The Goal of Your Hope

I am excited about the new year! The prophecy the Lord gave for 2017 is awesome, our first conference of the year is at hand, and I’m listening for what to incorporate and what to eliminate that will make this a wonderful year.

Our first message is The Goal of Hope about a daily renewing of the Holy Spirit. The goal of your new hope is the new creation and newness of conduct that shows you truly belong to the new age of Christ! A wonderful new year requires newness of spirit, so take this message to heart.

If we take resolutions seriously, let us seek to be renewed daily by the Holy Spirit. This causes all other resolutions to fall into place. Any resolution in a higher place than this is centered in self. It’s the resolution centered in His goal for our lives and for eternity that is the greatest we can accept.

Make it your resolution this year to seek in accordance with the standard of the Christ, and He will renew and strengthen you to create something new by His eternal Spirit. Remember, He renews all who choose to be renewed in Him. We wish you a blessed 2017 in the love of Jesus and in His matchless Name.

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