A Time of Change – the Prophetic Word for 2017

April’s United States missile strikes in Syria escalated prophetic events we describe on YouTube.

As 2017 commences, scandals, wars, terrorism and a nuclear age lie ahead, all emerging out of the context of great turmoil, persecution, and oppression. Contrasting worldviews fuel the conflicts. Divisions widen, anger increases, violence intensifies. Cyberwarfare leads the way of advanced intelligence warfare. The day of secrets is over.

The wisdom of understood subtleties places one nation’s advantage over another, and swiftness of movement due to quick understanding will be superior to knowledge that is being analyzed.  The delegitimizing of authority and the sanctioning of rebellion will allow the witchcraft to advance its objective. These are the earmarks of the day. Darkness and light are on a collision course.

The spirit of terrorism will enter every area of life. Terror calls for caution to be carefully observed by all people, for its many faces will bring an atmosphere of fear into many situations that will cover many people like a blanket. Fear will impair the ability of many to walk by My Spirit.

I, the Lord, call you to caution, to remove yourself from the company of those who place their focus on the changes that are coming that they are fearful about. The two main issues of the day will be that of fear or trust in Me. Even the Body of Christ will divide, as many will become more fearful concerning the things that are coming on the earth. Fear and faith cannot walk together. Many in the church fear what is going to take place in the political arena, and their fear will rob them of their trust in Me and My sovereignty.

I am not responsible for many things transpiring in the world. However, nothing happens in the nations without My permission. Remember what Jesus said to Pilate, “You could have no power at all against me except it were given thee from above.” For it was written that “Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the people of Israel, were gathered together to do whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel determined before to be done” (Acts 4:27-28). Only the wise can understand these complexities. The fearful, the foolish, and the shallow will be unable to grasp the matters that are transpiring in the heavenly realms today.

The United States 2016 election was determined by the counsel of Heaven. Be careful what you say and think about the outcome. I am the one who changes the times and the seasons. I have ordained this time of change. Changes will be on the increase. Small changes and monumental changes will occur everywhere. The pendulum has swung, and new and unforeseen consequences are on the horizon.

My people, it is time for you to be more interested in your work for Me than the many dark things that are taking place in this nation and the world. During this time of change, clear attacks against the church will increase greatly. There will be scandals, impotence, and lack of consecration. I will allow a time of purging and purifying to begin as Satan will take many captives.

Those who truly know Me and My righteous ways will come to the forefront to protect and instruct the elect dwelling in fields of chaff.  The cost of truth is precious in My sight, says the Lord. Truth is your protective shield that keeps your faith and trust in Me secure.   For there will not be one area of the world that will not be changed through wars, climate, natural upheavals and political unrest.

To face 2017, you will need an unwavering sense of right and wrong, truth and error. Only those who have exercised their spiritual senses will be able to do this. The opinions of men and their views of right and wrong, truth and error, will seek greatly to replace My truth with man’s views of what they deem acceptable and unacceptable.

The changes that will come many times will be changes the kingdom of darkness has planned for this hour. But I, the Lord, do not change. Neither does My truth change for any man under any situation. Knowing the truth allows you to follow Me freely. Because of the divisions brought about by truth and error, half of the church will flourish and be strong in Me, and half will go into captivity because of errors.  Old thinking and old ways will fail many.

As violence continues to erupt all over the world, Russia will constrict Iran as a vacuum will occur in Syria – and out of it, a fast moving viper will spring forth. The Middle East will become a seething cauldron exploding on many fronts. Damascus will come up before Me for judgment, its ancient destiny to be fulfilled. Israel will lose favor in the world as war awaits her. At this moment, America is positioning itself to side with the beast against her. But Israel is still My chosen, says the Lord. Her judgment is not filled and her ultimate destiny is still in the future in My timings, says the Lord.  The way of the king of the south and the king of the north has been made for them to begin their prophetic roles in this day.

The U. S. election brings a new era of change. It’s time for the strong in Me to emerge and show their strength. It is not a day for the weak or for man-pleasers or for those who lack courage. Let all who are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might arise and shine in the glory imparted to them to fulfill their assignments. Fulfilling their ordained works will become essential to their protection and wellbeing.

I tell you this day, your destiny in Me must be felt, for I will enable you to fulfill your destiny when you are ready to obey Me fully. There are many battles that lie ahead, and your work for Me will be accomplished when you know you can do the impossible – with Me in you and you in Me. When we are one, then we win.

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