Weekly Downloads of the Month - June 2024
June 2024 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-Jesus, Our Intercessor; 2-Receiving the Soul of Jesus; 3-How the Blood of Jesus Saves; 4-The Word If; 5-If You Can Believe; 6-If You Ask Anything In My Name; 7-The Spirit that Raised Christ Is In You; 8-Freedom Is Never Free; 9-Sin and Satan Are Synonymous
Guidance by the Inner Witness
April 2023 Weekly Downloads and Videos – 1-By Faith, Enoch Was Translated; 2-Praying With the Holy Spirit; 3-Guidance By the Inner Witness; 4-The Authority of the Believer; 5-Recognizing Your Authority; 6-The Cross Is the Power of God; 7-Entering Into Eternal Things; 8-You Have Been Spiritually Gifted; 9-Ignorance Is a Thief
How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
Knowing the leading of the Lord is the only way to live life as Jesus did. He understood the ways the Holy Spirit leads. Includes these messages: 1-The Necessity of Having Spiritual Consciousness; 2-Understanding the Separation Between Soul and Spirit; 3-He Leads, He Doesn't Push; 4-When Your Spirit Hears and Responds
Love is the Greatest Thing in the World
Knowing the difference between God’s love and man’s love is a character issue of the Kingdom of Heaven, and those who can love as Jesus loves are part of His Kingdom. God’s divine love is an eternal matter for all of us. Includes these messages: 1-The Divine Love of God; 2-Love’s Way; 3-A New Kind of Love; 4-Do You Believe in Love?
scripathGod’s Response to Social Injustices
When iniquity abounds and truth has fallen in the streets, when root causes are neither recognized nor acknowledged, justice fails. But when the Holy Spirit is recognized, received, and obeyed, wrongs can be made right. Includes these messages: 1-See Others As You See Yourself; 2-Prejudice Is a Spiritual Plague; 3-The Holy Spirit Cleanses the Inner Core; 4-The Model of the Two Trees
scripathUnderstanding the Sovereign Will of God
The sovereign will of God means that God’s will is supreme. No other will can negate it. His will is expressed in His direct enforcement, or by Him permitting something. All aspects of His will are one. Includes these messages: 1-The Different Aspects of the Will of God; 2-God is Always Moving Forward; 3-God’s Will is One; 4-The Emperor’s New Clothes
scripathPressing into God with New Understandings
For the greater needs of life to be met, we must press more deeply into Jesus in the same way the woman with the issue of blood pressed into Jesus that brought the power of God into her body. Includes these messages: 1-Becoming Eternally Settled; 2-Pressing Into More of God with Your Inner Voice; 3-Establishing the Now Moment for Yourself; 4-Touching Jesus
Cultivating a Believing Heart
When you totally grasp this message about agreeing with a whole heart, you’ll find there’s no end to the marvelous things that will happen in your life. Includes these messages: 1-Developing Heart Faith; 2-Meditate Until You Possess the Promise; 3-Coming into Spiritual Agreement with God; 4-Your Soul is the Servant of Your Spirit
Unlocking the Heart to Receive the Promises
Understanding the ways God blesses you and the ways His promises are secured “by us” are keys that release the flow of the miraculous to you.
The album includes these four messages: The Prayer of Faith, Commanding Faith, Tongues, Door to the Spiritual Realm, Hearing the Voice of God
Baptized in the Name
Baptism is more than a formula or practice. Discover what it means to be fully immersed into the knowledge of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as you make the personal commitment to look into the glories of these truths. The album includes these four messages: Baptized into the Name of the Father, Enter into the Unknown Depths of the Name of Jesus, Baptized in the Name of the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Processor of Our Inheritance
The Love of God Defined
The nature of the love God wants from you will determine the favor that comes from Him into your life.
The album includes these four messages: The Gift of Righteousness Explained, The Roots of God's Love Go Deep, Comprehending the Love of God, God's Definition of Love
The Fellowship of the Lamb
I am in awe at the Holy Spirit’s revelation about the depth of commitment the Lord is looking for in His people and the life-giving grace granted to you by understanding your participation in the eternal significance of His Last Supper.
The album includes these four messages: Bind the Power of Satan to Deceive You, Passover Fulfilled, Unity of the One Bread, and Fellowship of the Lamb
andsheAnd She Shall Be Called Woman
The role of women made clear and glorious from the Word of God and the rich revelation of the Holy Spirit.
highestThe Highest Fellowship
Includes these 6 presentations: 1 – Give the Lord The Gift of Glory; 2 – Quick To Open To His Knocking; 3 – The Highest Fellowship; 4 – The Testimony of Christ Confirmed In You; 5 – The Art of Prayer, The Art of Living; 6 – The Fear of God is a Total Way of Life. 63MB
relationshpRelationships – The Gift of God
A series about relationships between men and women, husbands and wives, and how God brings any kind of divine relationships into one’s life. Includes these six sessions: 1-The Making of a Man; 2-The Making of a Woman; 3-The Making of a Husband and Wife; 4-The Buying of Your Inheritance; 5-The Mighty Men of David; 6-Unified Unto Perfection.
aharvestA Harvest of Righteousness
An enlightening study about the difference between righteous and unrighteous seed. Concerning the righteous seed, “They shall be mine,” saith the Lord of hosts, “in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” (Malachi 3:17)
runningRunning the Race Against Racism
Includes these messages: 1-Race Against Racism; 2-Memorials, Myths, and Curses; 3-The Color of the God Man is Gold.
paradiseParadise Regained
Miriam Hellman’s testimony about being born again.
Human Sexuality in the Bible
Plans, purposes, and genetic implications of human desire.
16307.A-052 - Marriage is of the Heart - Amaray insert.cdrMarriage is of the Heart
An intimate look at the relationship Heaven ordains. Includes these three messages: The Chosen in Him, Friendship - The Deepest Kind of Love, and Honesty, The Best Policy.
loveknowsLove Knows
Know the love of God in the way that always produces what you need — your child of promise.
womenWomen’s Rights According to the Bible
Women are often unsure of their rights in the Kingdom of God due to wrong teachings of Scripture. The Word of God speaks out on these important issues in a most spiritual and practical way. Includes: 1-Ask an “Abel” Woman ; 2-What To Do About the Other Woman; 3-Hard Hearts, Fear and Infidelity; 4-The Weaker Vessel. The truth will amaze you.
Partners With Miriam Hellman
Participate in the works of God through Prophetic Ministries!
Dreams, Language of the Spirit
Dreams from God are spiritual communication. These teachings will open your heart and mind more fully to this realm and what God wants to bring forth through you. Includes these messages: 1-Dreams, the Signature of God; 2-Kingdom Communications; 3-Cause Me To Hear; 4-Burden of Proof; 5-Prayer That Opens the Door; 6-Prayer That Upholds the Ultimate Destiny.
Royal Seeds of Love
Your walk with God flourishes when you know His love. Includes these messages: 1-Royal Seeds of Love; 2-Abandoned Token of Love; 3-Adjust or Bust; 4-Hearts Becoming One With God.
victoryVictory and the Rainmaker
In every race, you want the wind with you. Miriam Hellman ministers keys to your success in running the race set before you.
The Father’s Gift
A spiritual journey to deepen your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Includes these messages: 1-The Father And His Gifts Are One; 2-God Responds Personally; 3-When the Find is Greater Than the Quest; 4-The Father’s Gift.
God Urge
Your relationship with God is only enhanced by knowing Him more.
Test of Love
When the test of love is a fiery trial, Heaven's perspective helps bring you through.
God Is On The Job
A closer look at how He works and how to work with Him.
Accepting the Adoption
“Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ (Gal. 4:7).
internalThe Internal Value of Friend
You will become a greater friend to God, to yourself, and to your fellow man as a result of these enlightening messages.The album includes these 6 messages: The Internal Value of "Friend", Self Forgiveness, Our Quest for Continual Contact With God, When Radiance Reigns, The Concentrated Flow of the Holy Spirit Power, and Working Together for the Good
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loveLaw_spLove - Law of the Kingdom of God
Miriam Hellman ministers keys to agreeing with God, getting prayers answered, and receiving miracles.
myLord_spMy Lord, My Life, My Love
Heavenly assistance for your relationship with Jesus, for your Lord, your Life, and your Love are one.
mercyan_spMercy, an Unfailing Reality
September 2010 Tulsa – Let the reality of the Lord’s unfailing mercies lift you into a new position in grace. Includes: 1-The Unfailing Mercy of God; 2-We’ve Been Given the Ministry of Mercy; 3-Jesus, Our Place of Mercy; 4-Faith For Mercy.
ourMeeting_kt_spOur Meeting Place With God
Prophetic teachings to deepen your relationship with God. Includes: 1-Total Acceptance of Jesus Creates the New Man; 2-Our Meeting Place With God Is His Mercy; 3-Overcoming Laodicea; 4-Don’t Leave Your Keys Behind.
hidden_spThe Hidden Hand of God
Perceiving the hidden hand of God upon us enhances our walk with God.
letGodInfuLet God Influence You
The knowledge of Christ is seen in you when you understand these elements: Jesus’ propitiation, His triumph, and when you will be saved. Includes these messages: 1-Let God Influence You; 2-Salvation Is Always the Way of the Cross; 3-We Can Triumph In All Things; 4-Assurance-A Circle of Closure.
masterKey.jpgThe Master Key To All Blessings
Grace to change your mind gives you a brand new start in every area of life. Includes these messages: 1-Repentance, the Avenue of Life’s Blessings; 2-Open Doors Come From An Open Mind; 3-As Easy As Becoming a Lily; 4-The Master Key To All Blessings.
sandyHkElSchSandy Hook Elementary - School Tragedy
An answer concerning evil. Miriam Hellman addresses the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, CT.
The Throne Is the Secret Place of God
God’s new relationship with man allows us to rule with Him. Miriam Hellman brings you face to face with the atonement and power invested in the Name of Jesus to make spiritual authority part of your nature. Includes these messages: 1-Joined With Jesus in His Victory; 2-May My Mind and Soul Be One With Jesus; 3-The Throne Is the Secret Place of God; 4-Speak With the Sword of the Spirit; 5-Frustration Setbacks But Ultimate Victory; 6-God’s Love Is Full of Wisdom.
onlyHS-4Only The Holy Spirit Can Deliver One From Prejudice
Dealing with all forms of prejudice requires great sensitivity of spirit and the ability to work with the Holy Spirit, who knows the hearts and minds of all men. We must know that our central approach to life is right to succeed. Includes these messages: 1-Only The Holy Spirit Can Abolish Prejudice; 2-See Your Life Through the Eyes of Jesus; 3-Enhancing A God-Given Positive Attitude in an Extremely Negative Day.
healNationHealing The National Wound
Bring the spiritual dimension into the conversation about racial injustice in America with these insights into righteousness, the role of Christians in the healing of our nation, and how to be a partner with God to win the global war of good vs. evil. Includes these messages: 1-Healing the National Wound; 2-Achieving Joint Victory Over Evil; 3-The Sign of Light.
internalHearing the Shepherd’s Voice
To know the voice of God is to be divinely guided. Let the Good Shepherd bring you into green pastures besides still waters. Includes these messages: 1-The Parable of the Shepherd's Voice; 2-As the Lord Says Without Variation; 3-God Desires A Speaking Relationship; 4-The Voice of God Through the Mouth of the Prophet