scripathRecognizing Our Hidden Battles
Your life depends on what your spirit thinks. Enter a new and higher level of grace to make health the lifetime condition it was meant to be. Includes these messages: 1-Every Thought Has Its Listener; 2-Creating Daily Meditations; 3-Prepare to be Healed; 4-Taking Responsibility for Living in the Law of Life
scripathSurrender Opens the Heavens
The Holy Spirit quickens the body or any other situation in your life, giving it health, when the underlying issue is personally surrendered by the self to the Lord. Includes these messages: 1-The Holy Spirit Quickens the Source of Life; 2-Surrender is the Way; 3-The Holy Spirit Keeps the Miracle of Health Alive; 4-The Strong Man Bound
Receive Your Healing
The Bible contains God’s medicine for every illness and disease known on earth. This album provides all the healing Scriptures as well as valuable instructions to help you receive your healing from our Lord Jesus Christ. Includes these messages: 1-Healing Scriptures for Meditation; 2-Healing Hindrances; 3-Prayer and Healing; 4-By Precept and Example; 5-Healing Seed; 6-Healing the Second Time
scripathThe Scriptural Path to Healing
An extraordinary series of teachings to bring you into a greater understanding – and a greater experience – of divine health. Includes: 1-Understanding Healing; 2-Believing for Healing; 3-Receiving Healing; 4-Moving to a New Address; 5-The Health Plan of Heaven; 6-The Word of This Life
Understanding how Jesus handled rejection in His life will help you overcome any rejection that you may suffer from the past, the present, or the future. Includes these messages: 1-Receiving Your Adoption; 2-The Eternal Reality; 3-The Blood Clears the Way.
cupThe Cup of Forgiveness and Mercy
Through this breathtaking series emphasizing God's mercy and forgiveness, you may know how thoroughly you have been forgiven.
cancerCancer Under the Feet of Jesus
Cancer is a spirit. This series will help you to identify the nature of the situation that the spirit used to trigger cancer in your body and will help you to resolve it, opening the way for deliverance and healing. Includes these 12 sessions: 1-Wipe the Slate Clean; 2-If You Only Knew; 3-Remove the Mountain Within; 4-The Peace Test; 5-The Image of the Conqueror; 6-Faith to Create a Shield; 7-Receive Strength to Obtain; 8-Move Into the Anointing; 9-Breaking Up the Roof; 10-Deformed or Conformed; 11-Okay, Let’s Fight; 12-Just Ask!
angerAnger, A Spirit Unleashed
The spirit of anger seeks a vessel to work through. Avoid being open to respond in a wrong way. These messages will enlighten and strengthen you so that you sin not. Includes these three programs: 1-Lord of the Last Judgment; 2-Stand in Awe and Sin Not; 3-The Day of Provocation
Set Your Affairs in Order
This practical series helps you understand the advantages of having your affairs in divine order. This facilitates all the blessings of God to operate in abundance (John 10:10).
Seed Replacement Therapy
Plant these powerful messages within yourself so that everything about your life reflects the transforming work of Jesus Christ. Includes these messages: 1-Perfecting Fruit Production; 2-Seed Replacement Therapy; 3-Don’t Sow Your Field with Mixed Seed; 4-Awareness of Good and Bad Seeds.
divineDivine Protection Plan of God
God’s protection plan involves our understanding and cooperation. Take this closer look at the deeper things that facilitate greater manifestations of divine protection in every area of life.
God’s Ordained Help for the Wounded Heart
In this series, the Holy Spirit shows the way to bring closure and healing to any wounds in your heart, enabling you to overcome this situation and anything that should happen in the future. This series of messages is a must for everyone, for it shows the way to stop the cycle of wounds and offense and ushers in an entirely new life of victory. Includes: 1-The Lord is My Therapist; 2-The Choice is Yours; 3-Jesus, The Model for Life
godis.jpgGod is in Charge of Your Healing
Bringing one's spirit into agreement with God and looking to what's going on inside releases healing and miracles.
happyHappy Man!
Insights to increase your blessing and your happiness!
justhinkJust Think Glory
When you only think glory, your understanding is brought to glory, and you are rewarded with glory. The album includes these 6 messages: Just Think Glory, The Anointing Knows, Healing - Authority and Responsibility, Grace to Separate Yourself From Burdens, The Believer Bears The Burden of Proof, and Faith Is A Force, Not A Form.
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adeeper_spA Deeper Understanding of Healing
October 2010 Tulsa Conference – Spiritual keys to a deeper understanding of healing. Includes: 1-Keys to the Kingdom Revealed; 2-Important to be Revelation Minded; 3-The Supply of God’s Glory Is Life; Health Issues Are the Issues of the Heart; 5-There Is Power To Heal.
restoration_kt_spThe Restoration of Health
Healing is conditional. When you agree with the healing path, you stake your claim on the cross of Jesus Christ.
SqAlb_OurGoalHealthV1Our Goal is Health – Vol. 1 – The Keys to Health
Miriam’s master series on the role of your soul to health. Includes these messages: 1-The Key to Health; 2-Jesus, Healer of Body and Soul; 3-You Choose Isaiah 53; 4-Healing Is Mine.
sqalb_OGH_vol2Our Goal is Health – Vol. 2 – I Will Be Made Whole
Miriam explains how belief, choices, and actions originate and are carried out in your will. Includes these messages: 1-All Belief Begins in the Will; 2-All Choices Are Determined by the Will; 3-Receive You Full Health Inheritance; 4-You Can Do Something to Bring About Your Healing; 5-Worry and The Will.
OGHVol3Our Goal is Health – Vol. 3 – Release the Power to Be Healed
Miriam teaches you how to allow Christ in you, the Hope of Glory, to release His power into your Life. Includes these messages: 1-You Have More Power Than You Know; 2-We Cannot Release Power Until We Know We Can; 3-Decide To Increase The Power of God In You; 4-Harmony – The Foundation of Health.