The Word of the Lord Election Night, Nov. 8, 2016

“I call you to remember that in the days of Rees Howells before World War II, men reached into My will – prayed My will – for that day, and Edward removed himself from the throne, and My man and My plan proceeded. This can happen again,” said the Lord.

And again the Word of the Lord came to me saying, “The crown shall fall, the second in place shall lose heart, and the last shall be first. O my people, why do you not accept My Word and insist on praying and believing for your desire – your will – to be answered? Learn to listen to My Spirit, and learn the way My Kingdom comes and My will is done in the earth.

“Tonight is the night when the Christian conscience comes up before Me,” says the Lord, “for your nation’s core values were on the ballot, and the conscience of the nation has voted, for it is one’s conscience that allows him to vote for or against something.

“Come, all ye righteous in Jesus. Hide in Me a little while, til the darkness pass.”

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