4-The Blessed Ear Hears.
Pay The Price
Miriam Hellman ministers concerning the responsibility of being a disciple of Jesus and shows the blessings and rewards of paying the price in full.
The Gift of Achievement
Understanding the ways, means and help of the Holy Spirit that bring high level accomplishments into our lives.
Thinking Out of the Box
Embrace the thoughts of God that lift you into a place of greater transformation, enabling you to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Includes: 1-Sowing the New Self; 2-The Bonus Plan of God; 3-Destiny and Your Inner Dialogue; 4-Thinking Out of the Box; 5-Choose the Master’s Plan; 6-The Seed Does Not Discriminate (God Defends Through Praise)
God Men, Drinking of The Holy Spirit
Drink of the Holy Spirit, abundantly poured out in this series so that you may be filled to overflowing! Includes: 1-The Voice of One; 2-Growing Answers for Growing Persons; 3-God Men; 4-Horses Bits and Christian Mastery; 5-What They Say About You When You Die?; 6-The Holy Spirit Within
assessing-yplfdmAssessing Your Personal Level of Freedom
Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free (Gal 5:1). This series is a must for your personal growth and development in the Kingdom of God. Includes these messages: 1-Assessing Your Personal Level of Freedom; 2-A Crack In Your Liberty Bell; 3-Cool It! Jesus Makes A Storm Calm; 4-Saved Unto One New Man; 5-Permission To Ask; 6-Baptism of Truth.
The “life more abundantly” that Jesus promised is more easily realized with these insights from the Holy Ghost. (John 10:10)
The Masters Series
This series enrolls you as a disciple in the Jesus Master’s Program, a must for all who desire to do and be as Jesus is. Includes these messages; 1-The Issue of Only One Master; 2-Enroll in The Master’s Program; 3-The Master Says, “Take No Thought”; 4-The Master Calls Forth Truth; 5-Dying Unto the Master; 6-A Master is A Mystery.
mysteries_spMysteries of the Parables
Fulfilling Jesus' promise in Mak 4:11: Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God.
perfheartThe Perfect Heart
The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him. Miriam Hellman's anointed messages will help perfect your heart. 1-Giving God A Perfect Heart; 2-Perfecting the Perfect Heart; 3-The Perfect Answer Requires Perfect Co-operation; 4-The Perfect Heart Is a Heart of Faith; 5- The Perfect Heart Doesn't Permit Penetration.
wherewasWhere Was God? THE ANSWER
Serious people want to know what is happening in the earth and how they should prepare. After a disaster, the entire world asks, "Where was God?" To counter the lack of knowledge in the media, Miriam Hellman ministers the needed answer. Includes these messages: 1- Where Was God? The Answer; 2-Decide to Act in No Fear.
gift_calmThe Gift Of the Great Calm
“In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength…” (Isaiah 30:15) Includes these messages: 1-In Rest, Quietness and Confidence; 2-Mercy Is About Becoming; 3-Small Events with Great Meaning; 4-The Gift of the Great Calm.
The Thinking Man
God requires a working partnership with man. These messages will bring you into greater service by helping you to receive the mind of God, the mind of Christ, so that you understand His mind and execute His thoughts in every situation of life.
rulesRules, and the Rules that Rule You
Examine what rules you to understand how you gain - and how you lose - in life. The album includes these 6 messages: Rejoicing Hope Rules the Day, Living Under Heaven's Rule, God Rules From the Blessed Position, Live the Rules of Resurrection, The Miracle Rule, and The Golden Rule
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passiveMindThe Passive Mind
Serving the Lord with one’s mind precedes receiving the mind of Christ.
p_g_dseeds_millionThe Seeds of a Million Blessings
Miriam Hellman presents the seed thoughts you need to produce a million blessings in this insightful series. Planted deep within your heart, they will make you and Jesus happy with their abundant fruit. Includes these messages: 1-Follow the Footsteps of Abraham; 2-Make Jesus Happy; 3-The Vision of the Recovered Tree; 4-The Seeds of a Million Blessings; 5-Martha and Mary Are Not On the Same Page; 6-Understanding Your Spiritual Desires.
yourPersonal_kt_spYour Personal Homeland Security
Develop your ear to hear, for the hearing man has the advantage in following the Lord. Includes these messages: 1-Free to Hear and Free to Do, Parts 1 & 2; 2-The Call to Hear and Receive; 3-The Hearing Man Hears Truth; 4-Your Personal Homeland Security.
newMe_adThe New Me
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them (Eph. 2:10). This causes me to be new in every way.
The Art of Living
Spiritual wisdom for mastering life and living effortlessly. Includes these messages: 1-The Art of Living; 2-Fear Is A Death Sentence; 3-Mastery Over Failure; 4-The Mastery of Knowing God’s Guidance
door_happyhrt_lgThe Door to A Happy Heart
Jesus is the door to a happy heart. If we try to obtain happiness through another person or way, we will fail in our pursuit of happiness. Includes these messages: 1-On the Road To A Happy Heart; 2-Listen, Learn, and Obey; 3-Perfecting the Understanding of Answers; 4-For Every Purpose, There is a Person; 5-True Guidance Enhances Development.
The light is fully on! How wonderful to be out of the dark, the unknown and in a place where we know what to do or not to do. We now have knowledge of things because we are informed and fully conscious of conditions. Includes these messages: 1-Be Not Ye of Little Faith; 2-The Spirit Without Measure; 3-Raised Up to Heavenly Awareness; 4-Seeing Your Enemies Under Your Feet; 5-When You Have the Happies; 6-My Cry In Him Becomes My Call; 7-Be Aware That Thought Is Power; 8-In Harmony With the Mind of God.
fret_spFret No More
Become established in a solid pattern of faith by adapting to these Holy Spirit ways.
ourperson_spOur Personal Mastery of Fear
A prerequisite for every victory!
cross_kt_spThe Cross – Your Life’s Journey
The cross of Jesus Christ, where our victory lies, answers the wisdom of this world by demonstrating the power and Spirit of God. Includes messages: Pick Up Your Cross; 2-Jesus said, “Who am I?”; 3-The Cross, a Weapon of Righteousness; 4-The Whole Power of the Godhead is in the Cross.
godwillshow_spGod Will Show You The Cross
Revelations about suffering and the cross to increase your participation in resurrection glory. Includes: 1-God Will Show You the Cross; 2-The Rejection Factor; 3-The Fellowship of His Suffering; 4-All Our Faith Comes From the Resurrection.
itiswell_spIt is Well With My Soul
Wholeness, wisdom, and wellness abound when all is well with one's soul
YourJnyBeRem.jpgYour Journey To Becoming Remarkable
Because the level of the life of God in you determines your adequacy for the day, take this journey into a more meaningful and abundant life. Includes these 6 messages: 1-Fear Is Not My Master; 2-From Adequate to Remarkable; 3-Your Journey to Becoming Remarkable; 4-What Do You Seek First?; 5-Father, Glorify The Name; 6-Honoring Our Heavenly Father.
interering_spInterfering With the Glory
What interferes with glory in your life? Factor these truths into your life and your livelihood so that both are filled with the glory of God. Includes: 1-The Creative Plane Is the Place of Supply; 2-Interfering With the Glory; 3-Let The Holy Spirit Be Your Life Planner; 4-True Service to God-The Road to Greatness.
theAnswerThe Answer to Your Dilemma
Dilemmas show where you are wanting so you can become complete in God. Miriam Hellman ministers the prayer of the early church that still answers every dilemma gloriously. Includes: 1-God Watches Over Me; 2-Lead Me To the Rock Whose Name Is Truth; 3-The Answer To Your Dilemma; 4-Power For An Emergency; 5-Destined For Triumph.
Your Personal Faith Profile
July 2010 Summer Campmeeting – Understanding your call and destiny, personal faith profiles in the Bible, and the change in identity that marks the hero. Includes: 1-Destiny and Calling; 2-Ministry Profiles; 3-Personal Faith Profiles: Paul and Peter; 4-The Hero’s Day and Profile; 5-Jonah, the Anti-Call; 6-Who Are the Overcomers?
going_spGoing Deeper
Learn to live from deeper resources of the Holy Spirit, laid up for us in Christ Jesus. The level we are on now won’t meet the day ahead. Includes: 1-Merging Yourself With the Holy Spirit; 2-Prayer For the Big I Don’t Know What; 3-Our Beliefs Are Formed By Our Thinking; 4-Confession That Is Believed Creates Reality; 5-Acting on Your Revelation; 6-Going Deeper.
provision_kt_spThe Provision of God Is Life
All supply comes out of Life itself. Essential insights for the glorious Church. Includes: 1-The Provision of God Is Life; 2-Hearts Reaching For the Crown of Life; 3-God’s Lovingkindness Is the Fountain of Life; 4-God’s Thoughts Produce Everlasting Signs; 5-Involved in Faith, Not Embroiled in Fear; 6-The Righteous Are Bold As A Lion.
life_spLife Under An Open Heaven
A true commitment to the Lord is a commitment to all His unfailing truths. Miriam Hellman takes you from commitment's beginning into life under an open heaven.
godsLove_kt_spGod’s Love Is His Power
God’s power released through love enhances life! Includes these messages: 1-God’s Love Is His Power; 2-Giving Love Creates Your Finest Realities; 3-If You Can Feel It, You Can Receive It; 4-Do You Know How To Live?
loveProdigalLove for the Prodigal Son
A sin against Love is a sin against Heaven. Take a journey into full restoration and healing with the Holy Spirit's light on the story of the prodigal son.
Eat of the Tree of Life and Prosper
Ministry about the Tree of Life - what it is, what it isn't, and how to eat of it - to impart the Lord's promise of a 30, 60, and 100-fold increase in every marvelous area of your life.
The Mind Has Mountains
Take the path of internal surrender that removes blocks and resistance from your life to develop interdependence with the Holy Spirit and prove your oneness. Includes these messages: 1-The Mind Has Mountains; 2-The Yoke of Power; 3-Yoked In Unity; 4-Destiny Revealed In Our Acts of Faith.
Conquering the Mountains In the Mind
Miriam Hellman describes what you must do to move mountains so that adversity serves you. Includes these messages: 1-Making Tribulation Give You A Reward; 2-Conquering the Mountains In the Mind; 3-Surrender To the Yoke of Power; 4-Use Your Surrendered Will to Prevail; 5-Make Your Troubles Advance You and Bless You.
Foundations of the Spirit World
Come to understand spirituality and the spirit world. From the Tulsa 2012 Prophecy Explanation weekend. Includes these messages: 1-Spirituality, The Nature of Your Spirit; 2-Communion With the Holy Spirit, the Ultimate Answer; 3-God’s Invisible Means of Blessing Us.
learnVoiceLearning The Voice of God
Miriam Hellman teaches how to quiet one’s mind to hear the voice of God so you can have a lifeline of clear direction. Includes these messages: 1-Eternally Creative; 2-Let God Lift the Cloud; 3-Stepping Out of Wrong Reactions; 4-Can the Redeemed Say So?; 5-How the Door of Grace Opens; 6-Learn To Live By the Voice of God.
youCanYou CAN Decide Along Supernatural Lines
Understanding how to make simple, spiritual decisions that will give you a miraculous power walk with God. Includes these messages: 1-Harnessing the Power of God; 2-The Standard for Power and For Peace; 3-Deciding Along Supernatural Lines; 4-Supernatural Decisions Make All Things Possible; 5-Preventative Faith; 6-Fitted For The Gold.
wherrSpFlwsWhere the Spirit Flows, the Spirit Goes
Being led by God Himself sends the Holy Spirit flowing and going on your behalf. Includes theses messages: 1-To Whom Is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?; 2-Where the Spirit Flows, the Spirit Goes; 3-Our Leadings from God Are Our Life; 4-The Shepard Speaks, The Sheep Listen.
RechTotRetsorReach for Total Restoration
Total restoration is possible by understanding what is meant by locusts, cankerworm, palmerworm, and caterpillar and by faithfully applying the restoration truths in this series to your life. Includes these messages: 1-Total Restoration-The Free Gift of Redemption; 2-Pick Up Your Sick Bed and Walk; 3-Do What You Can’t; 4-Discovering How Life Is Released From Your Spirit.
Walk the Resurrection Walk
Let the greatest event in human history raise you up with these insights into Jesus Christ’s resurrection and your own. Includes these messages: 1-When You Are Crucified; 2-Walk the Resurrection Walk; 3-Becoming Established in Resurrection Life.
cureEverythgThe Cure for Everything
When Jesus possesses us fully, we will act like Him, think like Him, be like Him, and do what He would have us do for others. You will know what you are supposed to do when you take these steps into the strong man’s Gospel. Includes these messages: 1-The Cure for Everything; 2-The Solution to Every Problem; 3-Mother, the Ultimate Peacekeeper of the Home; 4-THE STRUGGLE.
SqAlb_NatureAskgThe Nature of Asking
Explore the profound things Jesus said about asking with this good look at questions recorded for us in the Bible. With understanding, anything missing in intention, purpose, or pursuit can be supplied so that you receive all you ask. Includes these messages: 1-Your Purpose For Asking; 2-Owning Your Question; 3-Exploring The Journey; 4-Jesus Encourages Us To Ask.
sqAlb_ReleaseControlRelease Control, and Joy Springs Forth!
Choosing obedience to God over control brings freedom and victories like never before. Jesus did not control His world; He always responded in the way that pleased His Father. This series will increase your personal level of freedom and your joy. Includes these messages: 1-Happiness Is A Choice; 2-What Makes You Happy?; 3-The Joy of A Changed Destiny; 4-Joy Quickens Our Destiny.
pridePeople Rule In Deciding Eternity
Miriam Hellman ministers magnificent insights concerning the weightier matters of the law.
lifeAccomplishing Life Transitions in the Holy Spirit
Life’s transitions begin when one phase of your life has come to a full end and a new phase begins. Understanding transition makes life’s choices easier.
Moses’ Transition and Transformation
Follow the transition from Moses’ life on the backside of the desert to his royal position as God’s deliverer.
perfheartSeeking to Live by Kingdom Beliefs
Beliefs are a potent force of power that emanate from the core of our hearts to influence and set the course of our life’s direction and destiny. Includes these messages: 1-Belief is a Potent Force of Power; 2-Beliefs Aid and Hinder Us; 3-You Can Believe for Total Wholeness; 4-Your Holy Spirit Appointment With Destiny.
The Keys to Your Spiritual Success
Everything Jesus did was easy because He knew and understood how to use the keys to the Kingdom. This album will show you how to use them to address life situations in the easy way, as Jesus did. Includes these messages: 1-We Have Been Given the Keys to Everything!; 2-Spiritual Implications of Cause and Effect; 3-Everything Jesus Did Was Easy; 4-Having Faith's Eye to See
Resurrection, Your Glory
Resurrection, your passage to glory. Includes these messages: 1-What Does the Resurrection Provide For Us; 2-Resurrection is a Person More than an Event; 3-The Forty Day Proof of the Resurrection; 4-The Acts of the Risen Lord; 5-The High Prize.
The Holy Spirit, Doorkeeper to the Kingdom of God
Get to know the government of God and how it works, what the Kingdom of God is, its principles, thinking, structure and protocol, and how to enter it to advance Kingdom purposes. The album includes these four messages: The Government of God Works Through You, The Doorkeeper Opens the Door to the One Who Believes, The Kingdom of God Comes with Power, and Angelic Structure of the Kingdom Government
Learning to Make Life Decisions
November 2017 Tulsa Conference - Learning to Make Life Decisions The album includes these four messages: 1-Making a Life Decision ; 2-Great Decisions are Judgment Calls ; 3-Deciding to Make Jesus Lord ; 4-Don't Give Up on Hope